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Venus square – Mars

Venus and Mars are important planets in the horoscope. Venus symbolizes the feminine and Mars the masculine. The disharmony between these luminaries, which is present in a person's birth chart , creates tension in his relationship with the opposite sex. The square is just an example of this tension.

The negative aspect between Mars and Venus makes the owner of the horoscope not only too active, amorous and cheeky in love, but also prevents the accumulation of funds.

Mars and Venus are financial planets. Venus is responsible for correctly assessing the value of items and the ability to maintain financial stability. Mars is a business enterprise and activity, thanks to which the native manages to discover new sources of income and achieve an increase in earnings.

The intense interaction between the luminaries forces the native to make mistakes in material matters. Money both comes and goes, because it is difficult for a person with this aspect to save it. Unjustified spending is also possible (for pleasure, entertainment, etc.).

Aspect and its influence on personality and human behavior

A person with this aspect has increased sexuality, is interested in the topic of relationships and likes to flirt with members of the opposite sex. When it comes to appearance, two extremes are possible.

Either the native cares too much about his physical shape, spending a lot of time working on the image, choosing clothes, exercising, or completely starts himself up and looks impartial. The second may be due to laziness or unwillingness to meet any external beauty standards.

In any case, people with this aspect need to learn how to smooth out this contradiction, achieving both physical perfection and a state of spiritual harmony. A native needs to improve his inner culture, develop creativity, and at the same time try to realize business qualities and entrepreneurship.

A person with this aspect can achieve success in the fields of commerce, art and sports.

The square of Venus and Mars in the natal chart of a man

The aspect in question in a man's birth chart will tell about his preferences in relationships with the fair sex. The owner of the horoscope is attracted to women who are passionate, decisive, strong-willed and athletic, and he knows how to achieve their location. Love for an Amazon can arise suddenly, but over time, when the passions subside, it may turn out that the relationship lacks depth and spiritual meaning.

It is important for a man to think about creating a truly strong and stable relationship, and for this you need to become more conscious, restrained and constant in love.

The square of Venus and Mars in the natal chart of a woman

The owner of this aspect is attractive, confident and relaxed. In men, she appreciates good manners, gallantry and external beauty, but she often feels dissatisfaction with their excessive softness, compliance and indecision.

Harmonious relationships are not easy to create. Ownership, jealousy, disappointment, quarrels and mutual reproaches spoil the life together. You need to learn to trust your partner, negotiate with him and find compromises in difficult situations.

Astrological aspect in the natal chart of a child

Children with this aspect are useful in creativity in any form. This can be, for example, any activity that involves a beautiful movement to the music: dancing, choreography, gymnastics, figure skating, etc.

In addition, activities such as modeling, wood carving, origami, weaving, etc. will contribute to the child's creative development.

Celebrities with the Venus Square Mars:


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