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Quickons Moon – Ascendant: I’m in the house

Quickons allows people to re-experience situations that have already happened in their lives in order to move from a negative storyline to a positive one. It is no coincidence that the aspect has the properties of opposition and trine at the same time, which allows, if desired, to get out of the destructive scenario and begin to live in a stream of positive energy. Therefore, in the affairs of houses affected by aspect participants, it is necessary to overcome obstacles and think positively, because everything can be resolved in the best way.

Another thing is that you will have to work on yourself first of all and understand that the roots of the problems are deep in the subconscious.

The natal quincunx from the Moon to the Ascendant is a sign of escapism from reality. In stressful moments, the native plunges into a fictional world, hides from solving problems under a warm blanket by the TV, and until the last minute pushes back the battle with the enemy or an unpleasant issue, hoping that it will resolve itself. Strong feelings and deep feelings boil inside him, both fears and ambitions, but he is very afraid that he will not be understood or rejected, therefore, most often he misses all the favorable opportunities that life gives.

Character and health with the Quince Moon Ascendant

Real life is secondary to the native. Whether business – the world on pages of books and in films. Again and again, he finds himself in situations where he tries to act like book characters or favorite characters from the historical past. Sometimes it looks strange, but it always earns him the attention and reputation of a special person.

Depending on the level of development and position of other planets, this may be the highlight of the image, but if there is a lot of water and negative configurations in the horoscope, it will be considered overly emotional, intrusive, unpleasant for constant communication, which leads to loneliness, especially if the Moon is already tense.

Considering that the Ascendant is responsible not only for the character laid down at birth, but also for external self-manifestation in the world, men and women with the Quinceon of the Moon often have a very unusual style of clothing, exotic hair color and accessories. They certainly don’t stand out from the crowd as much as the Uranists, rather following a retro style or imitating hippies. Women with this aspect often dress in the style of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, adapting it to modern realities, but nevertheless, they still look strange.

Nativ is a very kind and sympathetic person. High ideals live in his heart and he literally waits for the opportunity to accomplish a feat, and is the first to rush to the rescue of those in trouble. More impudent and less sincere colleagues take advantage of his unusual kindness for our century, dumping their work on him or exposing him as a scapegoat.

Health can suffer due to overexertion of the nervous system. Suppressed conflicts cause psychosomatic illnesses that negatively affect a career.

Personal life and synastry with the Quinceon Moon-Ascendant

In the youth of the native, there are always people who are ready to take care of him. Unconsciously, a person repays debts, enveloping those who need help and expect nothing in return. Such an old-fashioned attitude, combined with a strange appearance, finally creates a reputation as an eccentric who has not everything at home, although the native’s intuition helps him not to be completely codependent in dealing with sufferers. He clearly sees who really needs, and who pretends for personal gain, but he just doesn’t know how to sort things out and avoids conflicts as best he can.

If the owner of the Moon Ascendant is in a good mood, he will easily charm a member of the opposite sex, but sometimes such people live alone for a long time, because they are overly sensitive and vulnerable. They need moral support in order to go out into the world, come to an interview, enter into a dialogue with the object of sympathy. It is not uncommon for them to take their mother or girlfriend with them to important meetings, this gives them much-needed confidence.

In the synastry, the Moon Ascendant makes the owner of the Moon a source of maternal energy for the owner of the Ascendant. A lot depends on what signs they are in. A water rising sign is a certain guarantee of reciprocal care and attention, while a fiery sign will wish to be the only star in a relationship and put its own interests at the forefront.

How to work out the Quince Moon Ascendant

With age, the vulnerability and resentment of the native increase. It is necessary to try very hard from early youth to fight your way up in work, and especially to arrange your personal life, because then there is a danger of becoming isolated in illusions in order to avoid repeating the painful experience. You need to learn to control the degree of emotional response to other people’s problems, not to rush right off the bat to help at the first call in the hope that everyone will see the hero and begin to offer friendship.

The main task is to value and respect yourself, even if you choose to work as a service staff, you do not need to overly please and fawn over customers. Holders of the Moon Ascendant Quinceon can make excellent money as nannies, nurses, nurses, waiters and cooks if they have the courage to put an adequate price tag on their services.

As with other quinces of the Moon, relationships with mothers are often difficult, and this is where childhood traumas lie, preventing them from reaching their full potential. In the life of a native, they are repeated, only circumstances and characters change, but until the trauma of shame, abandonment, rejection from childhood is worked out, he will continue to rely on other, stronger people, and not on himself. To work out the aspect, it is very good to cook and treat loved ones, as well as sing, especially if the Moon is in Taurus.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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