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Quickons Mercury – Neptune: psychic talent

It is believed that the quincunx brings into the life of the native the hesitations and fears of the opposition , while at the same time the positive influence of the trine , in a strange way combining both directions. A person is given opportunities to prove himself, reach his destination, develop his talent, receive life’s blessings, but he is hindered by his own indecision and fear of failure. If he hides in the shadows, the aspect begins to teach him through repeated events, prompting him to cast aside fears and enter the arena of open struggle with the problem. Therefore, it is extremely important from an early age to develop talents along the line of planets affecting the houses united by the quincunx.

Neptune is the highest planet, which not only gives creative abilities, but also confuses the practical, purposeful Mercury . The native is gifted with a bright creative mind, but it is difficult for him to convey his ideas clearly and clearly to people, and because of this he often suffers from lack of recognition and loneliness. The most important gift, extrasensory perception, will help him to reach the highest level of the aspect.

Character and health at quinceon Mercury-Neptune

The planet of reason is in a powerful dependence on Neptunian power. The unconscious rules the mind and a person is often guided by emotions and momentary desires. Sometimes this is not bad, because he can impulsively make the right decision, but if Mercury is in a water sign, or Neptune in the earth element, the voice of intuition is blocked by fears and anxieties. It is easy for a person to confuse his head, to promise from three boxes, to substitute in such a way that he will not even notice that he has become a victim of deception.

Moreover, situations of this kind will be repeated until he learns the Mercurial skill of taking into account all the details. This is not easy, because the native cannot stand routine work, even if it is an analysis of the cause-and-effect relationships of an event.

This is a charming holiday person who only wants to create and do the pleasant side of things: perform, draw, dance, but does not want to rehearse and solve organizational issues.

Owners of the Mercury-Neptune quincunx are very gullible precisely because of the influence of the blue planet. They believe that all people are naturally kind and sympathetic, and are very surprised when they are robbed or return evil for a favor. The lesson of the aspect is to develop the habit of looking at others soberly, without intoxication with illusions and fantasies.

All diseases of the native, as a rule, have a psychosomatic origin. He feels guilty about not being able to make this or that dream a reality, he promises more than he can do, so as not to destroy his ideal image of a wizard and lucky, and then he is tormented by remorse. This causes an overstrain of the nervous system, vascular disease, hypertension and sleep disturbances.

However, worrying about various burning issues, the native easily gets the right answer in dreams, and also has the makings of an energy healer, which manifests itself in stressful events. A person may not suspect that he can heal with his hands or mental energy until he is injured or begins to fervently pray for the recovery of a relative. However, this gift also contains some danger. The native unconsciously materializes his fears and negative experiences.

Quickons Mercury-Neptune, personal life and synastry

The aspect contributes to the formation of an enthusiastic type of thinking, which indirectly forms excessive emotionality in relations with the opposite sex. Men and women are naturally enthusiastic romantic natures and, having fallen in love, immediately endow the chosen ones with ideal features, according to their idea of what a life partner should be. It is written about them that they themselves are happy to be deceived, justifying any actions and oddities of their loved ones.

In a relationship, they seek to earn approval. The admiration of the opposite sex is necessary for them like air, therefore it is difficult to be faithful here, because a sociable Mercurian with a Neptunian breadth of views on the world has a lot of temptations, since there are many beautiful and interesting people.

If the partner does not give them the admiration that is so necessary for self-confidence, they will get it on the side, and there may not be physical betrayal, because of it there will be a feeling of guilt hated by the native, but by flirting they will please their ego in full.

In the synastry, the quincunx Mercury-Neptune gives intellectual and cultural harmony between partners. They have the same basic life values, tastes, goals, but most importantly, they feel each other as kindred spirits.

How to work out the quincunx Mercury-Neptune

The native has so many fantasies that it is problematic for him to collect them in a consistent system and present them to the public in a winning way. He has the potential of a creator, but given the imbalance between the rolling waves of Neptune and the desire to somehow streamline them, he often does not even start or stops halfway. It is important to realize that such a quincunx is a serious bid for creative success, you just need to start with the study of Mercury. Any ideas that come to mind should be written down and then systematized. It is advisable to break each of them into several points and prescribe specific steps to achieve it.

It’s good when there are true and trusted friends with whom you can talk about your dreams, as well as fears, this also includes the energies of Mercury, but you need to be careful, because voicing the innermost in the company of people untested by time, it’s very easy to get addicted to them. The native should avoid sticking in social networks, and also not get into quarrels and debates with people in a state of intoxication.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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