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Quickons Mars-Jupiter: Doing good

Quickons – a minor aspect, suggesting that a person will rise from the lower floor of the planets that form it to the highest, overcoming inner fears and doubts. It contains a strange energy union of the opposition and the trine , therefore, in the affairs of the affected houses, the native feels vulnerability and exorbitant ambitions at the same time. If the Sun, Mercury and Mars are strong, then internal discomfort is practically not felt, but if the negative aspects dominate, then the Quicons resembles a splinter in the finger, it seems not dangerous, but it does not allow you to live in peace.

Such a connection between Mars and Jupiter, symbols of misfortune and great luck, affects primarily relations with society. A person is endowed with a heightened sense of higher justice, for the sake of which he forces himself to take drastic measures, but unfortunately, it often turns out that this was not necessary for those whom he sought to patronize. The native fears most of all that his help will be rejected.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Mars-Jupiter

The aspect adds to the personality of the native a certain authoritarianism, although he makes any decisive interventions in the lives of other people with good intentions. The problem is that they sometimes seem like that only to the owner of the Mars-Jupiter quincunx. He tries to help, but sometimes does not let his colleagues or relatives take a step, taking on the solution of their problems.

On the one hand, this can be useful, on the other hand, it does not allow them to gain their own experience, learn something, and even more so, receive a reward for their own work, because the native will not give laurels to those whose duties he performed. Yes, he is lucky and more intelligent than the people he tries to help, but his actions deprive them of the opportunity to grow professionally.

In addition, the owners of the Mars-Jupiter Quinceon are very offended, even if it is very polite to decline their support. The fact is that they cannot believe that someone can be friends with them and respect them for nothing, and unconsciously try to actively earn a good attitude.

As children, they often faced devaluing behavior from teachers and significant others, which fundamentally undermined their self-esteem. Now, by all means, they themselves need to become important people and feel like bosses.

They want to show that a person endowed with power can selflessly help and support, but they don’t do it very cleverly, unless of course they have the Moon and Venus in Pisces and additional aspects in the chart that enhance intuition and empathy. If these planets are in fall and exile, then the native will unceremoniously violate the boundaries of another person, and then sincerely wonder why, instead of gratitude, they run away from him.

Quikons can contribute to diseases of the liver and gallbladder when the native suppresses anger for a long time. There is also the danger of obesity due to psychosomatic reasons: the desire to appear larger and more significant.

Quickons Mars-Jupiter, personal life and synastry

The owners of the aspect strive to earn the approval and admiration of the opposite sex, but unlike the Quinceons of Venus, where the inferiority complex was closed through an emphasis on external beauty and creative talents, they seek support in social status. For example, they believe that they will not start a family until they are able to fully provide for it and be an example of courage and success for future children.

Sometimes their bar is so high that they themselves devalue their achievements, abandon relationships in favor of a career, but having taken one height, they immediately plan a new one, and there is no time left for a family.

Internal reliance on themselves and refusal of approval from the outside will help them stop. Then there will be freedom of choice. Otherwise, you will have to earn someone else’s support again and again, be afraid of rejection and suppress your sexuality for the sake of invented ideals.

In the negative version, the Mars-Jupiter quincunx attracts partners who seem to knock the chair out from under the native, depriving him of calmness and confidence. They may not take seriously his hobbies and doubt the truth of the successes that he is proud of. This will happen until a person is freed from dependence on someone else’s opinion.

In the synastry, the quincunx Mars-Jupiter symbolizes a successful joint business and business union, when the spouses achieve their goals together.

How to work out the Mars-Jupiter Quikons

It is important to realize: does getting a high social status really bring happiness, or does it close the need to be an important person that no one dares to offend.

Very often, the owners of the Mars-Jupiter quincunx find their true calling in pedagogy. These are excellent teachers of schools, universities, as well as sports coaches, who surprisingly combine incessant intellectual development and good physical shape.

If you suppress your ambitions, or carry them out from the promise of fear of rejection, then negative emotions are transformed into excess weight.

Success also awaits a person in the field of medicine, where the need to help and do good is perfectly worked out, but megalomania and the feeling of being right in any situation must be avoided. It is very important for a native to see the results of his work, but monotonous work is not for him, the main thing is to go towards the goal through innovation and creativity.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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