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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Mars: curb the unbridled

The lunar nodes show from which point of karma we need to move to the opposite end: to the future, which should become better than the past. The beginning of the journey in this incarnation comes from the Descending South Node. His quadrature with the planet hints that it is necessary to complete the problematic scenario in the affected houses and signs, he acted too long and brought a lot of pain to the ancestors of the native. If the aspect goes to the Ascending North, then any negative bursts in this direction will provoke conflicts and problems, especially when it comes to Mars. Aggression and initiative of the native are always punishable, since they are inappropriate in most cases. He does not know how to be tactful and creates enemies himself. This greatly upsets his loved ones and brings a lot of suffering to the person himself.

Mars Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Any tense aspect with Mars is fraught with danger and needs to be worked out. With a square with the Moon’s nodes, dirty tricks arise constantly, but especially brightly at the time of their return, at the age of 37-38 of the native. During this period, you need to carefully control your actions and not succumb to the provocations of external circumstances, which put a person in a position of self-defense in relations with society all his life.

He is constantly bullied by toxic and dangerous individuals, he is rude at work and rude in the store. In a past life, he either suffered from repressed aggression, merging it in a narrow circle of loved ones: he was a domestic tyrant, or he brazenly went ahead to the goal, destroying everything he touched along the way. Men of the clan, or women with a similar aspect, could behave in approximately the same way, however, they often endured aggression and abuse from their husbands, resisted as best they could, but did not completely resolve the conflict. In the most negative version, in a past life, the native was associated with violence, robbery, was a soldier or an executioner.

The square implies involvement in violent actions through external circumstances, and not on personal initiative. Soldiers and executioners killed on orders from above, just as a woman could destroy an abusive husband in self-defense and vice versa.

The circumstances that arise by themselves in this incarnation will remind you of the events of the past and suggest what exactly needs to be worked out in the present.

If there are many positive aspects in the chart, then the square of Mars with nodes indicates the profession of a military man, a blacksmith, a butcher, and sometimes a successful landowner.

Mars Square Problems with Ascending (Descent) Nodes

The most difficult thing is for the owners of the karmic tau-square with discharge in Mars. This planet is difficult to control, outbursts of rage, anger, resentment destroy relationships with people, and if the native tries to be good and suppresses emotions, he unconsciously triggers the psychosomatics of liver, blood, and vascular diseases. The kidneys are severely affected.

The square of Mars with the Ascending and Descending Nodes is like a yoke of a loser that a person drags on himself from past incarnations into the future. Already in childhood, he encounters aggressive children and either becomes the same, or goes into a passive position, not knowing how to resist. The native endures to the last, because if he rushes into battle, everything around will lie in ruins, including his life. The main problems of the aspect:

  • difficulties with physical education at school, bullying, injuries, including out of the blue;
  • hostility on the part of young men, with certain additional aspects, unpleasant guys constantly cling to girls, their groups are especially dangerous in the dark;
  • representatives of the stronger sex have problems in the army, however, with a strong Sun and favorable aspects with Jupiter and Venus, everything can be quite tolerable;
  • impulsively made decisions turn out to be wrong, enthusiasm and initiative are inappropriate, actions violate the laws of society and morality.

It is extremely dangerous for the owner of the square of Mars with the Ascending and Descending nodes to be in the war zone. The chance of being hit by a stray bullet or a random projectile is too high due to the karma accumulated in the past.

Studying the square of Mars with Ascending (Descending) nodes

Not every owner of the aspect can face violence or aggression, but given that the quadrature sometimes acts suddenly, you need to protect yourself.

It is important to recognize all the negative Martian feelings: anger, anger, vindictiveness, irascibility, and get psychologists to practice on working out the shadow part of the personality. Only by acknowledging feelings can you gain control over them. Sports will help a lot. Natives are suitable for team sports, then they will not have to fight one on one with an opponent and the destructive side of Mars will not turn on.

But on the creation of a beautiful figure, it is better to work alone, so as not to compare yourself with others and not worry that someone is ahead. Pair dances, gardening, manual labor perfectly harmonize the aspect. It is undesirable to wear red clothes and you should not overemphasize your sexual attractiveness.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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