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Square Moon – Lilith: intensity of emotions

The native needs to prepare for the fact that it will be difficult for him to cope with the raging ocean of emotions. They cover with their heads and involve in real shipwrecks, if you do not learn how to manage them. The moon is our sensual comfort zone, and Lilith is animal instincts, whose roots go into the unknown darkness of the subconscious. Mental stress accumulates and is transmitted through the female line of the family. Whether these will be periodic emotional outbursts or depression with a tendency to suicide depends on what happened in the family on the maternal side, how neglected the situation was at the time of the birth of the native. You can cope with this through the ability to control your psyche.

The dangers of the square Moon – Lilith

Very often one can come across frightening interpretations that the tense aspect of the Moon with its black apogee is a direct road to madness. However, if there were no insane people in the family, there is nothing to be afraid of, and even if there were, everything can be worked out now if you turn to a psychologist in time and also take into account:

  • whether there are additional negative aspects to the Moon and how strong its position is (this needs to be harmonized separately);
  • in what sign and house is Lilith in order to purposefully reach her highest floor of manifestation;
  • the house of the Moon in order to understand: through what events internal tension will pour out, for example, the 5th house gives conflicts and scandals with children and partners during the period of romantic courtship.

If the Moon has additional squares and oppositions, especially with Neptune and Mercury, it will be difficult for the native to cope with the rolling waves of fear. They limit his own expression of emotions, creativity, motherhood and fatherhood, make him hold on to old beliefs that also came from his parents, especially from his mother, who is symbolically represented by the Moon.

Even if she is in a strong position, nervousness, irritability, aggression accompany her through life and spoil relations with others. The native of any gender takes upon himself the working out of the karma of the women of the clan, and in this case, representatives of both the father’s and mother’s lines are taken into account.

In addition, the square of the Moon with Lilith gives:

  • increased emotional susceptibility to negative events, when even a small scratch on the hand spoils the mood for the whole day, and a quarrel with a friend turns on the psychosomatics of the disease;
  • psychological instability, inability to hide emotions from others (they quickly blush, lips or hands begin to shake);
  • strong vulnerability from other people’s words, actions;
  • Feeling someone else’s pain as your own.

It is undesirable for children with the Lilith-Moon square to live with their mother after coming of age, they need to start an independent life.

If fire predominates in the horoscope, then the aspect gives manic aspirations, fixation on the theme of Lilith’s house, up to obsession. For example, her position in the 5th house makes a woman literally go crazy from the inability to give birth to a child, in the 10th house from the desire to become the most brilliant figure in her career, to surpass her mother.

Owners of water and air elements themselves suffer more from rolling depressions, emotional swings, they are exhausted by periods of melancholy and apathy.

Square Moon – Lilith and relationships

The Black Moon distorts the principles of the planet with which it is associated with the aspect, in the self-manifestation of a person, as well as in his perception of the themes of these houses.

Women with the square of the Moon and Lilith passionately want to become mothers, but at the bottom of this desire lies the need to prove to their own parents that they are better at coping with these duties, or various fears and complexes block childbearing.

On the surface lies a passionate desire to give birth to a child, but either health does not allow, or pregnancy does not happen without any physiological reasons.

A man with a Moon square – Lilith also suffers from various grievances against his mother. Moreover, they can be completely inadequate, when my mother forced me to play sports, forbade going to bad companies, and he perceived this as a violation of his personal boundaries, considered a bitch, hated, and then these insults, and childhood injuries created under the influence of Lilith, poison relations with women. The wife of such a man may be perfect, but he will still figure out something to complain about and find spots even on the wings of an angel.

How to work out the Moon square – Lilith

Extreme susceptibility to one’s own and others’ emotions requires their transformation through creativity. It will also help to move away from the usual position of the victim to a stronger side, where you can orchestrate feelings and manage them consciously.

Therefore, the owners of the Moon-Lilith square are recommended to choose the profession of a psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor of any direction, because then they will listen to people’s problems similar to their own experiences, give advice, solve them, and, accordingly, gain tangible control over what is happening, being, as it were, over situation. This will help them gain inner support and understand that there are events in life that are worse than their internal torment.

It is good for women to work as gynecologists or midwives, then the problem with childbearing is partly leveled, if one is indicated in the horoscope, because only the square of the Moon with Lilith can only give delays with this issue or conflicts with growing children.

It is also great to engage in acting to play something negative, to portray the conflict of fathers and children on stage, to throw out the accumulated stress, abstracting from oneself, being in a different way. It helps a lot to get rid of inner tension. It is better to choose negative roles for the sake of compensation.

A good neutralizer of negative emotions when the Moon squares with Lilith will be black pearls .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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