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Quickons Uranus – Neptune: the search for a compromise

Quickons is a karmic aspect, but not fatal. It manifests itself through the secondary circumstances of life, but without their harmonization it will be difficult to maintain spiritual harmony and peace in the affairs of houses that are affected by the planets. In life, the same situations are repeated, as if the opposition is involved, but the purpose of the time loop is to bring the native to the level of a trine between the participants of the Quicons. Higher planets do not appear in the life of the native immediately, more often in the second half, and affect more the sphere of feelings and the subconscious, which, in turn, already influence the motives of actions.

Uranus in this reading is constantly pushing to find a compromise between the desire to bend under the changing world and the desire to destroy all restrictions in the bud. It is very difficult for the holder of the Uranus-Neptune quincunx to resist the protest. A hippie by nature, he is largely forced to adapt to the norms generally accepted in society, which leads to the suppression of conflicts raging in the soul, and, consequently, the psychosomatics of diseases or alcohol addiction, unless it is transferred to the level of creativity.

Character, fate and health under the quince Uranus-Neptune

Uranus is always about speed and unpredictability, and Neptune is about breadth and depth. An endless raging ocean of ideas, thoughts and fantasies reigns in the soul of the native. Depending on the power of the Sun and the manifestation of Mercury, a person will either save people by all means at his disposal, or vice versa, he will become a selfish idealist who every day frees the earth from enemies only in his dreams, but in reality he simply does not want to complicate his life, but especially taking responsibility for saving strangers.

Neptune and Uranus manifest themselves in different ways in Quince. The first one seems to hide the karmic essence of the aspect from the native, clouds the mind with high ideals that are difficult to implement in real life, and the second one pushes for impulsive, drastic actions in the name of these ideas. Such a person can assure everyone that he is a pacifist and a Christian, calling for forgiveness of enemies, but in a collision with a real enemy, he will unexpectedly take a machine gun and riddle all the attackers. The same applies to more mundane situations: a girl dreams of unearthly love like in novels, in order to live in perfect harmony, but marries the first person she meets, simply because she wanted to experience marriage as an adventure.

The native is keenly aware of injustice on a large scale worldwide, such as racial discrimination or poor living conditions of the lower social strata, and seeks to change this through Neptunian and Uranian talents. These are military photojournalists, TV journalists who reveal the harsh truth in their reports, writers, directors and even politicians, if there are also additional indicators in the natal chart.

Worries about the fate of the world have a detrimental effect on the state of the nervous system, and pressure can also jump strongly, to the point that a person cannot control his state of mind: if he is worried, his mouth or eyes twitch, tears involuntarily flow.

Quickons Neptune-Uranus, personal life and synastry

Aspect repeatedly creates situations when a person literally falls in love like in a fairy tale right off the bat, to the point of dizziness and butterflies in the stomach, believing that this is the love of a lifetime. It is good if the card contains indications of a happy marriage, and then a truly fateful meeting will turn out to be the beginning of a prosperous family history.

It can be even more difficult – Neptune clouds critical thinking, Uranus requires an immediate reunion with a loved one, and if there are obstacles, then the native commits extravagant acts in the spirit of the main characters of Romeo and Juliet, because it seems that no one is stronger than this feeling and more necessary than this partner and never will.

When the fog clears, the owner of the Neptune-Uranus quincunx looks at what happened in shock, not understanding how he could act so inadequately, destroy a stable life and relationships with his parents, for example, if they were against this connection, which happens very often, because the native is passionately inclined fall in love with creative freedom-loving individuals without a stake and a yard, with revolutionary views on life.

If the aspect is not worked out, the Quicons can create a temptation to romance on the side when the marriage is boring, and then suddenly an exotic and mysterious person appears on the horizon.

In the synastry, the quincunx Neptune-Uranus is a sign of a creative union, when partners help each other to discover new facets of talent and expand the boundaries of the possible up to the materialization of what was previously considered science fiction.

How to work out the Neptune-Uranus quincunx

The aspect of the higher planets is almost impossible to work out, it is closely connected with the general energy picture of the era, and the native needs to be able to find his niche. The most important thing is to understand how it will be possible to alleviate the fate of the unfortunate in the most environmentally friendly and blissful way, which corresponds to the highest floor of Neptune, and then act according to your unique talents, revealing yourself along the line of Uranus.

We need to get rid of the feeling of guilt for political and social injustice against countries and peoples and ground ourselves through practical actions: volunteer work, charity, even just helping disabled neighbors. In love, it is also important not to lose your head, but to soberly assess compatibility with a partner. This will help the study of astrological synastry.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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