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Chiron square Neptune. fog illusion

When one planet overwhelms another in a passionate desire to win, the native has a hard time. Square is one of the most cruel aspects of the horoscope, but at the same time, a source of huge resources. It’s all about controlling that reservoir of energy. However, if Neptune is involved in the square , it is extremely difficult to abstract from its influence. It is difficult to control the mind clouded with false illusions, fantasies and fears. Chiron is a teacher, but his lessons open up an old wound in the affairs of the house of the horoscope where he stands, and Neptune offers painkillers, dulling suffering, but not healing them. This can go on indefinitely. A person puts on masks, running away from himself, from the pain in his soul.

Dangers of Neptune-Chiron Square

The aspect shakes the native harshly as soon as he begins to manifest himself in creativity of any order. First of all, it will be necessary to overcome the Chironian inferiority and vulnerability, which does not allow you to make a bright and confident entrance to the stage and declare yourself publicly. If a person is directly connected with art, it is possible that for courage, fear will be filled with alcohol.

Considering that Chiron favors herbal medicine, healing decoctions and tinctures of medicinal plants will be used, which also causes addiction. In the sphere of affairs of the house where Neptune stands, both inspiration and illusions lurk, with the help of which the native tries to heal his Chironian wound. If this is the 8th house, he believes that big money is the solution to all problems, but he tries to attract them through magical rituals or investments in financial pyramids, if the 9th house – he relies on higher education as a panacea, turning into an eternal theorist student, while considers himself a professional in these matters.

The main problems of the square Neptune-Chiron:

  • disgust for the reality in which a person lives is so strong that if he is sharply pulled out of his sweet dreams, he will seek salvation in suicide;
  • intuition conflicts with consciousness: the gift of foresight allows you to literally feel the future, but the native acts as if he does not know this, out of a sense of contradiction or thirst for thrills;
  • Cassandra syndrome – a person warns others about danger, but no one believes his premonitions and visions;
  • hallucinations, strange dreams, increased anxiety, neurasthenia;
  • harming himself out of a desire to test his own stamina and prove that his life does not depend on the accidents of fate;
  • belief in bad signs, various superstitions, fortune-tellers’ predictions, fatalism, because of which you can miss all the chances to change your life;
  • denial of existing religions, an attempt to create a new, ideal from the point of view of the native, cult or esoteric direction;
  • self-aggrandizement or devaluation, a complete delusion about having talent or not having it.

At the same time, a person is really gifted with empathy, musicality, plasticity and the ability to understand the signs of the surrounding world. These are wonderful composers, actors, dancers, psychologists and priests, only to become such, they will need to pass a series of strength tests, it is possible to develop their gift from scratch despite the unbelief of others.

Chiron square Neptune in a relationship

The owners of the aspect are very vulnerable and often experience emotional upheavals. They suffer from unrequited love, betrayal, deceit, but most importantly, they too quickly draw an ideal image of their lover for themselves, and later they become depressed from the complete discrepancy between the real person and their idea of him. It happens and vice versa – the native creates an absolutely false impression, playing the role of a favorite character from a movie or book. The partner is fascinated, and later realizes that it’s just a fake, and leaves.

This is especially pronounced in the owners of the Chiron-Neptune square, affecting the 1st, 5th, 7th houses, and also if there are additional aspects with Mars, the Moon and Venus.

If Neptune is in the 7th house, then the native expects the partner to be a healer of his spiritual wounds. He is looking for a safe haven in marriage, salvation from cruel reality, and from a life partner he expects gentleness, care, understanding. If there Chiron, on the contrary, wants to become a savior for the victim of a cruel and cold attitude, to warm and cure. However, behind this is also a desire to be loved and to find the meaning of life in another person.

Study of the Chiron-Neptune square

The owners of the aspect should not hang out in dreams for a long time. The tension of the square can only be relieved by creating an ideal world that they constantly dream about, in reality or on paper. Painting, photography, music (as well as creating your own works) perfectly neutralize stress. On the pages of his books, through the rhythm of poems and songs, the native expresses an urgent need to heal the world with love, creates authority in society if his work is recognized.

It is important to work with a psychologist in order to gain support in yourself, and not in others, and also to take a sober look at the world around you. Many owners of the Neptune-Chiron square have a suicidal tendency, which manifests itself when dreams collapse and loved ones betray. It is necessary to work out this topic in advance, and if there is a similar aspect in the child’s horoscope, to cultivate in him love for himself and an understanding of his uniqueness and value for the world.

Successful talismans will be jewelry made of angelite, celestite, aquamarine and labradorite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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