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Square Ascending (Descent) Node – MC (Midheaven): Ostrich Politics

Lunar nodes show the vector of karmic development. They are like compass needles, one sends you to the experience of a past life, the other – to an unknown future. It is easier for many people to live on the knurled track of the South Descending Node. The subconscious mind remembers the experience of a past life in the sphere of the house where it stands, but if you only do this, degradation and return of karma will begin. But activity in the sphere of the North Node, although frightening with its novelty, helps to atone for karmic debts.

Square is a very tense aspect. With regards to the Midheaven Meridian , it has a devastating effect on career issues, relationships with a significant parent and superiors. It turns out that the native misused his potential in the past and will probably repeat this in the future if he does not apply knowledge of astrology in the right way.

Karma square MS (Midheaven) with Ascending (Descending) nodes

The Midheaven Meridian crosses the highest point of the natal chart, symbolizing the highest social status that a native can achieve. Unfortunately, when squared to the lunar nodes, this is much more difficult to achieve.

In a past life, the owner of the natal chart occupied an honorable place in society. If there are additional indications from the Sun and Jupiter, he could be a ruler, but in the simplest case, he had enough power to abuse it.

The MC square with knots is a clear sign that a person did not direct his strength to good deeds. According to the results of astrological research, 2 options are likely when the native:

  • was the executor of someone else’s will and raised the owner to the pinnacle of success, not embarrassed in the means, using threats, bribery, conspiracies;
  • led global projects that brought a lot of destruction and misfortune;
  • manipulated other people, profiting and prospering at their expense, using other people’s talents and merits.

In either case, the karma of notoriety has followed the native into the present incarnation. The subconscious mind stores information about his cunning moves and foul play against opponents.

In part, according to the South Node, this knowledge really helps a person in difficult situations. At a high level of intellectual development, he sees through such manipulations by enemies and manages to take action.

At a low level of awareness, the native follows the path of least resistance, not shunning any means of obtaining what he wants. However, the accumulated negative karma will not allow him to achieve much through lies and duplicity.

Unexpectedly for himself, a person will find himself in a dependent and subordinate position, when, being a more talented and interesting person, he will begin to please and serve an authoritarian boss, parent, or for the sake of a career he will be forced to sacrifice the rest of the joys of life.

The Midheaven meridian is associated with the 10th house, which in the classical interpretation is associated with the mother, but in fact it denotes the parent whom the native admires or obeys the will of fate. Difficult relationships with him impede a career, but in the end it happens to temper the will and desire at all costs to pass the test with dignity and become a respected member of society. If you fold your hands and suffer, karma will increase.

MC (Midheaven) Square Problem with Ascending (Descent) Nodes

A person is torn between the desire to experience the heady feeling of power again and the fear of losing everything again. If Neptune is strong, then the subconscious will literally force the native to indulge in dreams instead of real work on himself.

Such people plague those around them with stories about their exploits in the subjunctive mood, assuring that they would write a brilliant book and earn a millionth fortune, but in reality they can hardly boast of great achievements.

The square of the Midheaven with the South Node puts a ban on a full-fledged career and a warm relationship with the leadership. A person partly came into the world to understand what it is like to obey and not have the right to choose.

The safest thing is to put up with it, go into the shadows, do household chores and lead a modest lifestyle. However, with a strong Sun and powerful Mars, this will not work. Ambition also awakens favorable aspects with Venus, symbolizing talents.

There is only one way out: if the native, in the process of building a career, and even more so after he becomes famous, gives more than he takes, his reputation will be in order. Otherwise, enemies, intrigues, his own egoism will involve him in a situation from which it will be difficult to get out clean.

Therefore, it is considered astrologically favorable to give up a brilliant career, engage in spiritual self-improvement, household chores, and raising children.

How to work out the MC square with Ascending (Descent) nodes

The native has a difficult job to pacify his ambitions and exorbitant egoism. His ideas about career and fame may not coincide with the mission prepared for him from above.

Processing is about accepting limitations and obstacles as a way to subdue pride. These are signs that he is going the wrong way. You need to carefully analyze the North Node and choose a calling in this area, but do not forget that you will have to give more than take, especially if the mission, specialty, and even hobbies partly overlap with the scope of the South Node. A good compensator will be helping other people build a career. Work as a producer, recruiting manager, SMM specialist, agent for actors, writers, assistant director is perfect.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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