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Quickons Sun-Saturn Steeplechase

Quickons is a complex and ambiguous aspect. It combines the qualities of trine and opposition. A person repeatedly gets the opportunity to show himself and change his fate for the better, but because of internal contradictions, he does not always decide on this. The problem is that the planets in this aspect are in dissonance, in signs that do not see each other. If the native does not understand how to combine the highest qualities of both participants in the quincunx in achieving goals on the topics of the houses where they stand, then instead of the flow of luck of the trine, he will receive the tension of the opposition.

Saturn is the only planet that severely limits, literally freezes the Sun. It is doubly difficult for the owners of this aspect to catch a positive wave, because when recurring situations come where you have to take the bull by the horns, then unlike other quinces, here you need to overcome Saturnian obstacles and correct your own misdeeds before the planet of karma.

Character and health with the quincunx Sun-Saturn

The native is given a strong character, perseverance in achieving goals that light up his Sun. Everything that is connected with professional realization and manifestation in this world fills it with internal energy.

The main thing is not just to dream about realizing your ambitions, but to immediately make a plan and prepare to overcome difficulties. This is the secret of Saturn. Any aspect with him involves receiving a reward only after passing the tests, but the result will remain for a long time. Much depends on the strength of the Sun. If it is in Libra or Aquarius, then it will be more difficult for a person to organize himself, unless he is supported by a strong Mars, especially when he is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.

If the planet of karma and order is initially in exile or fall, then a person may subconsciously consider himself unworthy of a high salary, position and respect in principle, and he will give all his best, but will not receive a return. Quickons is a karmic aspect, perhaps in a past life the native violated the law of justice and balance and now unconsciously awaits punishment for his misdeeds. With the predominance of tense aspects in the map, its owner is prone to self-flagellation and does not know how to refuse, and excessive caution prevents him from immediately seizing the chance given by fate and boldly declaring his right to success.

The native often undermines health due to excessive zeal and diligence at work. In pursuit of the ideal result, he periodically literally forgets about food and sleep, which has long-term consequences for the nervous system.

Quickons Sun-Saturn, personal life and synastry

When analyzing a chart, one should pay attention to the strength of Venus, the Moon, Mars and Mercury. If they are harmonious, then the quincunx will remind of itself for periods, without obvious influence. For example, a person will begin to exercise his power in a marriage or relationship, setting clear boundaries, or especially highlight a specific part of life where a partner cannot enter. Most of the time it’s about work. The native says that he will spend as much time as necessary in the office, and there is no need to interfere with this. If at the same time the Moon of a woman or a man is in Virgo or Capricorn, then this is an avid workaholic who does not care about family holidays.

In addition, he acutely perceives failures in the professional field, and if the Sun-Saturn Quinceon regularly recreates exactly this in his life, then personal relationships will suffer from depression and emotional burnout of the cardholder, regardless of gender. This is especially true for the owners of Saturn in the signs of water. The air and fire sectors give the necessary charge of sports anger and the native is not so stingy with the expression of emotions.

In the synastry, the quincunx Sun-Saturn leads to outbreaks of falling in love with people older than themselves, and can also portend a marriage of convenience, and it will be very difficult to terminate it later. With this aspect, the partner in whose house Saturn enters will endure restrictions and harassment from the spouse, but not constantly, but only in certain matters. For example, a woman will not be allowed to wear dresses with a revealing neckline, and a man will have to give up beer when watching football matches. Also, the partner with Saturn tends to load his solar satellite with a huge amount of homework.

How to work out the quincunx Sun-Saturn

The most important thing is to determine the level of self-worth. The problem of the native is pride. Moreover, it appears only in the area that is important to him. Most often this is work, but houses where the planets of the aspect stand can be involved. Due to inadequate self-perception and confidence that the benefit they bring is much higher than recognition, the native may begin to behave inappropriately like Comrade Novoseltsev from the movie “Office Romance”, hence conflicts with superiors and friction with colleagues.

If it seems that the management deprives of some benefits and underestimates the value of labor, you need to sit down and carefully describe all your achievements, pros and cons in order to understand whether there really is a problem or just offended pride.

You can’t let other people sit on your neck, but at the same time, if the service doesn’t bother you, you can help disinterestedly, which will also soften Saturn.

It is important to include rest in your schedule. It is useful to go to the mountains or just go in for sports walking, as well as develop sensuality through massage with aromatic oils.

A native needs to expand the boundaries of his world, not to close himself in a house or office, learn to boldly communicate with a variety of people, and through diligence, self-confidence and calmness, go to a high position in the Sun.

In terms of health, more attention should be paid to the condition of the vessels, bones, teeth and stomach, because they suffer primarily due to the suppressed conflicts of the native.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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