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Quickons Sun-Chiron: indecisive steps to glory

Quickons is a twofold aspect. It has the properties of trine and opposition , which at first glance seems paradoxical and incomprehensible. Here you need to separate the levels of influence. Trine creates favorable circumstances along the line of planets in the affairs of those houses where they are located. A person is lucky again and again, but if he has complexes and fears in the spheres of action of the quincunx, then he simply misses a lucky coincidence, refuses to succeed. Therefore, it is very important to immediately work out any tension of the participants in the aspect, especially if they are involved in more tangible squares or oppositions with other personal planets.

The Quickons of the Sun with Chiron is a very subtle energy and it is difficult to grasp exactly when it manifests itself. An asteroid with the name of a centaur gives the talent of a healer, actor, musician, but if you do not develop it, then it will manifest itself as a sudden insight or flash at a difficult moment in life, unexpectedly for the native himself. On the part of the opposition, the aspect gives indecision, combined with the need to constantly change something in your life.

Character and health with the Quince Sun-Chiron

A person in certain periods of life gets a chance to fly high, to light his Sun for a wide social circle through the secret knowledge of Chiron. This planetoid endows the wards with artistry, flexibility of thinking, the ability to heal, esotericism, and most importantly, an excellent sense of humor. Variants of the manifestation of the Quikons Sun-Chiron are extensive:

  • the ability to quickly gain confidence in an influential person and win him over through jokes, support, quick help;
  • impress others by performing on stage or curing a complex disease thanks to alternative medicine: herbs, acupuncture, Reiki;
  • become the leader of esoteric movements, using a casual acquaintance, or the hobby develops into an occupation that brings glory to the Sun.

In any case, a picture emerges when, through something unusual and non-standard, a person moves to a leading position in life and gets everything he dreamed of, if, of course, he dares to do so at all, because in addition to the luck of the trine, the energy of the opposition is also used.

For example, a person works as a doctor and is embarrassed to announce to colleagues that he has psychic abilities or that he studies the healing properties of herbs and successfully puts it into practice. The same thing happens when a native who dreams of acting in films or performing on stage is suddenly offered to do so. It would seem that this is happiness, but a person begins to reflect, worries about how it will be perceived by friends, scrolls fears of failure in his head. Despite a bright sense of humor, the owner of the Quicon Sun-Chiron is very afraid of seeming ridiculous, so he refuses to take risks so that no one laughs at him.

The aspect often prompts to change the place of residence, and there, in a new place where no one knows him, the native is able to decide to take on a new role and fulfill his dreams. If Chiron is in the 12th house, the native can become an adherent of esoteric communities or spy organizations.

Quickons Sun-Chiron, personal life and synastry

It is easy for a native to charm any person. This is helped by artistry and the ability to feel the mood, and sometimes even the thoughts of the interlocutor. The only problem is deciding on it. These people are always insecure and often look for the best, not realizing that it is the enemy of the good. A person is either embarrassed to be the first to approach the object of passion or, having charmed him, begins to think that perhaps he needs a partner that is much more interesting, more beautiful, more charismatic, and thereby misses a happy chance. Most often, it is necessary that someone introduce the owner of the Sun-Chiron quicon to the person they like, and then the magic of the aspect and the personal charm of the native will work.

At the lower and middle levels of development, manipulation of the feelings and talents of a partner is not excluded, when the owner of the horoscope simply forces the other to help him in moving towards goals, using his connections or popularity. Most of the time, this is how women behave.

If the quincunx between the Sun and Chiron occurs in the synastry, then everything is much more complicated. The owner of Chiron will most likely make fun of the values and the very personality of the partner, want to manage his resources, constantly teach from above. A positive influence is possible only with a high level of spirituality of the owner of Chiron and a strong Sun of his partner.

How to work out the quickons Sun-Chiron

The native should decide what is really important for him in the affairs of those houses where the participants of the aspect stand, and then, when fate makes it possible to get what he wants, consciously overcome internal resistances and boldly declare himself. With this aspect, you often just have to grit your teeth and jump into the cold water of new opportunities without insurance, it’s not for nothing that Chiron patronizes circus performers and magicians. Only in this way will a corridor of favorable circumstances for the manifestation of the Sun open. Since most often good events happen thanks to the secret hobbies of the native: astrology, magic, alternative medicine, you need to develop along these lines. The native intuitively feels what interests him, but under the influence of his father, who can be a pragmatic and tough figure, he often refuses them. In a good variant, it is the father who teaches him the secret wisdom, thanks to which he then succeeds in the most unexpected way. Therefore, when meeting influential people, it will not be superfluous to find out if they have common secret hobbies in order to immediately create a chironic springboard for sunny friendship and cooperation.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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