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Chiron square Pluto. Anxiety and skepticism

War between planets is expressed in quadrature . This is one of the difficult aspects, triggered at the moment of emotional shock or when circumstances add up to a series of obstacles. However, this does not mean that they cannot be overcome. You may have to fight all your life, especially when complex planets are at war.

Chiron is always about the wounds of the past, and Pluto emphasizes how destructive they can be if left to chance.

It is important for a person to own both the property and the fate of other people. If Pluto is in 2 or 8 houses, he cures his problems through financial manipulation, in other cases through physical and emotional interference in the affairs of other people.

The dangers of squaring Chiron-Pluto

The aspect creates a constant anxiety for his life. His influence is felt when an important goal for the native looms ahead, and he is very afraid that something unforeseen will happen and prevent him from achieving it. In normal times, a person also does not welcome curiosity and interest in their affairs.

If there is a lot of air in the horoscope, a person is frivolous about life, but the Chiron-Pluto square literally blows up his serene existence with collisions with death, catastrophes, destruction to help rethink his life and find his true destiny. The fact is that it is this aspect that requires the ward to be a healer and serve the collective interests.

This does not always mean choosing the profession of a doctor or rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. You can change the world around and influence the fate of people with your positive example, and not suppress them with dictatorship.

However, in most cases, the quadrature does not allow you to feel the power of Pluto, or any attempts to strengthen it cause pain and suffering. Does the native want to be the boss? So you need to go through the envy and revenge of less successful colleagues. Looking to get rich? Poor relatives will appear who will shame, they say, they don’t do this in our family.

There are other problems of the Chiron-Pluto square:

  • strangers interfere with the implementation of goals intentionally or through an involuntary opening of deeply hidden fears;
  • excessive compliance with the desires and fears of others to the detriment of personal intentions (the mother is afraid that the child will be offended and he refuses karate sections, or a friend dissuades from financial investments because he himself has gone bankrupt, and the person loses the chance to increase capital);
  • happiness and success of the native are always spoiled by envy and gossip, negative emotions of others;
  • lack of understanding of one’s own strength, from a complete inability to feel and apply it, to constant anger and unreasonable attacks on others;
  • inability to cope with power: fear of large positions, conflicts with colleagues, a large amount of work, but most importantly, vulnerability in the face of criticism and condemnation.

The owners of the Chiron-Pluto square strive to control everything. This gives them at least some stability in the raging world of other people’s emotions and reactions. However, it is through stress and pain that deep fears are healed.

Chiron square Pluto in relationships

The aspect immerses the native in situations that make him boil with negative emotions: envy, jealousy, anger. He meets partners who are overfilled with them or provoke an adrenaline rush.

Worst of all, the person really likes it. He experiences a perverse enjoyment of painful experiences, although his karmic task is to transform them into a positive, to know the depth of pain and understand that it is impossible to live like this. Awareness of the nature of pain makes the owner of the Chiron-Pluto square incredibly wise. He understands why people hurt and offend each other, knows how to avoid this in a relationship and how to help others get out of the vicious circle of abuse and humiliation. At this stage, a person is a born psychotherapist and anti-crisis manager.

If Pluto is in the 7th house, then the native must move to the stage of wisdom through a relationship with an imperious and even dangerous partner. He is attracted to very rich, authoritative tyrants of either sex, the war with which reveals both him and their deep psychological wounds. If Chiron is in the 7th house, then vice versa, the owner of the card will be a guiding star, patron or tormentor of the sacrificial second half.

Study of the Pluto-Chiron square

Unconsciously, a person tries to harmonize irritation through the themes of power, death, violence, attracting events associated with them, or watching horror films, action films, detective stories with many bloody details. Many have an attraction to black magic, which satisfies the need for control over the world and others, but the retribution will be great.

You need to transform reality through strong but environmentally friendly tools: self-hypnosis, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, reiki, but act through yourself without trying to change others. As soon as the native understands that he is the mirror in which the world around is reflected, he will gain the desired power and control.

A good source of positive energy for him will be smoky quartz, cat’s, tiger’s and falcon’s eyes.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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