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Moon in the 10th house of the relocation chart

The meaning of the Moon in the relocation chart is somewhat different from the natal symbolism. It denotes not only the place of the greatest emotional involvement of people in a new place, but also the area in which they will not be sure. Anxiety increase with the affected Moon, but even without this they will arise without any particular reason. It is all the more important to understand how the position of the planet in the natal chart and the relocation chart are connected.

If the night luminary moves into the 10th house, the native is uncomfortable without a high social status. It becomes a subject of dreams and a fulcrum. At the same time, there is an ease in managing other people, public speaking and negotiations, if before it was scary to imagine oneself as a boss, now everything turns out without problems. At the same time, negative aspects hinder the successful progress on these topics.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 10th house of the relocation chart

Cusps of houses move in a circle both in one direction and in the other, so the transition of the planet can be expected from both the 9th and 11th, and adjacent sectors of the natal chart.

It is important to understand that a natal chart is given to a person for life, and the tasks prescribed in it cannot be canceled. If the planets move to other houses, then new opportunities open up or obstacles are added to the realization of their mission in the natal chart.

For example, the Moon in the 9th house creates an attraction to distant countries and foreign cultures, the owners of the horoscope are eager to conquer the horizons, which is more than supported by the location Moon in the 10th sector. It seems to pick up and transfer the aspirations and expectations of the native to a higher level, creating opportunities for self-realization. In this situation, success awaits a person abroad.

The movement of the planet from the 11th house gives a burning need to lead large masses of people, inspire them, and lead them to a brighter future. Here the native can be not only the head of one team, but even the president of the country or a popular writer, actor, marketer, blogger, programmer-creator of social networks.

But the transition of the Moon from the 12th and 8th houses to the 10th is felt less comfortable. People with this position will prefer to remain in the shadows and act under cover, for example, passing instructions through their deputy, and the right to be even a hidden leader will sometimes have to suffer through overcoming oneself and working on mistakes.

Moon in the 10th house of the relocation chart and career

The native at the same time longs to be obeyed, and at the same time dreams of a homely atmosphere at work. And here a lot depends on children’s emotions. If the house was cozy, calm, a mother grew flowers and baked pies, then a person in the office will definitely create about the same atmosphere. It seems that all colleagues should live as a big family, share their experiences, and arrange gatherings. Another thing is when the Moon has negative aspects. The desire remains, but subordinates perceive such innovations with hostility, do not want to share their innermost and stay after work for tea.

If the mother of the native was emotionally cold and did not like guests, then such individual will be a strict and demanding boss, but it is this approach that will help to achieve success if there are positive aspects.

The main secret of success with the Moon in the 10th house is flexibility. It is important to see what the people with whom the native works need, to understand their needs and feelings, even if this is at odds with the personal idea.

This position will be successful for representatives of professions related to beauty and health, art and medicine, especially for pediatricians, but the strong Moon will also give good bonuses to businessmen and politicians in the form of people’s trust and sympathy.

Moon in the 10th house of the relocation chart and relationships

A woman with such a location planet wants to be the main one in the family, to make important decisions on her own, especially when the 10th house falls into the sign of fire or earth. If until now it was not so, and her opinion was not taken into account, or the husband had the last word, now it will become incredibly important for the owner of the horoscope to be the emotional head of the family. At the same time, she may not strive to make a career, but she will rule at home.

For a man, it’s the other way around. He feels comfortable at work, but in the family he will want to shift the solution of all problems to his spouse, and it is desirable that she also take place professionally and be admired.

At the same time, we are not talking only about business, but a woman must be realized in some way, grow and have material evidence of her success, even if she sells knitted handbags via the Internet.

The negative influence of the Moon in the 10th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the owners of the horoscope assert themselves by rising above the surrounding people. It is especially difficult for family members next to them. All complexes and suppressed aggression will come out after the move, and, as a rule, this does not happen abruptly, but gradually, and the family does not even understand how suddenly the native became an abuser.

At work, such individuals also develop a habit of devaluing other people’s work and exalting their own to the skies. A man can set his mother as an example to his wife, provoking quarrels. The negative aspects of the Moon further aggravate the problems, especially if people have not yet found their destiny before moving.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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