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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Uranus: destruction as a way of life

Karmic nodes , like opposite compass needles, lay a clear route from point A, where all the experience of the family, both positive and negative, is concentrated, to point B, where unexplored territory awaits the student to climb to a new peak. The South Descending Node is a sign that a person is easily given self-manifestation in the affairs of the house and the sign where he stands, but there are also many mistakes of the past. The task is to correct them, enter the highest floor of this sector, and then start mastering the sphere of the Northern Rising.

However, the square of Uranus with nodes complicates both ways. This is the highest planet, so the aspect will turn on at a conscious age. A person strives to stand out from the crowd so much that he himself does not realize how he becomes a laughingstock or a talk of the town because of his oddities. Few people manage to be both a unique and worthy person due to sharp impulsive behavior and a sharp tongue, but the native usually achieves his goal – fame at any cost and on everyone’s lips, only happiness still remains unattainable.

Uranus Square Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

These people cannot go unnoticed due to their innate eccentricity and lack of a sense of proportion. They themselves suffer from problems in relationships with others, not understanding what is wrong with them.

You don’t have to look far for examples: Salvador Dali, V. Chkalov, Faina Ranevskaya, Olga Buzova, M. Prokhorov, A. Men – images that have become household names. They are bright, memorable, but, as a rule, lonely. In their case, the tau-square configuration operates, aggravating the already complex structure with Uranus, but in any case, a person works out karma through the destruction of the sphere where the planet of eccentrics stands. In Taurus, this concerns material values, in Gemini – friendships, in Cancer – family and homeland, in Scorpio – sexuality and power, in Pisces – religion, but of course the house also matters.

It is believed that the native is unlucky. But is it really possible to talk about luck when a person challenges social conditions, the rules of decency, traditions? Of course, the square of Uranus with the lunar nodes is an aspect of revolutionary pioneers that cause conflicting feelings, and at a low level of development, it completely forms a born destroyer up to serial killers. All these tendencies are rooted in past human lives. Even then, the owner of the horoscope, without a twinge of conscience, broke the usual stereotypes in society, starting with the understandable desires of women to be doctors and teachers, to have equal rights with men, ending with defending their desire to be a star through odious acts, or when the rich were deprived of all their property under under the auspices of helping the poor, but in fact created personal capital from the loot.

Of course, not everything is so bad, and from past incarnations the owner of the horoscope also brought artistry, plasticity, intuition, which will protect him from mistakes, and incredible knowledge about the structure of the Universe, because scientists, actors, philosophers could be in his family.

In the present incarnation, the native must make the final decision to be bold and creative, but to create, not to destroy.

Uranus Square Problems with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

The main pain point of the owner of the horoscope is the absence of a soul mate and difficulties in relations with the opposite sex. Outwardly, these people are attractive because of their dissimilarity to others. In some ways they are just children, infantile and selfish, spontaneous, adoring holidays and passionately wanting to arouse universal admiration. For the sake of this, they are ready to put on a jester’s cap and put themselves in the spotlight. Only relatives can know what incredible knowledge, intelligence and talents are hidden behind the mask of an eccentric merry fellow.

The native, on the one hand, dreams of love, which pierces like a lightning strike, on the other hand, he repels the partner with sudden changes in mood, excessive emotionality, the need to balance on the verge of a normal lifestyle and a thirst for thrills.

It is generally difficult for men and women with Uranus square with the Ascending (Descending) nodes to be in a calm environment. The main problems of this aspect:

  • inability to sit in one place for a long time: they rent apartments, constantly move from city to city, break relationships and start new ones, or keep in touch with several partners;
  • increased emotional excitability, nervousness, impressionability, inspiration from someone else’s delight, shock, resentment, tears;
  • the need for publicity for self-affirmation, but the image on display may not correspond to a real person at all;
  • search for extreme entertainment, life-threatening and demonstration of this in social networks.

Particular attention should be paid to the nervous system. By old age, strong mental changes are possible.

How to work square Uranus with nodes

A person needs to strive to implement bright creative ideas for the benefit of society. A job where you can switch from one interesting activity to another, travel and communicate a lot is a good fit. It is better to solve any problems with the help of astrology and psychology, and then connect other resources. The second direction for study is sports with elements of extreme sports, but reliable insurance, running, swimming, and gymnastics are also suitable.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Uranus Square South Node:


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