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5th house in Cancer. Long tenderness of each other

If the 7th house shows long-term relationships in marriage and business partnerships, the 5th sector refers to passionate falls in love, which do not necessarily lead to marriage, but being the significator of pleasures in a person’s life, they also symbolize relationships with children. The nature of the future offspring can also be determined by the sign on the cusp of the 5th house . Having learned the line of behavior of a native as a parent, sexual partner and a creative person, it is easier to achieve mutual understanding, and the person himself will make fewer mistakes.

The 5th house in Cancer creates a loving and selfless parent, but unfortunately, dreams of an ideal family often remain only in the imagination, the bar is so high and the idea of ​​partners as heroes of movies and books is so high. But even disillusioned with marriage, the native will lay his whole life on children, enveloping with tenderness and care. In difficult cases, they become fetters of unhealthy attachment and unwillingness to let go.

Children and creativity

Women with the 5th house in Cancer are subconsciously associated with the image of the mother. They themselves do not think of themselves without children, and even if other indicators, for example, a damaged Moon, do not make it possible to give birth, adopt orphans or go to work in children’s institutions, especially if part of Cancer is in the 6th house. Men are caring and empathetic fathers. However, they often idealize their child, considering him the best and most talented, endlessly pampering and saving him from the consequences of misconduct, which leads to the latter’s infantilism and licentiousness.

If 1 house is in water signs, and the Moon and Mars are weak, in contrast to their position in children’s charts, the younger generation of the rope weaves from the parents. Initially, the native’s child is kind, sensitive, ill-tempered, inclined towards friendship and learning the world through emotions. These pre-adolescent individuals will need parental protection and exercise to counter their less friendly peers. The most striking features of the influence of the 5th house in Cancer on the eventful and sensual sphere of the native’s life:

  • responsiveness, the desire to take care and help all children, not only their own, arrange holidays, give gifts for no reason, inspire and protect;
  • too strong emotional attachment to offspring, at a low level of development, such parents prevent early marriages, or constantly interfere with the personal life of an adult child, exalting themselves to heaven;
  • the talent of a primary school teacher, educator, musician, artist, writer, but at the same time excessive sensitivity to criticism of his work, which prompts him to write on the table;
  • inability to control spending related to providing for children: they can spend all their savings on a trip to Disneyland or New Year’s gifts;
  • deep emotionality is often hidden under external equanimity in order to hide vulnerability: in public they severely scold children, but in reality they quickly forgive and again allow a lot;
  • the gift of a cook and a children’s writer can bring good monetization of creativity.

With a weak energy, the owners of the 5th house in Cancer seek to manipulate children and partners, pretending to be sick and victims of insurmountable circumstances, especially in old age, and when part of Cancer captures the end of the 4th house. They themselves close the channel of creativity, painfully experiencing criticism, although their talents are undeniable.

Love relationship

Falling in love and affection repel potential lovers from the native, despite the fact that you cannot find a more devoted and loving heart. But at the average level of development, without elaboration, a woman with a 5th house in Cancer instantly tries on the role of the father of future children for sympathy, and a man idealizes his beloved or tries to create out of her a likeness of his mother. At the same time, they are jealous, touchy, require comprehensive attention and many hours of heart-to-heart conversations. The best companion is a psychotherapist who can understand correctly their emotional messages.

Both men and women have great potential for sexual sensibility, but this is often blocked by fear of rejection and misunderstanding. If the partner has a strong Saturn, then the native goes into a passive position and follows the rules and habits of the life partner, suppressing his desires. This leads to neurosis, hysterics, irritation to children as well. If there is an opposition and a square of the Moon with Neptune, a person waits all his life for an ideal relationship, satisfying despair with alcohol and vivid fantasies, instead of real communication. The main desire is to find a patron who will powerfully and tenderly guide and help in all areas of life.

Study of the 5th house in Cancer

Horoscope owners should remember that in love, creativity and raising children, they need to play the role of a sensitive and loving person, without the desire to completely possess dear people. Love does not dominate, manipulate, or demand obedience.

You need to develop practicality in yourself in matters of relations with the opposite sex, not to exalt the subject of passion to heaven, and even more so, not to easily sacrifice things that are important to yourself, just to be around.

It is important to remember that children are not personal property, they are guests who need to be released when the time comes, to swim freely.

Criticism of creativity is nothing more than an attempt from above to pierce the protective spacesuit of a superficial appearance in order to reveal to the world the true self of the native. The more calmly the owner of the 5th house in Cancer treats the advice and even censure of his works, the faster he will rise to the top of the creative Olympus.

Religion of the native country gives a strong inner core to the native, and talisman stones: white opal , cacholong , pearls and chalcedony will help to maintain a protective aura and self-confidence as a creator .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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