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4th house in Sagittarius. Under the dome of the circus

Home life in childhood, after marriage and in old age is influenced by the most mysterious and fundamental angular sector of the horoscope. House 4 is associated with origins and a place where a person reveals his true face and needs. These are personal possessions, relationships with the mother, ways of solving important issues, personal tastes in the design of housing and the last 20 years of life as a result of the karmic study of generic problems.

4th house in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter , the planet of happiness and wealth, a good sign. The native comes from a respected, noble family, the mother holds a high position in society and has a cheerful, optimistic character. She adores children and spends leisure time with them with benefit. But in the presence of tau-squares , the defeat of Jupiter and complex figures of aspects in the horoscope, life resembles a student dormitory, where there is no corner, and parents are pompous snobs who boast of their origins.

Childhood and relationship with parents

In the interpretation of the 4th house, it is important to evaluate other indicators: the position of the Moon, the ruler of the sign and Venus with Mars. But as a rule, Sagittarius gives celebrities in the family. These are not necessarily the stars of the first magnitude, but eminent teachers, scientists, travelers and researchers, well known in the professional circle. The native has someone to be proud of and from whom to take an example. Another question on the spiritual level – snobbery or inspiration for his own exploits will move him forward.

Mom can also be a teacher, but more often she shows archer’s traits: hospitality, courage, optimism, love of adventure and travel, children, noisy feasts. She is inspired by the compliments of the guests, because she is an excellent cook and hostess. Such a mother is the object of admiration for the native. Girls adopt her talents, boys are looking for a similar wife. The only problem is the underestimated sense of tact and discouraging directness of statements, which often complicates life and spoils relationships with loved ones, but generosity and optimism compensate for these troubles. Other striking features of the influence of the 4th house in Sagittarius:

  • the desire to help, to solve other people’s problems, which often turns into interference in private life without warning, when the native thinks that they cannot cope without him;
  • a mother can be a foreigner in the country where her child was born, or often go on business trips abroad, become a parent-holiday that is not related to the daily routine;
  • family philosophy – the world is full of possibilities, if you need something, go and take it;
  • education at the forefront: prestigious schools, universities, courses are considered the best investment of time and money;
  • the house is spacious, light, with many rooms, study rooms, the walls are hung with certificates of honor, medals and diplomas;
  • the tradition of family games, sports, nature trips and travel to other countries;
  • relocations are possible in connection with the work of parents or the prospects that open up for the native, when the best sports schools, colleges in other cities, study abroad.

Particularly noteworthy are the negative aspects from Jupiter to the Moon and the Sun, as well as the 1st house. In this case, the mother is admirable, but also makes the child feel worthless compared to her, or she herself boasts of her successes, showing that she is the only star in the family.

Residence, problem solving, old age

A person can find a home far from the places where he was born. Some force drives him to search for a magical land, where everything is different and better than in the usual city. It is important to evaluate the strength of the 9th house before deciding to move. Nativ lives in a prestigious well-maintained area close to the airport and travel agencies nearby, as well as good schools, stadiums and universities nearby.

However, in a negative scenario, these indicators turn into a circus hostel on wheels, and the passion for travel into a forced nomadic lifestyle. But even then, the large TV is striking. refrigerator, huge collection of books.

The owners of Sagittarius in the 4th house should involve the highest ranks, celebrities, and people with influence to resolve any issues. That is, you need to go directly to the head of the MFC, and not try to act through the clerks. At the same time, you will have to reduce pride and importance by including more effective Streltsov qualities – humor, sociability, charm.

In old age, these are respected and authoritative people. They travel in style and comfort, on cruise ships, for example, unlike Gemini, who also travels, but on a simpler scale.

Study of the 4th house in Sagittarius

The stream of Streltsov’s enthusiasm must be passed through the filters of realism and attentiveness of Virgo, who most often has 1 house, and also coordinated with the implementation of plans for professional growth in the Gemini sphere in the 10th house.

The main problem in family life is the lack of practicality with constant fun and feasts. There is a danger of losing reliable partners, turning into a jumping dragonfly, who does not know how to deeply feel and keep a given word. At the same time, one cannot restrict the freedom of Sagittarius in the 4th house, otherwise he will definitely run away. As a rule, such a position is an indicator of moving abroad and finding a real home, status and influence there. Karmically, this is connected with past lives, therefore, intuitively, a person chooses the language and city of the country in which he once lived.

It is desirable to get a basic higher education and specialize further. All doors will be open for professionals of this level.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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