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Quickons Mercury-Mars: Warrior-Thinker

Quickons is a temporary karmic loop. If it is formed by personal planets, it can turn on quite early, in contrast to the contact of higher ones. The confrontation between the trine and the opposition bubbles in it , prompting the native to work through internal conflicts and fears in order to reach the creative individual manifestation of the aspect in those houses where the planets stand.

Mars is considered a malefic and therefore it is he who carries the negative charge of the quincunx, and Mercury is forced to harmonize the bursts of his impulsive incontinence. Therefore, much depends on the level of awareness of the native. Most often, the reputation and knowledge of the native suffer from his actions. He may be a well-read and erudite person, but an explosive temperament, aggressiveness and haste create a false impression.

Character and health with Mercury-Mars Quinceon

All Quicons owners are united by the desire to take on other people’s problems, but if aspects with the Moon awaken an incomprehensible feeling of guilt that prompts them to rush to help others, then thanks to Mercury, the native understands perfectly well that something is not entirely logical when he discovers that he has been dumped the most difficult tasks. However, he cannot resist the temptation to prove that he is strong and can handle it. A person suffers from the injustice of the situation within himself, but begins to courageously overcome the problem. Depending on the position of Mars and the level of development of the native, 2 options are possible: tempering the character and achieving success, even at the cost of walls broken by the forehead, or disruption of aggression and irritation to the whole world, which is not able to appreciate its merits.

The holders of the Mercury-Mars quincunx simply crave admiration and approval. Women especially need them, otherwise their energy is spent on purely masculine exploits in their careers, rivalry and conflicts with the stronger sex instead of healthy relationships, especially if Venus, the Moon and the Sun are in fire signs.

The native is very impressed by the service of a great idea. For complete happiness, he needs to feel that he is performing an important mission for the benefit of the fatherland and the people around him. However, this is not a performing soldier; it is important for him to take an active intellectual part in this activity. The ideal choice of profession would be to work in surgery, especially in military and sports fields, when you need to operate quickly and save people from sudden injuries.

The nervous mind of the native does not give rest to his legs, prompting him to constant activity, but this is precisely what leads to emotional burnout and sudden exhaustion of the body for no apparent reason. Sometimes you need to give yourself the opportunity to passively rest.

Quickons Mercury-Mars, personal life and synastry

The aspect promotes passionate love if it affects the 5th and 7th houses. In other cases, the opposite sex causes two desires: to serve or to compete. It comes from a burning need for admiration, unsatisfied in childhood. The native falls in love quickly and passionately, but not through physical attraction. The mind and intellectual achievements of a partner are more important to him than appearance. In life, situations often happen when you need to choose between a beautiful, but empty person and a smart, but with a complex character.

The native himself underestimates himself, considering him less gifted and developed than his partner, although objectively this may not be the case. The feeling of one’s unworthiness gives rise to inner anger at a life partner, and at the same time, a desire to serve him, so as not to leave him.

In addition, people are karmically attracted, forcing the native to prove his love again and again through various extravagant acts, which also undermines relationships from the inside. You need to look for a partner with whom you can feel on an equal footing and work together towards a great goal, as well as lead an active lifestyle, because calm monotony is not for the native.

How to work out the Mars-Mercury Quikons

The owner of the card will have to admit that he is behaving thoughtlessly and impulsively, and learn to restrain himself when he wants to express something sharp and caustic against offenders or superiors. This is especially true for women, because the Mercury-Mars quincunx magnetically attracts difficult men to them, in relations with whom they must realize their intrinsic value, but not through open confrontation and verbal conflicts, but through well-placed personal boundaries, which cannot be violated under any circumstances. what circumstances.

Such women always have a strong temptation to hurt their companion with a more painful word, and then they wonder why not only an insult, but also a blow arrives in response. The other side is complete submission and loss of one’s individuality.

Men with a Mercury-Mars Quinceon also need to watch their words, avoid rude skirmishes, dump excess aggression in single sports.

Since the cornerstone of the aspect is the word, compensator goes through active public speaking. Such people become good entertainers, actors, press secretaries.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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