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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Venus: Reassessment of Values

Lunar nodes are karmic indicators. They are like two bowls of scales: the first, the Descending South Node, shows where there is already enough knowledge, experience, as well as mistakes and abuse of power, the second, the Ascending North, is a sign of future accomplishments. It is more difficult to develop according to it, but a person was initially given resources for this. The quadrature of nodes with a personal planet requires detailed study. This is a sign of conflict that is drawn from the depths of past incarnations.

Venus is responsible not only for relationships with the opposite sex, but also for freedom of choice, charisma, value systems and material wealth. Without working through the aspect, the native suffers from constant problems in these areas: he is rejected, he loses money, painfully chooses between two or three options, and still makes a mistake in the final. It seems that the world prevents him in everything, but this is a reflection of his internal protracted conflict.

Venus Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

This aspect symbolizes an obstacle to the spiritual development of the native in the form of a misunderstanding of his role in relations with the outside world. A person brought this load from past incarnations, so from childhood it is difficult for him to get along with both relatives and peers. He either exalts himself to the skies, or grovels, trying to earn love.

The square of Venus with the Ascending Node means that in a past life the native boasted too much of his beauty, a large number of admirers, money or talents, considering himself better than others. The desire to achieve one’s own by any means, even if for the sake of this one had to sacrifice other people’s interests, led to the fact that women beat off their husbands from their girlfriends, men seduced the wives of friends, not to mention unfair competition in business and creativity. In this incarnation, you will have to develop spiritually and live according to the new system of morality.

The square of Venus with the Descending Node is a sign that in previous incarnations the native lived for a long time in the wrong coordinate system. He allowed himself to be loved, and he did what he wanted, ignoring the feelings of others. He experienced deep disappointment in marriage and relationships, or he was fed up with someone else’s adoration and subconsciously looked for new ways of relationships and enrichment, including vicious ones. Similar scenarios could have been in the life of the native’s ancestors, which also requires rethinking through the transformation of his personal destiny, otherwise the problems with marriage partners and money will not stop.

Venus Square Problems with the Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Men and women with this aspect can be outwardly beautiful, but cause unreasonable irritation and hostility among others. They seem to have no charm and magnetism at all. The main problem is that they passionately want to be rich, famous, to be admired and loved, but they cannot get it. Some of them go out of their way to become a model of beauty and financial success, a star of social networks, show business or the best sales person in the department.

This is the catch – they rely on external Venusian qualities, forgetting that Venus is primarily a symbol of the energy of love, a passionate desire to live and create, a source of light and warmth in the heart and soul. And without it, the problems repeat. For example, if the native starts talking at the same time as someone, then they listen to the other, and he swallows the bitter words of resentment, because he is relegated to the background. Most often, in a company, a person feels superfluous or a black sheep, it seems to him that everyone is looking at him and laughing.

Such people painfully long choose their clothes and, having sorted out a lot of trousers or dresses, leave with nothing. They have no inner flair and taste, intuition and sensuality are poorly developed, and sometimes they flirt excessively theatrically, not paying attention to inappropriate surroundings, or take selfies at celebrity funerals in order to at least become famous.

Of course, much depends on additional aspects, but almost always women do not understand how to behave in relationships with men, turning from an arrogant bitch into a weak-willed dependent victim and vice versa, which confuses a partner. Representatives of the stronger sex are often real philophobes who avoid serious relationships, or do not understand at all how to behave with women, despising them, or vice versa, fawning and trying to please. The owners of the aspect cannot find a balance between the passions in the soul and self-expression on the outer plane.

How to work the square of Venus with the Ascending (Descending) node

Since most often the aspect means that in a past life the native somehow lost material well-being and love, in this reality one must first of all pay attention to these topics, gaining as much knowledge as possible in the field of relationships and finances, working through fears and complexes with a psychologist.

The main problem is codependency and insecurity, as well as excessive grounding, when only the material is in the foreground. Expanding the horizons of knowledge in the field of spirituality and religion, a person attracts new fresh energies to attract love.

You can not cling to a partner and blame him for all the problems. The native himself needs to be a source of light and remember that the square of Venus with any of the nodes does not prevent the disclosure of talents. It is very important to first gain confidence, having achieved success in the affairs of the house and the sign where the Descending Node stands, and on this basis to create a value system suitable for the sphere of the Ascending Node, the main thing is that it corresponds to the moral code of a person.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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