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Square Chiron – Lilith: the black hole of the subconscious

The Black Moon is a fictitious point, and Chiron is an asteroid, not a planet, but they are able to create tremendous tension due to their karmic influences. If Lilith shows the concentration of the main sins of the family, Chiron is the main vulnerability of the horoscope, then the place where a person feels his incompetence and insecurity, even if there is no reason for this.

The conflict between dark desires and vulnerability in the sphere of their practical implementation either completely blocks possible development, since it is too scary to get salt in the wound that Chiron symbolizes, or a person grabs at what he has not grown up to, in an effort to prove that he is a master of his craft, and gets another emotional trauma.

The dangers of the square Chiron – Lilith

The Black Moon is the dot that marks the farthest region of the lunar orbit. It is associated with the dark closed part of the subconscious, where information about unseemly violations and even crimes in the native’s family is stored. Chiron, on the other hand, symbolizes deep wounds that cannot be healed, which is also associated with past events.

For example, if women were widowed early in several generations, a girl with a Lilith-Chiron square may have a fear of marriage and intimacy, although she may not even know about these stories.

Such a dependence occurs when emotions did not burn out in the family, they did not live through, and they settled in the common genetic memory. Depending on the position of Chiron in a particular house, one can understand in which area a person has the greatest vulnerability: money or work, fear of poverty or dismissal, relationships, having children.

Sometimes even pregnancy may not occur due to a deep fear of losing a child, if crimes against children were committed in the native’s family, or women lost babies due to epidemics or poverty. These states can be worked out by studying family archives, living for their ancestors, their emotions, realizing and separating.

Chiron square – Lilith can give the world an excellent psychologist, cosmetologist and doctor, including in the field of alternative medicine, physiotherapy, spa treatments. However, very often the great ambitions of the native come into conflict with his philosophy of life. It seems wrong for him to achieve success, thereby causing envy and negative emotions in other people. This greatly hinders the development of innate talents. At the same time, internal tension and the desire to save the world does not go away and creates the psychosomatics of diseases of the nervous system, and women also have gynecological disorders.

The owners of the Lilith-Chiron square are very vulnerable in the sphere of their phobias and fears, and if they exist in the sphere of social realization, they cannot do without the help of a psychologist.

Lilith square – Chiron and relationships

If the aspect affects the 1st, 5th and 7th houses, then personal life becomes a source of pain and a weak point of a person, and later relationships with children. The position of Lilith and Chiron in one of these sectors means that the problem has long roots associated with a family history of betrayals, betrayals and double standards in the area of partnership. The ancestors of the native faced these difficulties, perhaps he himself suffered in a past life or made others worry, so now he is facing the following problems:

  • the partner turns out to be not what it seems, hides the stone in his bosom;
  • the native himself does not say much, plays a double game, which provokes resentment and quarrels;
  • the owner of the card meets with several people at the same time, or he himself finds himself in a situation where the partner has many romantic ties;
  • a person has to hide the presence of children, or it turns out that someone who likes has another family;
  • it is impossible to create strong relationships, all the time there are people from whom you have to hide a lot so as not to lose.

All of the above applies to business partnerships, even if other houses are affected, for example, 2, 6, 8, 10. Then the duality and innuendo will relate to money matters. The native may find that he is paid less than others, but this is not fair, because he deserves more, or that another person is taken in his place, and no one told him about it in advance.

How to work out the square Lilith – Chiron

Recognition of one’s past wounds and childhood traumas will help a person become a healer and psychologist, but the problem is that he is afraid to do this, because he will have to plunge into what he is most afraid of, work out the root causes of pain, and this is unpleasant .

An internal conflict arises: in order to satisfy the ambitions, the native must overcome the pain of a deep wound in the area where Chiron stands, for example, the fear of having money when he is in the 2nd house, being responsible for other people’s finances – the 8th house, being a reliable partner and trusting another – the 7th house .

The second enemy of the owner of the square Chiron – Lilith – talkativeness. It is better to keep silent about your plans, otherwise there is a high probability of draining all the resources for their implementation. Since it is difficult for a native to keep everything in himself, it is good to keep a diary where he writes down his goals and experiences.

Sometimes suppressed emotions and fears simply block the true desires of a person, and before reaching his destiny, he will have to clear his inner world. This is where a good psychologist can help.

The talisman stone at Chiron-Lilith square is green aventurine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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