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Quickons Uranus – Pluto: jump over the abyss

The Quicons of the higher planets in childhood and adolescence are almost invisible. They turn on as they grow older and realize cause-and-effect relationships. There are some examples of how the aspects of Uranus and Pluto contribute to the child getting into unexpected traumatic situations, due to which the worldview changes and the person begins to go purposefully towards the fulfillment of the karmic task, but there are most likely additional risk factors.

However, the Uranus-Pluto quincunx requires special attention if it affects the 1-7 and 2-8 house axis. The fact is that it promotes envy. The native first admires role models, then tries to repeat their path, and if the experience is unsuccessful, he begins to hate former idols just as passionately. The problem is that not being prepared enough, but risking Uranus, he does himself great harm up to falling into the abyss, figuratively or literally.

Character, fate and health with the quince Uranus-Pluto

The main problem of the aspect is the feeling of one’s uselessness and helplessness in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand. They are both related to destruction in one way or another. Only in the sphere of Pluto does it occur regardless of the desire of the native, due to karmic debts, in order to shake the person, and in the Uranus sector, the person himself does not accept the rules and goes on the rampage to remove irritants and do everything to his liking. So it turns out that the midlife crisis will certainly make itself felt. There is a feeling that everything is tired, you need to move in the direction of true interests, even if it does not bring money and destroys the usual stability.

At this stage, it is very important to cure the Moon and pump over your Sun, because if there are problems with them, the native will never decide to leave the comfort zone himself until Pluto throws him out of there, and without a resource it is no longer possible to take off to the stars.

Often, the owner of the quincunx Uranus-Pluto is initially shackled by circumstances of a global scale: he lives in a war zone, becomes a victim of political changes or repression, financial restrictions. He needs to immediately act quickly and boldly in order to break free, but he gets used to the feeling of captivity and helplessness, believing that he cannot change anything, or he acts desperately, without a plan, like Raskolnikov, taking an ax and winning back his pennies with a fight, instead wise and systematic exit to financial freedom. It is very important for the mission of the native to free himself and his space.

These people are not only talented programmers, psychologists and astrologers, they are also able to come up with new financial instruments and systems that can free people all over the world from banking slavery, especially if this resonates with the mission of the North Node and 10th house in the native’s horoscope.

The health of the native is directly related to the state of his psyche. Suppressed conflicts and stresses cause neoplasms, so it is important to be honest with yourself, and most importantly, get rid of the feeling of helplessness.

Quickons Uranus-Pluto, personal life and synastry

The quikons of the higher planets will not directly affect relationships, however, it can contribute to acquaintances with a karmic partner, especially if the axis of 1-7 houses is affected. Such meetings are always unexpected and cause deep feelings from the first time. The feeling that this person has always been close and dear.

There are definitely pitfalls here. Charming and different from the personalities surrounding the native before, a person suddenly becomes a source of transformational changes. There may be options, the harbinger of which is the events of the first months after they met. If there are layoffs, breakdowns, losses, then the relationship will be associated with the destruction of the usual stereotypes of thinking. Sometimes it’s impossible to do without it, because having run away from one such partner, men and women with the Uranus-Pluto quincunx meet a similar one until they work out the position of the victim in their lives. This is the Quicons time loop. Only by purposefully changing psychological attitudes, you can attract a wise and truly strong partner.

Quickons Uranus-Pluto in the synastry has a similar effect. It includes many fears in relationships, the struggle for personal boundaries and freedom of expression, while one of the partners is financially dependent on the other and is afraid to go free swimming. However, sometimes you have to close your eyes and jump into the unknown.

How to work out the quicon Uranus-Pluto

Interestingly, the psychological state of the owners of the aspect directly depends on the economy of the country of residence. Default and inflation just knock the ground out from under your feet, including the trauma of helplessness. Therefore, it is in the case of the Uranus-Pluto quincunx that it is important to study the work of financial instruments, invest, at worst, have an airbag of financial security.

If a person shares his insights and achievements through a blog, he will remove the Uranian tension, since Uranus is connected to the Internet, and increase his sense of self-importance. The ideal option is to teach how to get out of the financial crisis in a personal online course.

It is also important to deeply study the psychology of relationships, understanding what role in the future it is necessary to play in personal and social relations. The native was created for managerial positions, although initially he may not even realize this due to deep self-doubt and the instability of the political situation, but you need to go in this direction.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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