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Quickons Moon – Saturn: service to society

Quickons is a karmic aspect that causes the repetition of the same situation in the sphere of signs and houses affected by its participants. The native should maximize the maximum potential of two different planets in this direction. Given that the energies of the trine and opposition are present here , the native will have all the opportunities, abilities and circumstances to best overcome internal complexes and doubts.

But with the Moon-Saturn quincunx, you will have to go a long way to get rid of the guilt complex, insecurity and shyness, in everything related to the manifestation of your feelings. It is embarrassing for the native to express emotions, but without this he is simply torn apart from the inside. He goes into workaholism and quietly feels sorry for himself at night, although everything would be easily decided on the highest floor of the planets if he allowed himself to create.

Character and health with the Quince Moon-Saturn

The roots of all problems go back to the childhood of the native. Most likely, the mother was a victim of circumstances: she disappeared at work, not having time to take an interest in the child, or was by nature cold and strict. The ban on the manifestation of emotions for the sake of the elders and the position: “step back and do not interfere”, this is the main fear of a person with this aspect. This trauma will make itself felt in any communication with older people, especially if they are women. If the Moon is in the 10th house , it is advisable to choose a job with a male boss.

Also, the native will always find himself in situations where he is literally brought to emotions in various provocative ways, and then he experiences a feeling of guilt for incontinence or an atypical outburst of accumulated negativity. Such a person rarely fights, but with words he can riddle an opponent, getting into the most sensitive places.

Other people easily cause a guilt complex in the native. If you add to this low self-esteem, it becomes clear why he puts off until later the translation of his own goals into reality and helps others to fulfill their desires. The need for service is especially acute for the owners of the Moon in the 6th house.

Unlike the sensual sphere, the native is lucky in his career. He often achieves great heights, showing his diligence in time, while still being punctual, has a good memory and warmly treats colleagues. Best of all, he will be able to work in medicine, politics, psychotherapy, but he can also succeed in art, being able to clothe ardent feelings in clear forms. These are wonderful poets and sculptors.

Quickons Moon-Saturn, personal life and synastry

In the personal life of the native, the influence of Saturn will be strongly felt. A woman’s moon means her very essence, her relationship with her mother and her own energy of motherhood. She will have to learn again and again to reveal her emotions in these topics, not to suppress, but to resolve conflicts. The fear of rejection is especially strong in relations with the mother, so in addition to words, you will also need to confirm your love with concrete actions, and when raising children, it is important not to slip into the scenario of a strict and cold teacher, given the circumstances of childhood. Saturn should support the Moon, not the other way around. For example, an emotional promise to go to the zoo and go to the cinema given to a child, and a declaration of love to a husband must be confirmed by the actual fulfillment of what was conceived according to a clear plan: a husband can, for example, organize a romantic evening with a clearly planned plot,

The same applies to a man, because the Moon in his horoscope symbolizes his mother and wife. Expressing feelings in words, one must be able to immediately back them up with actions.

Given the tendency of Moon-Saturn Quicons to underestimate their needs and please their partner, it is important to maintain a balance and demand the same attitude from yourself, otherwise Saturn will quickly create a belief system that leads to self-worthlessness.

In the synastry, the quincunx Moon-Saturn creates tension between partners, because the emotional expectations of one collide with the Saturnian coldness of the other. However, there is a strong attraction in the theme of the house where the Moon stands, echoing memories from childhood, so this connection is difficult to break.

How to work out the Moon-Saturn Quicons

The native should realize that expressing his feelings is normal. You can start doing this through creativity: write poetry, draw, create computer games and applications. Quickons creates repetitive situations.

For a native, these will be difficult emotional negotiations and showdowns, so he must learn in advance to clothe his feelings in the right words, without breaking into accusations and claims, tears and screams.

You will also have to remove the feeling of guilt and the feeling that you owe everyone around you. Then the authorities will immediately notice diligence and devotion to the common cause. Otherwise, the native will always be used, and tests for self-love and self-esteem will be repeated until the person puts his goals in 1st place.

The main problem of the Moon-Saturn quincunx is that a person begins to act when he is not yet psychologically ready, or vice versa, he hesitates, although it is necessary to act. Knowing this, it is easier to stop yourself in time, or vice versa, by an effort of will, get out of the swamp of apathy.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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