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Mercury square – Lilith: all problems from the head

The quadrature itself is a hard aspect, and if it involves Lilith (Black Moon), an indicator of the karmic debts of the clan, and Mercuryresponsible for everyday communication, intellect, speech and self-manifestation, then it becomes obvious that not only the native has grief from the mind, but his ancestors also sinned in the same way. Draining the resource into empty chatter, gossip, slander, discussion of grievances and fears create a vicious circle: any stress needs to be spoken out, but in the process of discussion new problems arise and conversations do not end.

Lilith, like a strong magnet, keeps the native in the theme of her house and sign, and the restless Mercury is eager to find a way out of the trap, but at the same time finds more and more reasons to be in it. This running in a circle cannot be stopped, but it is possible to learn how to manage it so as not to burn out to the ground.

Dangers of the square Mercury – Lilith

If you allow this aspect to influence your life uncontrollably, then the mind will be completely dependent on the emotions raised by Lilith. Fears, complexes, experiences arise according to the theme of the sign in which it is located. Sometimes these worries are completely unfounded.

The owner of the Black Moon in Scorpio may be afraid of death, especially being by the water, in Cancer – loneliness and loss of family, in Gemini – gossip and intrigue. They are all the more pronounced if they are also reinforced by the event theme of the corresponding house, or if Mercury is in that house.

Moreover, a person himself may not even realize why he is so afraid of this. The roots of phobias lie in ancestral memory. This ancestors could do wrong or suffer from injustice, without doing anything to protect, and the native is afraid that now he will lose the family nest with Lilith in the 4th house or the betrayal of a friend and spouse, and if she is in the 7th sector.

Such fears are very difficult to remove on your own, because they are based on the unreal. A person silently experiences them, is in constant stress and dialogue with the subconscious, he sees enemies where they may not exist. The main problems of the square Lilith – Mercury:

  • gloomy thoughts, increased anxiety, a sharp reaction to a rude word and the desire to immediately enter into a skirmish in order to protect oneself if Mercury is strong or in the signs of fire and air;
  • constant involvement in disputes, the desire to argue and prove one’s case even in small things, which creates a reputation as a bore;
  • the need to swear and merge the negative with a detailed description of one’s state of mind;
  • fear of self-expression, public speaking, a person is more silent so as not to offend anyone or provoke a quarrel (if Mercury is in a weak position);
  • self-aggrandizement through condemnation of other people, pronouncing their shortcomings, the native is convinced that he is much better.

Whatever houses the aspect affects, it creates a basic low self-esteem, since Mercury is in principle responsible for communicating with the world. When square with Lilith, the native is very susceptible to criticism. It slows down its development, implementation in society, and a check for the development of an aspect takes place every 9 years, which means that after adulthood you can withdraw into yourself and close yourself off from the world in deep fears.

Mercury square Lilith and relationships

The Black Moon, through the planet of intellect, brings a crooked mirror into the human mind. He perceives words and actions through the prism of suspicion and fear of being deceived. This is typical for the native in any scenario, but, of course, it is especially sensitive if 1, 5, 7 sectors of the natal chart are affected.

Low self-esteem initially creates distrust in a partner. How can he love me and accept me with all my shortcomings? There is some trick here. The problem of the square Mercury – Lilith is that a person can find evidence for any, even the most unthinkable, fears. He finds confirmation of his anxieties based on childhood trauma, based on what is hidden in the ancestral memory, how Othello compared suspicious facts, accusing Desdemona in advance.

Square Mercury – Lilith creates two prerequisites for the destruction of relationships:

  • search for evidence of one’s own unattractiveness (with a weak Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus);
  • argumentation of many shortcomings in the appearance and character of the partner, constant nit-picking and depreciation.

In both cases, the result can be loneliness, and there is no one to blame but a crooked mirror in the head.

How to work out the square Mercury – Lilith

Oddly enough, but your own mind in the study does not really help. He is already set to look for confirmation of the reality of Lilith’s fears. But the intellectual help of an authoritative person will be very helpful. Your best bet is to find a good short-term therapy psychologist to get quick relief. During exacerbations, it is necessary for the native as a pill. However, the good advice of a sober-minded teacher or friend is also good at stopping the cycle of internal anxieties.

The second option is to listen to your intuition, which is usually well developed as a counterbalance to the imbalance of emotions and reason. The main thing is not to let yourself stray into various tricks of the mind, again plunging into the scrolling of possible scenarios for the development of negative events.

It is important to exclude foul language, condemnation, criticize other people less and not pay attention to their possible slander, just doing your job sincerely and responsibly. If you accept yourself completely, including the dark corners of the subconscious, then vast horizons will open ahead for intellectual work as a journalist, translator, psychologist and writer.

To maintain clarity of mind, so as not to confuse the voice of the heart with the call of a phobia, a white quartz talisman will help.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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