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Mars-Saturn square. A stern soldier who does not know the words of love

The square of the planets is considered a tense aspect, but overcoming the difficulties generated by their opposition, a person enters a new level of luck and prosperity. It will take building courage, humility and respect. It is especially important to cultivate these character traits in the owners of the Mars-Saturn square. Without them, many problems happen throughout life – coercion and violence in women, conflicts in the army and with the bosses in men.

It is difficult for the native to feel joy, it is blocked by the fear of punishment. He envies those who easily get what they want, like Salieri Mozart, and intimate relationships attract and repel at the same time. However, having worked through the main problems, a person is able to make a brilliant career in sports and military affairs.

The danger of Mars-Saturn square

Sometimes this aspect indicates the presence of a stepfather, the early loss of a father, or a premature psychological separation from the family. The native throws him from a state of apathy into anger at the world, and only having found a point of balance, he begins to act effectively. The owner of the Mars-Saturn square does not feel the emotional state of other people, he can easily say too much or show selfishness, but not because of the cruelty of character, but simply not realizing that it would be good to give in. This leads to tense and conflicting relationships.

The native has few friends, and he does not know how to raise children at all, using a belt and shouts as a persuasion. This often comes from his own joyless adolescence, when his father harshly criticized and punished for oversight.

In the worst case, the carrier of the Mars-Saturn square becomes a magnet for trouble or a provocateur of scandals, and in the highest manifestation, a reckless brave and workaholic. It is important to learn to defend ideals calmly and not get lost at the words of criticism. The main dangers of quadrature:

  • poor health, emotional callousness, vindictiveness, gloating;
  • the habit of asking for trouble and stubbornly proving even the wrong point of view;
  • fanaticism, stubbornness, provocation of accidents;
  • industrial injuries (most often bone fractures);
  • pessimism, disappointment in expectations, suicidal tendencies;
  • unwillingness to help others without material compensation, greed;
  • physical disabilities appear closer to old age;
  • inability to set goals, lack of warmth of the heart, fatigue.

The native seeks to compensate for the uncertainty by obtaining a prestigious social status, especially if Mars is in Capricorn or Leo, but becoming the boss turns into a dictator imposing his will on others, which brings high tension in relationships, and sometimes to the violent overthrow of his power.

Mars-Saturn square in a man’s horoscope

This is one of the hardest aspects of a man’s chart. The native does not know how to control physical strength and energy. He is afraid to show gender characteristics, or vice versa, focuses on them. Infantile and quiet in public and a dictator at home, or aggressive and assertive in business, but indifferent to everyday issues and raising a child.

It is difficult for the owner of the Mars-Saturn square to find a fulcrum inside himself and harmoniously use masculine qualities without excesses.

Deciding that a real man should be tough and unemotional, he brings the image to the point of absurdity, blocking sexual desires and rejecting any deviations from conservative ideas about intimate life. If the Sun and Mars are in fire signs, then most likely, the native will demonstrate countless victories over women’s hearts, thus asserting himself.

Mars-Saturn square in a woman’s horoscope

Since childhood, the girl has experienced the harsh influence of her father or stepfather on her emotional and personal life. She could be limited in contact with the opposite sex or brought up in complete obedience to orders. Depending on the position of Venus, the owner of the Mars-Saturn square becomes a submissive performer of someone else’s will, choosing an overbearing, aggressive spouse or a fierce feminist who attracts henpecked people. This is especially likely if one of the planets is in or ruled by the 7th house. In her personal life, a woman is contentedly constrained and prefers friendly relationships over romantic and passionate ones. She gets married rather late, despite her beauty and personal talents.

Elaboration of the Mars-Saturn square

If you have a cold and formal relationship with your own father, it is important to find a kind patron or a wise teacher who embodies the figure of a parent on an emotionally subconscious background. Guided by an intelligent and discerning benefactor, the hardworking native will succeed faster and avoid the sharp stones on the path to happiness.

Physical labor on the ground, sports, work in conditions of deadline and strict chain of command, or demanding leadership of a legal and military organization will also help to compensate for the imbalance.

To harmonize the Mars-Saturn square, it is important to awaken constrained sensuality and optimism with the help of Martian stones – carnelian , red garnet , watermelon tourmaline, hematite , which are best combined with iron and jewelry alloys, and a ruby framed with silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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