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Moon Square – Mercury

The square is a harmful astrological aspect, but since both the Moon and Mercury are neutral in nature, the damage from this configuration is not as significant as from the square formed by the evil planets.

The Moon and Mercury are responsible for thinking, perception, processing and storage of information. People with this aspect are distinguished by quick reaction, agility, agility and mobility.

The speed of the Moon and Mercury is high, and therefore their astrological images are associated with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The tense aspect of the Moon and Mercury gives instability of mood, inner anxiety and poor concentration ability.

Influence on the nature and characteristics of a person's personality

This aspect indicates the presence of intellectual abilities and communication talents in the native, however, he is inclined to overload himself with unnecessary information and communication.

In life, the subject often experiences unpleasant, ambivalent situations, and it is necessary to use cunning and diplomatic abilities in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Achievement of success in career and study can be hampered by increased excitability, nervousness and lack of collection of the native.

The owner of the quadrature aspect should avoid deception and self-deception, as well as gossip, idle chatter and intrigue. Working out the aspect will help the subject to reveal his mental abilities and create a reputation for him as an enlightened, efficient and practical person.

The square of the moon and mercury in natal men

Moon Square - MercuryThe square of the Moon and Mercury in a man's birth chart will tell you about possible difficulties in relationships with the mother and the opposite sex.

It can be difficult for a native to find a common language with women. At the same time, a lot of words and energy are spent, and it is not always possible to reach the heart of a loved one and a loved one. The owner of the horoscope needs to learn to show composure and patience when communicating with a woman, not to succumb to her provocations and not to react to offensive words addressed to him.

Dishonest partners, inconsistency, infidelity, and ambiguous relationship situations should be avoided.

The square of the moon and mercury in natal women

If in the natal chart of a woman there is a square between Mercury and the Moon, then in her character traits such as curiosity, contact and erudition can be distinguished. As a rule, there are many changes in life, and it is not always easy to adapt to new circumstances and the rhythm of life.

The pursuit of new experiences and the search for diversity in life can turn into nervous exhaustion and inner emptiness. It is important for the owner of this aspect to learn to relax and restore peace of mind.

The square of the Moon and Mercury in the child's natal chart

The tense aspect of the square between Mercury and the Moon in a child's birth chart warns adults that increased attention should be paid to his psychological state and health. High fatigue, inattention, distraction, and poor health can have a negative effect on cognitive performance and learning.

The presence of the child in front of the TV and computer monitor should be strictly regulated and the use of various gadgets should be limited. Your health will be strengthened by measures such as daily exercise, eye exercises and outdoor walks.

Moon and Mercury in different signs of the zodiac

The harmful influence of the square of the Moon and Mercury will be lower if one of the planets is in the sign of its power. It is best if the Moon possesses essential power, since it is responsible for the inner state, health and well-being of the native.

For example, if the Moon is in Cancer, and Mercury is in Libra, then the owner of the horoscope will have to periodically face stress and nervous tension, but he will always be able to find an effective remedy (treatment, rest, therapy) and come back to a comfortable state.

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