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Square Chiron – Moon. find balance

The square between the planets is not a sentence, but a storehouse of incredible opportunities, although not everyone understands this. A heated struggle between the members of the union leads to problems at the event level in life. It will not work to reconcile them once and for all, but this is not necessary, because internal tension gives rise to a strong desire to succeed in those areas where the planets stand, but the main thing is to find that missing quality of character, talent or skill, thanks to which the principles of the aspect participants will shine with a bright light .

Chiron always works as such an irritant for the Moon that it explodes with a powerful range of emotions that the native is not aware of. The starting point will be the sphere of affairs of the house and the sign where the Moon stands . The themes of the 1st, 4th, 6th and 12th houses are especially painfully played, and if there are fiery signs, then it is impossible to restrain emotions, you need to transform them, which is what Chiron is waiting for.

The dangers of squaring Chiron – Moon

If the native is hurt by something, and in the place of the position of the Moon, most situations will always cling to the depths of his soul, he tries to restrain negative feelings for the time being, if the night luminary is in the elements of water and earth, but when located in the sectors of fire and air, an explosion going faster and more powerful. The discharge of emotions and destructive actions occurs through the causticity and sarcasm of Chiron, when a person begins:

  • behave inappropriately to a minor incident, which the other would not have noticed, but he inflates an elephant out of a fly;
  • it is inappropriate and loud to joke, make offensive and vulgar comments about those who hurt him, although this is usually unusual for him;
  • to play the fool in public, deliberately playing a fool, a jester, an aggressor, although he himself will be ashamed later.

In rare exceptions, Chiron is played through the higher energies of forgiveness and letting go of the situation, accepting the offender at the astral level as a teacher, but if the native has not reached this level of development, he should listen to his intuition. The problem is that it is easy to confuse it with the voice of the offended ego, but if it is her, then strange actions turn out to be the only sure way out of the problem, even if they shock others.

Weak Chiron depresses a person’s emotions, slips false images of reality. The native becomes harmful and boring. He is aware of his ability to hypnotize people, being in an agitated state created by the tension of the Chiron-Moon square, but he uses this power without regard to ethics, for his own benefit.

Square Moon – Chiron in a relationship

The aspect itself contributes to the accumulation of disappointments, pessimism and disbelief in a good outcome in personal relationships, but other factors must be taken into account. If the Moon is harmonious and strong, there are positive connections with personal planets, Chiron should not be given much importance. He is a true teacher, showing the lack of positive qualities of the planet in union with him. By manifesting the lunar principles of mercy, motherly love, participation and kindness, a person neutralizes his insidious traps.

However, the owners of the Moon in the mine, in the fall, in the first degrees of the sign and oppositions with other planets, will not be easy. Women feel the effect of the Chiron-Moon square especially sharply. It manifests itself:

  • in a difficult relationship with a mother who is emotionally cold or demanding, does not understand, ridicules, does not appreciate the owner of the horoscope;
  • in insufficient manifestation of maternal energy, the girl simply does not know how to raise her children and express love, or she reacts too violently to everything related to the child: from increased anxiety to “leave me alone, solve your problems yourself”;
  • dislike for old women, including his own mother, mother-in-law, any old women on the street;
  • meanness, pettiness, quarrelsomeness.

If you do not work out the aspect and go on about emotions, then a woman with a Moon square – Chiron will remain alone in her old age. Men have similar problems with their mother, and having accumulated internal stress in childhood, he dumps it on her, according to Chiron, through ridicule and depreciation. But in relations with his wife, the picture is the opposite: he likes sharp-tongued women with whom you can violently quarrel and practice slander.

Study of the square Chiron – Moon

However, the highest karmic task of the native is to heal the wounds created in the sphere of influence of the Moon. Men and women equally need to treat mothers, wives, old women from emotional coldness, incontinence, misunderstanding of the emotional sphere, showing true, merciful love.

Of course, you need to start with your mother and grandmother, forgiving and accepting them as they are. It is better for women to prepare mentally for the upcoming motherhood, accepting the fact that children can annoy them and cause not only positive feelings. We will have to refrain from caustic remarks about the younger generation, try to approach controversial issues objectively.

The square of Chiron with the Moon can give a state of threatened miscarriage if 5 or 6 houses are affected, but in reality this is just a deterioration in the condition of the expectant mother and does not reach real tragedies.

Men can get a difficult wife, especially if the Moon is in the 7th house. It is possible that she will have a double life or her own secrets.

To harmonize the aspect, it is recommended for women to wear cacholong and moonstone (only real, not a fake made of painted glass), and for men white agate and jade .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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