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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Mercury: my tongue is my enemy

Karmic nodes include certain programs, colored by the energy of the planet with which the aspect is formed. This means that this direction will be important for development, and without it, success and prosperity can not be expected. The ascending (South) node indicates past life events and tribal sins. It is permissible to take the best from this sphere, but it is necessary to learn new things along the line of the Ascending (Northern) Node, which shows the vector of the future for a person and his descendants.

The square of nodes with Mercury is a conflict with the inner circle of communication, one’s own mind and language. It is difficult for a person to organize himself, he impulsively gives out secrets or says out of place everything that is on his mind, he drives himself into a trap. He is surrounded by sticky people who take up the lion’s share of time, and if he does nothing, it will turn out that he has lived his life in vain.

Mercury Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

The square of the planet is especially pronounced along the line of the South Node. That is, all the negativity of the aspect from an early age worries the native. A smart person, even without an astrologer, will understand that all these moments need to be worked out, because he quarrels with others out of the blue, makes enemies because of rash statements, cannot fall asleep because of the endless word mixer in his head. His tongue seems to live its own life, carrying out the process of karmic education. It turns out that according to the South Node, the native suffers from verbal incontinence and conflicts, and according to the North Node, it is difficult for him to develop intellectually.

The square is a sign of conflict with external circumstances, which means that in a past life a person lived according to the dark, shadow energy of Mercury.

Depending on additional indicators, he could act according to 2 opposite scenarios:

1. Passive – suffered from other people’s gossip, gossip, openly and ingenuously entered into confrontation with the aggressors, from which he later suffered very tangibly: he lost his freedom, money, friends. He could become an enemy of the people because of the denunciations of envious people or his careless chatter, a careless harsh word. Manuscripts, money and documents were stolen from him, and he took revenge, it is possible that he cursed the offenders. If the Moon is also affected, excessive vulnerability and sensitivity prompted him to also weave intrigues and conspiracies in secret.

2. Active – a person earned and prospered thanks to slander, gossip, anonymous letters. He poured mud on others, destroyed verbally, cursed, wrote denunciations and appropriated someone else’s intellectual work. If Mercury is in conjunction with Lilith, black karma can be associated with verbal curses, including generic and magical conspiracies.

All of the above could also be in the fate of the ancestors of the native, which also overflowed the vessel of karma. In this incarnation, one has to find harmony with the word, to reach the bright side of Mercury. If a person will swear, gossip, slander, a boomerang will not keep you waiting.

Mercury Square Problems with Lunar Nodes

The standard of living of a person directly depends on his intelligence. However, he is between a strong attraction to the negative manifestations of Mercury on the Descending Node and the need to learn and develop on the Ascending. Much depends on the family in which he will be born and how he will be brought up, because already in early childhood the desire to lie, steal, complain to adults about others for no reason wakes up. These same problems will migrate to school, and then to relationships with colleagues at work. This is aggravated by the early realization of the native that he is great at deceiving, and if he takes a badly laid item, for example, in a store or at a party, he will not be noticed.

However, the luck of the dark side of the Descending Node is always deceptive. Sooner or later, the native will have to face the serious consequences of his slander or petty gossip, or something important will be stolen from him, and this moment will be a turning point for working out the square of Mercury with the Ascending Node. If he is in conjunction with another planet, it will become a tool with which, like a lever, you can pull yourself out of the pit of dark needs for lies, condemnation, swearing with others, but if not, you need to develop intelligence and honesty.

A number of problems hinder the achievement of the desired goals:

  • fussiness, nervousness, restlessness, duplicity, rapid mood swings;
  • dissipation of energy on several things at the same time, on chatting with people distracting from important issues, hanging on social networks, watching TV;
  • quarrels with influential people, conflicts with brothers, sisters, neighbors, impulsive involvement in other people’s showdowns.

A person himself creates problems for himself out of nothing, inflates an elephant out of a fly and does not bring the matter to the end.

Studying the square of Mercury with the Ascending (Descending) nodes

The native influences his life by the power of word and thought. It is necessary to clean out any negativity from the head, to avoid idle talk, gossip, condemnation and evil shouting. Tireless study, expanding the horizons of knowledge, for example, exchange studies in another country or city, learning foreign languages, communicating with wise and enlightened people help to work out the square of Mercury with the nodes. It is important to carefully filter the social circle, excluding from it people who are talkative, unreliable, distracting from the main goals.

Difficulties in learning go away with the development of imaginative thinking, intuition and spirituality, because the native by nature is overly rational and skeptical. Additional support will be the development of the best qualities of the sign where Mercury stands.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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