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Moon in the 10th house

The moon in the 10th house of the horoscope will indicate numerous changes in professional life, as well as an emotional attitude towards what people are doing. If the work is pleasant, the team has comfortable conditions and a trusting relationship has been formed with the bosses, then these individuals do their job with pleasure.

If there are constant overloads at the workplace and an unhealthy atmosphere reigns, then this affects the quality of the work of the holders of the natal chart. They may shy away from responsibility and serious projects, citing illness and poor health. These owners of such a Moon cannot do a business that they do not like. But as soon as the working conditions are adjusted, these people, on the basis of enthusiasm and the rise of creative forces, quickly and easily implement the most complex ideas and plans.

The activity of such individuals with such a Moon can find a lively response from the public, which is good for people who have chosen the profession of an actor, politician, writer and public figure. Over time, such a Moon can bring popularity and fame to such natives. These natives may also be interested in professions related to public catering, education, real estate, provision of public services, etc.

The mother or family of the owner of the horoscope can actively participate in the choice of the subject’s profession. Sometimes these owners of horoscope are engaged in continuing the family business or at work often intersect with one of their close relatives.

If the Moon in the horoscope is strong and harmonious, then from the authorities there can be various indulgences and incentives (provision of extraordinary leave, free meals, free schedule, time off, shortening of the working day, vouchers to a sanatorium, rest at the expense of the enterprise, etc.)

Moon and zodiac signs

The sign of the zodiac, in which the Moon in the 10th house is located, will tell in more detail about the work and profession that the natives choose, and how they go to their success.

For example, the owners of the fiery and airy Moon gravitate towards social and public activities most of all. The luminary in water signs will bring success in any kind of creativity, and in earth signs – in economic activities.

The weak in quality Moon in Capricorn and Scorpio speaks of a career path full of trials, difficulties and hardships. A person takes a lot of strength, energy and health in order to achieve public recognition.

A strong Moon in Taurus or in Cancer indicates love for your work, favorable conditions, the patronage of superiors and the quick recognition of the native’s merits by others.

Moon in the 10th house of a man

The moon in the 10th house of a man in the birth chart will tell that women play an important role in his life and often guide the development of his activities. In childhood and adolescence, this, of course, is a mother who sets high goals for the owner of the horoscope. As for working life, the native can work in a purely female team with a female boss at the head. Often, it is women who provide patronage and help the native move up the career ladder.

Marriage, according to the owner of the Moon in the 10th house, is a serious and important event, since it speaks of taking responsibility for the family and indicates an increase in social status. Since the Moon symbolizes children, every child is an achievement and a source of pride for the native.

Moon in the 10th house of a woman

The moon in the 10th house of a woman in the birth chart will tell about her ambitious, purposeful and hardworking character. She is distinguished by a developed sense of duty, and therefore, as a rule, she chooses any responsible profession.

Most often, the owner of a horoscope has a strict and demanding mother who teaches her daughter to achieve her goals, fighting laziness and indecision. Over time, a woman herself becomes a prudent and wise mother, from an early age accustoming her children to order, discipline and feasible work.

Lilia Garipova

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