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Quickons Moon-Mercury: between reason and feeling

Quickons is a complex paradoxical aspect that initially contains the opposition of the trine and the opposition , which in itself is difficult to withstand energetically, but in addition to this, it also creates a certain time loop, playing the same situations from the past in the life of the native, associated with karmic working off. They will be repeated until a person understands what is wrong and does not figure out how to harmoniously realize the potential of two different planets.

In the case of the Moon and Mercury, we are talking about feelings and reason. They are so closely intertwined that it is difficult for a person to figure out where the true voice of intuition is, and where the intensity of emotions is. He tries to decompose them rationally into a certain system, but gets lost in experiences, makes mistakes and again falls into the same funnel at any event that is very important to him.

Character and health with the Quince Moon-Mercury

Despite the obvious intellectual giftedness and empathy, the native very easily falls into the thrall of his own negative emotions. As soon as he begins to worry, a word mixer begins in his head. A restless mind and a rich imagination instantly create many options for the development of an event. A person loses peace and sleep. At the same time, emotional waves distort an adequate perception of the world and the mind seems to go the wrong way, analyzing non-existent variants of events.

Owners of the Moon-Mercury quincunx are sensitive to criticism from family members. Instead of listening to their advice, they go into hostility, not realizing that they want to help them.

Intemperance and the ability to hit with a word in the most painful place also do not add sympathy to them from other people. Possessing certain psychic abilities, they are good at calculating the weaknesses of opponents, but will not climb on the rampage if they are not emotionally hurt.

In general, their intention is to serve others, win them over and make friends, but all this collapses at the first opposition of opinions or remarks from the outside.

Another feature of the native is the inability to keep secrets. He sincerely does not want to give out other people’s secrets, but every time he manages to blurt out. This is another reason for the persistent guilt that originates in childhood from a difficult relationship with her mother. Again and again, the native promises himself not to break loose, not to talk about other people’s secrets, but the situation repeats itself. It is especially difficult for the owners of Lilith in Gemini, especially if she aspects one of the planets.

Health problems arise due to overexertion of the nervous system.

Quickons Moon-Mercury, personal life and synastry

With this aspect, it is easy to get into difficult relationships. The native draws in his imagination the desired image and the magic of the planets really brings him together with similar people from time to time. However, Quicons is a karmic aspect and in relationships you will have to work out a balance between mind and feelings, as well as realize personal value, the ability to set boundaries and respect your needs. The main problem of the native is the formation of events. Given the word mixer in his head, it is difficult for him to wait until the person he likes pays attention to him. He is very worried about rejection, uncertainty drives him crazy, so it’s easier for him to approach and ask directly about his feelings: Mercury loves speed. However, the Moon suffers from this, because her element is spiritual comfort, and without this, relationships rarely develop successfully. impatience, captiousness,

In the synastry, the quincunx means that in the past people had a situation where they were bored together and apart, and now they were united against the arguments of the mind through the feelings-memories of previous incarnations.

The partner’s moon, falling into a certain house, turns on the memory of the relationship with the mother and, on this wave, strongly attracts another person to itself, while Mercury excites the mind and curiosity. Such a connection is difficult to ignore, falling in love will be instant.

How to work out Quikons Moon-Mercury

The most difficult thing is if the Moon is in water signs. Excessive mental stress is good to remove water sports and seaside recreation. In any difficult situation, a good full sleep will help.

The native is in an eternal race for the approval of society, but people are annoyed that he seeks to draw a lot of attention to what he does and get a return, both in relationships and in work. This must be abandoned. It is best to do what you love, experiencing joy and peace of mind, without analyzing it with your mind and without expecting evaluation from others.

Calmness and confidence will bring professional self-realization, but there, too, you can’t take on all the work, expecting praise and applause. With the Moon-Mercury quince, it is best to do everything strictly according to the instructions of work duties and be careful with the initiative, so as not to be responsible for the consequences later.

There is no need to force things in relationships either. Let the partner take the first step, or at least give him time to get used to, win over, without a swift proposal to meet a few days after meeting.

Moon-Mercury Quinceon holders also need to learn to keep secrets, as their talkativeness can have very strong consequences.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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