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Jupiter square Lilith: whirlpools of adventurism

The owner of this aspect has an irresistible desire to become Ostap Bender of his time. Incredible ideas of gaining success and wealth in the house where Jupiter stands constantly come to him , but due to the tension between him and Lilith , he can get into big trouble. The Black Moon is an indicator of the negative collective karma of the clan, and therefore, the processing of accumulated sins will go on the theme of the house where it is located.

At first, the native will enthusiastically implement his ideas, take risks, and may even break the law. However, we must not forget that Jupiter is the planet of justice, and any violations return like a boomerang every 9 years, so you should always make sure that good deeds dominate over mistakes and pleasures from temptations, which are sure to be.

Dangers of Jupiter square Lilith

Very often, this aspect is interpreted as getting a high position and money through sexual relations. However, in reality, this happens at a low level of development of the native, in addition, no one forces him to follow this path, but proposals of this kind, at least once in a lifetime, happen. Indeed, you can gain fame and fortune, but more often than not, this will not bring great joy.

If, for example, Jupiter is in the 10th house, and Lilith is in the 8th, the native will have a strong “sticking” on the topic of fame and high position in society, but just an office romance is not enough here. The eighth house is an indicator of karmic debts, which means that in order to achieve success in the sector of honors, career and glory, the native will have to accept someone else’s worldview, rules of the game, ethics and strength. Working off goes through humility and development of spirituality. Only in this case will it be possible to bypass the pitfalls and consequences of the abuse of physical attractiveness for personal gain.

Negative influences of the square Jupiter – Lilith:

  • snobbery, vanity, using others to do their own dirty work by deceit, bribery or blackmail;
  • exorbitant ambitions that need to be satisfied right here and now, megalomania;
  • hostility to the clergy and the religion itself, attempts to devalue the faith of other people or prove the inconsistency of the cult;
  • the desire to live at someone’s expense, merging with people who occupy an important place in society through flattery and intrigue;
  • passion for foreign culture and language to such an extent that it is possible to abandon national identity and completely dissolve in foreign society (with the exception of Jupiter or Lilith in Cancer);
  • constant polemics with dissidents in order to completely devalue them, the denial of any authorities.

It is precisely because of the last point that it is difficult for the native to achieve the desired goal – a high position in society. It is very difficult to fit in with people in power if you make it clear that you do not respect them.

When the aspect affects the 3rd or 9th house, then the person initially creates problems for himself in learning, conflicting with teachers and university professors. He can offer his theories as the ultimate truth, refute well-known facts, mock other people’s beliefs, and stop in time or be more tactful because of the perverted energy of Lilith, especially if the native is not familiar with astrology.

Jupiter square – Lilith and relationships

Jupiter is a social planet and the tense aspect here will affect more business partnerships in which the native strives to be the lead leader but tends to talk more and make useful connections and invest in the partner.

In fairness, a person with a Lilith-Jupiter square wants to succeed so much that he will be able to win over anyone with just words. He is also characterized by good luck when applying for a loan for a common cause or receiving sponsorship.

If Jupiter is in the 7th house, then the native will initially seek marriage or partnerships with rich and famous people. He will never be satisfied with a simple, calm life partner without great ambitions, even if he is a wonderful person. Men and women with the square Jupiter – Lilith consider themselves created for all the best, including in relationships, so they will never choose spouses just because they are simply beautiful or kind. Social status, education, reputation are important here, which, of course, does not exclude sincere love, but without the qualities listed above, it will not serve as a basis for marriage.

How to work out the square Jupiter – Lilith

The native came to this world to work off karmic debts in the house where Lilith stands, through the disclosure of hidden talents in the house where Jupiter is located. Careful analysis of these parameters will give a hint for action.

A person needs to eradicate snobbery, vanity and the feeling that he and his knowledge are the ultimate truth. Lilith often fogs consciousness and creates obstacles for personal growth, advancement in society, and spiritual development. It is important to keep track of them and consciously block the desire to argue with a superior person simply for the sake of satisfying vanity. We must learn to respect the faith and beliefs of other people, while not belittling our own. There is no threat in sharing someone’s point of view, because the biggest temptation of the native is to do everything contrary to the rest, even if the topic is not particularly important for him. Having ceased to prove that black is white and vice versa, he acquires a huge resource to achieve what he wants.

Talisman stone for harmonizing the tension of the square Lilith – Jupiter – yellow sapphire or citrine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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