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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Chiron: karmic wounds

Lunar nodes have recently been of interest to everyone. Knowing what tasks they set for a person, what to start from and what to strive for, you can not be afraid of the trials of fate and live in full force. This axis of man’s main mission begins with the Descending South Node and ends with the Ascending North. In Vedic astrology they are called Ketu and Rahu. The first is a reliance on those skills and talents that a person possessed in a past life, but he also shows delusions, sins and mistakes. The second is a new field of activity and a way out of the comfort zone, necessary for the development of the soul.

Chiron at the top of the squares of the lunar nodes expects flexibility, cunning and creativity from the native, and if this is not there, it begins to create inconvenience, awkwardness and confusion so that the ward finally develops the necessary qualities. You will have to overcome yourself at the location of the nodes.

Chiron Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

In mythology, the centaur Chiron was the teacher of the greatest heroes of Hellas. But he brought them up in practice, taught them to hunt, heal wounds, play the flute, fight, and even sew and embroider. A strange and conflicting spectrum of interests was also present in the life of the native in a past incarnation.

However, quadrature ambiguously indicates that his hobbies for healing, art and an unconventional approach to medicine and politics brought him many problems. According to legend, Chiron was wounded by mistake by his student Heracles. The arrows were poisoned, but being immortal, the centaur was doomed to suffer eternal pain. The native in a past life also faced the betrayal of loved ones. Perhaps the students surpassed him, offended him with ingratitude, or even betrayed him to enemies. In any case, in this incarnation, the owner of the square of Chiron himself does not suspect where this heart-wrenching expectation of a dirty trick from his loved ones comes from. This is his eternal wound – to get what he wants and be afraid to lose it, as if it were just an illusion of love or success in society.

For a detailed understanding, you need to look at exactly where Chiron is located. If he is in the 7th house, then in a past life a person suffered from enemies pretending to be friends or from a life partner, if in the 10th, then fame or a career was a bone of contention.

The square always creates difficulties, but we must not forget that this aspect comes from Chiron, not only to the Descending Node, but also to the Ascending. This means that karmic problems in the future will be solved through the realization of mistakes in the past with the help of the highest Chironian qualities: diplomacy, flexible thinking, developed artistic taste and non-standard creative approach.

Chiron square problems with ascending (descending) nodes

Chiron, even in a harmonious aspect, gives internal vulnerability, hesitation and a desire to penetrate the subtle worlds in order to understand how to do the right thing, but in combination with two squares, he constantly reopens the wound of past problems and itches with an unbearable desire to achieve success in the affairs of houses affected by aspects. A person begins his journey to Calvary with activity along the line of the South Node. If the native is intellectually developed and gifted with artistic taste, at this stage everything should work out, although ridicule, competition and envy are not excluded. Having worked through the debts and mistakes of past lives at this stage, he will already build up his armor and move on to the tests of the North Node with great success.

Chiron loves to confuse, create repetitive situations, convince of the need for double standards. So the native can sincerely believe that two families are normal. Yes, and work for two companies, when it is necessary to leak information to competitors, is in the order of things. However, this is just a return to the square of Chiron and the South Node. Such a strategy can bear fruit precisely in the affairs of the house of Ketu, but having tried to play around and deceive in the sphere of Rahu, the native will understand what the boomerang effect is. All secrets will be revealed.

The person himself is also constantly faced with deceit, double standards, intrigues, or falls into the epicenter of conflicts, where he is forced to act according to Chiron: wisely and diplomatically, making unexpected decisions, as if solving a rebus.

How to work the square of Chiron with Ascending (Descending) nodes

To harmonize unbearable tension and strong vulnerability, it is necessary to correctly set a goal for revealing the highest qualities of Chiron. For example, if he is in the 8th house, then it is best to reveal a non-standard creative approach and diplomacy in financial matters, business development, to transform your appearance, because Chiron is also the dispositor of Libra. That is why it is important to maintain dignity and not stoop to rude showdowns in any conflict. The key to working through Chiron is noble behavior and gaining high social status in the affairs of the Ascending Node. In any situation, the native will be helped by:

  • demonstration of education, good manners, the ability to maintain an elegant conversation;
  • willingness to compromise or find them for other parties;
  • the talent to reconcile enmity, to provide secret services while keeping secrets in full.

The native perfectly realizes himself in the beauty industry, show business, jurisprudence, diplomacy and esoteric areas: astrology, healing, numerology. The main thing is not to give up the desire to make dreams come true for fear that others will laugh and devalue. Only success in the sphere where Chiron and the North Node stand will help it drag on.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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