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Quickons Pluto – Ascendant: the importance of being serious

Pluto symbolizes wars, catastrophes, dark energies, and the Ascendant is responsible for the social mask of a person, the image that he consciously demonstrates to the world, and in which other people unconsciously see him. Quikons himself irritates the native from the inside with the paradox of opposition and trine in simultaneous action, which certainly makes him a strange, unpredictable and dangerous person in the eyes of others.

The fact is that the native feels so vulnerable in relations with other people, especially within the team, that he initially assumes the stern appearance of an impregnable and cruel lone wolf, even if his personal planets speak of a gentle and peaceful character. Throughout his life, constant crises and upheavals associated with appearance and personal relationships await him, but he likes it even more. The calm rhythm of existence provokes irritability, nervousness and unmotivated anger.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Pluto Ascendant

It is difficult for a native to perceive colleagues at work, friends, relatives, and even more so bosses, as potential sources of positive emotions. On the contrary, he takes them too seriously, unconsciously suspecting that they have too much power. This is where the Quicons paradox comes into full force – the native wants to be loved and popular, but he runs away from close ties, locking himself under his mask of a lonely and independent gray cardinal out of fear of dependence on other people.

This gives rise to an internal conflict, because initially a person is endowed with ambition, charisma, leadership skills and financial instinct, but is afraid to show them so as not to become a hostage to the situation. For example, the owner of the Pluto Ascendant quincunx avoids promotion in order not to sit at work until late, misses the chance to become a star, because he is afraid that the increased attention of the crowd will prevent him from leading his usual lifestyle. At the same time, he dreams exactly about what he is afraid to accept in reality. This behavior is more often characteristic of the owners of the Sun and the Ascendant in air and water signs. Without outside help, it is difficult to break out of this trap, because the quicon gives a feeling of deep vulnerability, and Pluto turns on subconscious fears.

A similar mental discord reflects in appearance. The native prefers dark shades or wears something gray, shapeless and inconspicuous, deliberately extinguishes any bright accents of his appearance. Men can grow bangs and a beard, covering their faces, girls smoothly comb their luxurious hair and hide their figure. At the same time, if you work out internal problems, then the Pluto-Ascendant Quinceon will become that zest or peppercorn that will turn on the individuality of the Ascending sign and make its owner unforgettable.

Prolonged experiences contribute to nervous diseases and lead to neoplasms, so it is important to relax and not take the world too seriously.

Quickons Pluto Ascendant, personal life and synastry

Personal relationships for the native are a dark forest, where he feels like a traveler without a compass. Others often perceive such men and women as a sexual object, or mistakenly believe that they are not interested in anything other than sex. Sometimes, seeing what impression a gray mouse or a modest employee makes on the opposite sex, their enemies deliberately spread rumors about supposedly licentiousness and unscrupulousness, which on the one hand hurts, and on the other serves as a kind of shake-up. In a state of struggle with enemies, men and women with the Pluto Ascendant Quinceon appear lacking courage, personal charm turns on, and they seem to break away from deep fear in an effort to protect their reputation.

For fear of falling under the influence of others, the native imposes his will and the rules of the game in close relationships, be it friendship or love. This fear has deep roots and refers to some kind of generic dramas. For example, a great-grandmother was at the mercy of her tyrant husband, or a great-grandfather languished in captivity. The native tries to avoid any addiction and, despite being very amorous, rarely shows his feelings except in sex. This is also related to the habit of blaming others for everything.

In the synastry, the quincunx Pluto Ascendant creates an instant attraction, but the owner of the rising sign finds himself in a strong dependence on the Plutonian, who can both help him become famous and rich, and destroy his personality.

How to Work out the Quince Pluto Ascendant

It is important to find a balance between tyranny and initial sacrifice, and also to realize that intimacy is not a prison, but a fruitful union. A little sex appeal in appearance will make a person more visible to the world and opportunities, the main thing is not to cross the line, but gray and black hoodies, on the contrary, will symbolically close favorable prospects. It is necessary to open along the line of Pluto, but taking into account the specifics of the sign on the Ascendant. If this is Leo, Capricorn or Aries, you need to take the reins of government into your own hands, and it is better for Virgo or Pisces to be subordinate, but one that cannot be replaced.

Internal suppressed aggression can contribute to physical injury in the crowd, so it is not desirable for the native to be inside it when he is in a bad mood, and it is also worth visiting a psychologist regularly to help him cope with codependency and do regular fight with his own shadow. For the full development of the quincunx Pluto-Ascendant, it is also important to harmoniously manifest the qualities of the opposite sign on the Descendant.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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