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Moon in the 11th house of the relocation chart

When moving to another city or country, it would be wise to make a relocation horoscope and see in which direction the cusps of houses will move, because the planets in a new place will manifest themselves completely differently than in the natal chart, and people will have to act differently. Sometimes they need to prepare even for a favorable flow of energies and understand where exactly they will be lucky, and where everything will depend on the efforts made.

The moon in the 11th house of the relocation chart is an ambiguous phenomenon. It includes the need to be admired by large crowds of people, to expand the circle of friends, and at the same time, dissatisfaction with the friendships that already exist. In an effort to please everyone,  people easily lose the sense of themselves.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 11th house of the relocation chart

The moon in the moving horoscope is not only a sign of a sudden change in the comfort zone, because the chart does not turn on instantly, and on the one hand, a person is used to the worldview of the Natal Moon, on the other hand, the emphasis of emotional involvement is changing.

But to this is added anxiety, suspiciousness, experiences on the topic of new desires, especially if there are tense aspects, because the position of the planet in the sign, its degrees, connections with other planets do not change, which means that a person must perform the tasks laid down in natal in new conditions. Sometimes this is good, and the house itself supports and helps, but if it is empty, and by fate should not be turned on, activation by the planet simply turns the familiar world upside down.

The Moon moves into the 11th house of relocation from both the 12th and 10th. In the first case, people with such position experience great stress, if they are  introverts by nature and are used to dreaming, meditating, hiding their feelings as inherent in the 12th house, but with the predominance of the elements of fire, air, earth in the horoscope, on the contrary, they get a chance to open up, to please a large number of people unexpectedly make useful contacts and acquaintances.

With regards to the transition from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 10th, 9th houses, it is logical to assume a more comfortable attitude, the change in the emotional state will not be so sharp, on the contrary, there will be an expansion and implementation of a person’s ideas into wide layers of communication.

If the planet has harmonious connections, then the owners of such horosocope will easily join any social group that is interesting to them, whether it is a board of directors or a group of moms in the sandbox, but whether they become  leaders depends on the position of the Sun and Mars in the relocation chart and natal.

The reason for moving to a desired place, where the Moon is in the 11th house, is sometimes really a desire to conquer the world, influence it, or become part of a large organization, a humanitarian movement and thereby increase one’s own significance.

Moon in the 11th house of the relocation chart and relationships with the world

The owners of the chart have a strong need for friendship and a team of like-minded people. Moreover, given that this is a locational position, it will be difficult to succeed through free emotional expression in any business without a support group. If initially they are not too confident in themselves, then friends or colleagues will become the fulcrum, otherwise they will not feel their own value and will not keep it.

The environment is especially important for schoolchildren and adolescents with a fragile nervous system. If they get into bad company, then with such a relocation moon, it will be almost impossible for them to get out of the destructive group.

This is aggravated by the presence of Lilith or Pluto in conjunction with the Moon, or those who have also passed it into the 11th house. People will be pulled precisely into destructive organizations with a perverted ideology, for example, into totalitarian sects or criminal gangs.

For creative people and athletes with the Moon in the 11th house of relocation, it is better to perform as part of a group.

Relatives of the native need to be prepared that after moving, the true family becomes friends. This does not happen immediately, but gradually corporate parties and social events will draw attention to themselves and home gatherings will be annoying, although there will be time for going to the cinema and the zoo with children, because wherever there are crowds of people, the native feels easy and comfortable.

The exception is the afflicted Moon and the ruler of the 11th house at 12th. Such people are gray cardinals. They can sit in the office, but know everything about everyone and weave various multi-steps, enjoying a hidden influence on the masses.

Moon in the 11th house of the relocation chart and children

The harmonious position of the planet contributes to friendly rapprochement with children. It becomes interesting for the owners of the horoscope to spend time together, they can even get carried away by their children’s hobby and join the company.

However, negative aspects to the Moon and the cusp of the 11th house, on the contrary, create a confrontation of interests and high conflict. In a woman’s horoscope, this may mean that professional realization is more important for her as a mother than communication with children.

The negative influence of the Moon in the 11th house of the relocation chart

When people with such a position of the horosocpe are at a low level of development, they do not feel the change of energies and do not know how to control them, which means they walk along the lower level of the house.

For them, the opinion from the outside becomes so important that they are afraid to once again show themselves to the world in fear of disgrace, damage their  reputation, become outcasts. In order to prevent this, such individuals do everything to be their own in the company and the team, but this looks insincere and false, since they suppress their individuality and seem to merge with the general mass.

Such a Moon also means the eternal race for someone’s friendship and loneliness among the crowd.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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