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Quickons Sun – MS (Midheaven Meridian): in pursuit of success

Interest in the minor aspect of the Quinceon arose simultaneously with the understanding that the willpower and intentions of a person can correct certain points in the natal chart. In ancient times, astrologers believed that the destinies of the stars cannot be changed, and if the quincunx creates conflicts and problems, you just need to accept them as they are. Especially if the question concerned women’s cards, because their owners are used to obey and humble themselves. Modern specialists understand that in order to harmonize the tension of the energies of the trine and opposition, concluded in the aspect, a person needs to try to realize the potential of different planets in practice. Most often, the quikons creates favorable circumstances for the realization of the participants in the aspect, but the internal contradictions of the native hinder the development of events. If we consider a rather rare quincunx between the Sun and the MC, contradictions will arise in matters of career, destiny and relationships with parents.

Character and health with quiconce Sun-MS

The native really wants not only to succeed in life, but to become famous for centuries. At a low level of development, without the development of a quincunx, this can lead to the glory of Herostratus. The fact is that the aspect contains internal resistance to getting what you want, especially if the Sun is in earth signs and has many quadratures and oppositions with the Moon and Saturn. This means that the native was brought up in strictness and restrictions, which greatly limits his worldview. Sometimes he simply does not believe that he can get what he wants and instead of a simple path, he chooses climbing a mountain with obstacles, proving to everyone that success must be earned.

Indeed, luck can elude him for a long time, but if you choose a goal and clearly go towards it, then fame and recognition will not be temporary, but permanent.

However, it is with constancy that the native has problems. He has been given a lot: various talents in the affairs of houses and signs, where the Sun and the Meridian of the Midheaven stand, but he is sprayed, cannot choose one direction, tries himself in different areas, cools down, starts everything from scratch. You need to live this period in your school years, and then make a choice, otherwise, with all the excellent initial data, a person will remain an unrealized middle peasant who asserts himself by destroying or criticizing the achievements of other people. It is easier for people with a predominance of trines between personal planets to find their way, however, the presence of quadratures can create sports anger – achieve your goal at all costs.

The native should pay attention to the profession of the mother or develop those talents that she had in her family. The father will also play a key role in self-determination and the choice of destiny, only whether it will be thanks to his blessing or against his will, additional aspects of the Sun and the state of the 4th house will show.

The health of the native depends on his attitude towards his mission. If the destination is found, and he burns with his profession and desire to create, then no viruses can interfere with him. However, strong feelings due to unfulfillment may include psychosomatics or attract negative events, especially if there is Saturn near the MC.

Quickons Sun-MS, personal life and synastry

The aspect attracts karmic relationships, and in this case, a person meets partners with whom there used to be friction about a career, destiny, self-determination in society. Depending on the position of the Sun and its additional aspect, they could be enemies, competitors, or allies on the way to the goal. Now they have to solve long-standing problems and find a common language, however, one way or another, conflicts will arise on the topic of the 10th house, where the MS is located. In the female map, situations are quite possible when the husband wants her to stay at home instead of professional growth, and in the male one, on the contrary, it means looking for a partner with whom there will be not only romantic, but also business relations. Often this aspect creates recurring situations of falling in love with the boss.

Quickons Sun-MS in the synastry is a rather complicated aspect. Each of the partners will experience a repetition of some situation from the past. They need to find a way out that will suit both and at the same time be able to cure the bumps stuffed in the past. For example, with the help of the second half, you need to gain self-confidence and reach your destination. Sometimes a meeting with a karmic partner generally changes the attitude towards the profession and you finally want to do the new business of your dreams, together with a like-minded person who shares the same interests.

How to work out the Quickons Sun-MS

The native will find peace only when he receives recognition from society. However, this will not happen if he does not reduce the excessive importance of this event. Only when he begins to take fame lightly and simply enjoys the fulfillment of his destiny, he will receive admiration, recognition and popularity. Otherwise, the whole life will turn into a rainbow chase.

A native may have conflicts with parents who do not accept his choice of profession or when they initially chose his university and future. But in fact, with the Sun-MC Quicon, it makes sense to listen to them. It is likely that they intuitively feel the purpose of their child, especially if it corresponds to the theme of the sign of the 10th house. Women may have conflicts and misunderstandings with their mother-in-law. Here, on the contrary, you need to listen to your inner voice.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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