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Moon Square – Uranus

The square of the Moon and Uranus gives the native a feeling of discomfort and instability. It is not easy for such a person to relax and come to a state of balance, since the Moon , which is responsible for well-being and mood, is struck by the evil luminary – Uranus.

Meanwhile, this aspect enhances intuition and gives a person the gift of foresight. The intense interaction of the planets speaks of heightened sensitivity. Intuitive insights and signs that the owner of the horoscope receives from space give him the opportunity to prepare in advance for future events.

Moon Square - Uranus

Aspect and its influence on the character and behavior of a person

A person whose natal birth chart has a square of the Moon and Uranus often seems to others restless, impulsive and too tense. He can get excited about any little thing, and his irritability, fussiness and inconstancy alienate people from him.

The positive qualities of the owner of the horoscope are friendliness, high social activity, open life position and sincerity. Such people, in addition to a high level of erudition and original thinking, may have unusual talents and ingenuity.

Another distinguishing feature of such a person is love of freedom. He will not allow his rights to be limited in any way. Such people are ready to fight and defend both their own interests and the rights of others.

Moon square – Uranus in natal men    

If a man's birth chart contains a square between the significator of marriage, the Moon and Uranus, then this suggests that a situation of instability is often present in his personal life. In his youth, the native usually shows impermanence of feelings and affections. In a relationship, he demonstrates independence, and a woman who tries to tie him to herself loses her friend status.

Meanwhile, the owner of the aspect is distinguished by friendliness, originality and sociability, and therefore there are many like-minded women around him. Relations with the chosen one will develop if she creates an atmosphere of creativity and freedom for a man, and also does not encroach on his personal space.

Moon square – Uranus in natal women

If there is a tense aspect between the Moon and Uranus in the woman's radix, then the owner of the horoscope will be distinguished by impatience, willfulness and obstinacy. She most of all does not like it when her desires and initiatives are suppressed. Often such women leave the parental nest early in order to gain independence and live the way they want. They are greatly influenced by friends and the team in which they are.

In the life of the owner of a horoscope, there can be many unexpected events and adverse changes. You should be attentive to your female health. In particular, there may be problems with bearing a child.

Moon square – Uranus in children's horoscope

A child whose birth chart contains a square between the Moon and Uranus must be given complete freedom of action. He is happy to do what he is interested in, and the imposition of necessary, but boring activities by adults causes a protest in such a kid.

Let the parents not be frightened by the whims, nervousness and high sensitivity of the child. Playful teaching methods, a friendly atmosphere and sincere support from adults – all this will help to establish contact with the child and establish a successful educational process.

Moon and Uranus in different signs of the zodiac

The square of the Moon and Uranus is a destabilizing aspect, but if the Moon is strong in quality, the harmfulness of the aspect will be minimized. An interesting example is the square formed by the Moon in Taurus and Uranus in Aquarius. In this case, both luminaries are strong, and therefore the owner of the horoscope will be successful in several areas simultaneously.

First, despite the frequent changes in life, the greatest joy for him will be home, family and children. Strong Uranus will give the support of friends. Intellectual and social activities will bring success to the native.

Lilia Garipova


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