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Quickons Uranus – Ascendant: the birth of a new star

The minor karmic aspect is like a thorn under the skin. It delivers an unbearable desire to bring the problem to light, solve it and realize their talents through overcoming difficulties. The main action takes place in those houses where there are planets that form a quincunx, but it can join more powerful aspects of the horoscope, strengthening them, regardless of their negative or positive direction. Through the discomfort of the quickon, the native enters the main karmic task of the North Node, so his clues cannot be ignored. They are expressed in recurring events that are hard to miss.

Quickons Uranus-Ascendant will definitely not be in the background in the life of the native, because it directly concerns his personality, appearance, style of behavior in society. If there are no brighter aspects, it is he who will create the social mask of a person. This will be the image of a creative and restless rebel, a violator of the rules and the creator of his own unique world.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Uranus-Ascendant

The main driving force and motivation of the native is the need to be admired. It is she who sits like a aching thorn in her head and does not give rest. If Venus is also weak, the native comes up with various ingenious moves to impress others with his originality, but his heart is closed, which means that the thirst for attention from any society will never be satisfied.

With a strong planet of love, the need for applause and universal recognition is even stronger, but here the fear of criticism already appears. Constant doubts about his own professionalism, envy of more successful and punchy people are pushing him to extravagant acts, if only he was noticed.

A person lives in constant emotional and physical stress, which can be relieved in an environmentally friendly way only through creativity, and for this you need to discard fears and go out to the public with a naked soul. It is easier for a native to appear naked on the cover of a magazine than to open the heart chakra and show the world his unique artistic vision or invention.

At a low level of development, stress relief goes through fast driving in any vehicle, skydiving, extreme sports associated with height. This can be hazardous to health, especially if there are additional negative aspects to Mars or Saturn.

The style of clothing is also partly shaped by the influence of the quincunx Uranus-Ascendant. The native intentionally dresses contrary to fashion or exaggerates its trends beyond recognition. Depending on the position of Venus, this may be an adherent of an informal style like emo or punk, or the owner of the horoscope positions himself as an alien. Rising Aquarius rebels most brightly. Pisces is more likely to choose the image of a hippie, but Taurus, Virgo and Capricorns can simply be distinguished by their lack of style and dress inconspicuously, discreetly, comfortably, even if they go to an official reception at the palace, and this will also be a kind of protest.

Due to the influence of Uranus on the Ascendant, the native will always annoy others, and it’s not just the outward position of the white crow. Such people are always trying to improve any system they get into, to introduce innovative technologies into processes that are familiar to everyone, and therefore they quickly make enemies.

Quickons Uranus Ascendant, personal life and synastry

The main relationships in the life of a native are his friends. Of course, you need to look at the entire map as a whole and take into account the axis of 1-7 houses , the Moon , Mars , Venus and the connections between them, however, it is the friends and a certain retinue of close associates that basically satisfy the need for admiration, so more attention should be paid to the 11th house and its ruler.

If the native has no friends, then even having a permanent partner will not give him a sense of self-confidence as a creator and a self-sufficient person. In no case should such a person be prevented from attending parties, discos, meetings with classmates.

Most often, women with the quincunx Uranus Ascendant suffer from this, because after marriage they face the displeasure of their husband about bold experiments with clothing and free leisure. They also need to create, soar in the collective flow of people, communicate and bathe in admiration. If at the same time the North Node is in Aquarius, then marriage can be very difficult, or you need a partner with similar views.

Quickons Uranus Ascendant in the synastry leads to a revision of the value system and lifestyle of both partners. It can be a relationship against the rules, society, family settings, with an absolutely inappropriate person, but in the end they bring both the couple and their environment to a new level of consciousness.

How to work out the quincunx Uranus Ascendant

In an effort to be a bright star, one must not lose a sense of proportion. The native needs to develop artistic taste and understanding of style, because even a grotesque-futuristic image can be presented beautifully without becoming an object of ridicule. In any team, you need to immediately make friends and create a support group, from school to work.

Creativity is the key to success and health, because it is relaxation and entry into the resource at the same time. However, it will be better to develop your creative ideas in secret, not to rush to share with others until you are sure that they will definitely work as they should.

In a relationship, one should work out personal egoism and also think about the interests of one’s partner, because the Uranian coldness and fixation on one’s own improvement can be the cause of loneliness in old age.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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