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Quickons Jupiter – Neptune: in dreams of creativity

Neptune has a peculiar influence on the quicons, acting like an anesthetic in the event of any obstacles and problems. By itself, the minor karmic aspect does not appear in the life of the native immediately, but only during a period of strong emotional stress and in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, and if one of them is the highest, then it can turn on only in adulthood. The abundance of negative configurations in the horoscope will make the quincunx work as an opposition , and positive ones will turn it into a trine , however, internal vulnerability and vulnerability will remain.

Quickons Jupiter-Neptune teaches a person to distinguish reality from fiction. The native ignores problems and internal fears instead of solving them. He dreams of immediately becoming a superhero from his dreams, but is not in the mood to work and overcome obstacles. These are the classic rescuers from the codependency triangle, only they interfere in the affairs of others without asking permission.

Character, health and fate with the quincunx Jupiter-Neptune

In most cases, the emotions, intellectual and creative abilities of the native are in complete imbalance. This is due to the intoxicating Neptunian influence, which allows you to find explanations for your own procrastination, inaction and fears, but deprives you of a sober view of reality.

If the owner of the horoscope has many trines, then in his youth it is easy for him to achieve what he wants, as if the higher powers themselves present him with the fulfillment of his cherished dreams on a silver platter. Usually, after 30 years, everything begins to crumble, and then the Quicons reminds of himself through the fear of remaining unknown and unclaimed, but the person continues to wait for a sign from above, divine help, instead of rolling up his sleeves and getting down to business.

If the Sun, Mercury and Mars (and Venus in women) are strong and harmonious, then under the influence of the quincunx Jupiter-Neptune, the native seeks to become the protector of the offended and the savior of the world within his influence. Sometimes he takes on a mountain of other people’s duties, not understanding where this feeling of guilt came from, that if he does not save the wards, they will die. It will torment him until he realizes that this is the call of the collective unconscious from past incarnations, and now his task is to become a famous person, thanks to his personal creative talents, and not to push others up.

By learning to be an example of success in the creative profession, he will bring more benefits than working as an errand apprentice.

At a low level of development, a person shies away from physical work, complains about any load and is afraid to show creativity, so that, God forbid, not to seem ridiculous. Stress, he seizes junk food or even drinks alcohol to relieve excess stress. Intense guilt and unfulfilled anger at the world is often a psychosomatic trigger for liver and gallbladder disease.

Quickons Jupiter-Neptune, personal life and synastry

If the aspect affects personal homes, then it creates too strong illusory expectations in intimate relationships. These are women’s dreams of a prince on a white horse who will rush in and solve all problems, and men’s fantasies of a wife who is beautiful in appearance and at the same time has useful connections in society.

In a positive variant, for their part, the owners of the Jupiter-Neptune quincunx are ready to bless the warmth and attention of their partner, but they are always overly intrusive in an effort to help, and if they have the Sun or the Ascendant in Scorpio, or just a strong Pluto, then they are simply deprive a life partner of the opportunity to live their experience, since they take on the solution of not only his problems, but also direct duties, for example, at work, guided by their idea of \u200b\u200bthe happiness of a partner. If he tries to tactfully evade, they are offended.

Affected personal planets and childhood traumas further exacerbate the influence of the aspect. Men and women with the Jupiter-Neptune quincunx go into the world of illusions, presenting a more interesting personality instead of a boring life partner, or do not bind themselves at all with marital obligations. One thing is certain – their attention will be attracted by a popular creative personality.

Quickons Jupiter-Neptune in the synastry creates a creative union, but on a personal level, it involves joint growth through spiritual enrichment, when, for example, partners study religion together, or create works of art, learn through esoteric experiences.

How to work out the Jupiter-Neptune quincunx

In fact, all the tension of the aspect is connected with the impossibility of creative self-realization. A person dreams of being noticed for his Neptunian abilities, but is afraid of rejection, afraid of not meeting high standards. First of all, he needs to find a good mentor in the kind of creativity that attracts him: stage, photography, dancing.

Fate will give him a chance to meet a celebrity and a future teacher several times, it is important at this moment not to doubt and not to go into the shadows.

The native’s favorite behavior is to give a star chance to a friend, while suffering himself. This is especially pronounced if Neptune is additionally affected by negative aspects. It is important to realize that only by becoming happy yourself can you help other people on a much larger scale.

The native should also be lucky with money if he is not too exposed to Neptunian influence, so it will be very useful to take financial literacy courses and invest in the affairs of the house where Jupiter is located.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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