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Ascendant in the sign of Cancer. Cancer rising

The Ascendant in Cancer (top of the 1st house) of the natal chart gives people the charm of the water element. As soon as they enter the room, the atmosphere warms up and trust in a sweet, charming and gentle individuals in communication arise instantly. The feeling that an old friend from childhood arose out of nothingness. Representatives of the Ascendant in Cancer are really caring and sympathetic, sincerely sympathize with those who are in a difficult situation, but this is precisely the external manifestation of the ascending Cancer in society.

Inside these individuals there is a steel core of ambition with goals that cannot be turned off. The need for independence prompts them to reject guardianship and fight for independence, and is reduced only if they are deeply in love. These owners of the Ascendant in Cancer hide spiritual vulnerability behind the desire to help the disadvantaged.

Dislikes and likes turn on instantly under the influence of good intuition. They remember resentment for a long time, but with a harmonious Moon, they are  kind and loving partners and friends, hard-working and loyal. The key to the heart is sincere praise for their work.

Appearance and behavior

Family and home are the main values ​​in the life of the owners of the Ascendant in Cancer. Despite the career aspirations and love of travel, it is important for them to return to a cozy familiar atmosphere and hide in a cozy sink, restoring energy after a difficult day with conflicting partners. External calmness in a stressful situation is deceptive: they experience an unpleasant event very close to their hearts.

Depending on the height of the degree of the rising sign, the characteristic external and behavioral signs of the Ascendant in Cancer appear:

  • melancholic temperament, touchiness, sentimentality;
  • short stature, slight clumsiness, tendency to be overweight;
  • round “childish” face, bright lips “bow”, chubby cheeks;
  • bulging eyes with sadness, a transparent look, directed inward (sometimes it is not clear whether they are listening to the interlocutor or thinking about their own);
  • pale transparent skin, smooth gait and gestures;
  • speech is poorly intelligible, lisps a little or distorts words;
  • shyness, difficulty with self-presentation, but an instant emotional response to the initiative of another person to communicate or make friends.

If the owners of the Ascendant in Cancer are confident in the sympathy of a partners and friends, then they become capricious and eccentric, as if testing their feelings for strength. In an effort to please, they put on a mask of an image that is pleasant to the object of sympathy, which, with closer communication, leads to disappointment. If they fail, they fall into apathy and aggression. Elaboration of the Ascendant is about eliminating thoughts of failure and fighting laziness. Such individuals just need to drop emotions and act.

Ascending Cancer in a woman

Young Rakinya is impressionable and vulnerable, desperately in need of confirmation of the love of her family – hugs, warm words of support. Inborn empathy encourages this lady to sharply experience negative emotions emanating from others, and to recover for a long time after conflicts. Cancer Ascendant women act like little girls, showing the need for support and approval.

However, weak men are imperceptibly turned into weak-willed henpecked, on whom a bad mood is ripped off. The Descendant in Capricorn shows that the representative of this sign will be the ideal partner: reliable, wealthy and confident. Taurus ascending will also do.

The Ascendant in Cancer gives a lush chest and a cloud of wavy hair, feminine body shapes, helps to subtly feel the beauty of art. Women of this type love to decorate the house with exquisite figurines and paintings. They have a highly developed maternal instinct, which extends not only to their own, but also to other people’s children, homeless animals. Even if the owner of the Ascendant in Cancer devotes herself to her family, she finds time to do charity work.

Rising Cancer in a man

The Ascendant in Cancer in a man gives rise to an internal struggle between ambition and shyness. A person wants to declare his talents to the world, but does not have the penetrating ability to boldly fight with competitors. Educating willpower and the ability to resist doubts about one’s own significance is his karmic task. Its implementation is facilitated by the warm psychological climate in the family, and especially by the support of the mother. Even as an adult, the native is inspired by her admiration and approval.

He will not be able to work in a team of schemers and gossips. A harmonious, family-like environment contributes to success. Because of this, many Cancer ascents often change jobs or prefer freelancing. Given the lack of fighting qualities, the native should fight for a place in the sun through making friendships and developing diplomatic skills.

In a partner, the owner of the Ascendant in Cancer is looking for a wise patroness who helps to achieve the desired goals. He is not interested in housewives. He is not suitable for girls looking for a strong shoulder, due to his hysterical character and sensitive nervous system, but he will become an excellent caring father.

Professional success

Cancer ascents have an interest in theatrical activities. Famous actors and directors include Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Success also comes in the fields of medicine and pedagogy, where compassion and patience are in demand. These individuals possess a pronounced patriotism, which makes them  talented historians and archaeologists. The sphere of hotel business, water transport, trade in beverages and food will suit them. It is important for personal development that work is connected with travel and business trips.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant in Cancer:


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