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Moon in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

When people move to a new place of residence, it is best to draw up a relocation chart, which will show how much their lives will change, where the problems lie, and what will become a springboard to success. It is important to remember that the planets do not leave their signs, but the house cusps shift. Because of this, the same Moon leaves its usual house of the horoscope and enters new conditions, where it is more comfortable than before, or vice versa. It depends on the sphere of the house and the connection of its ruler with the planet.

The Moon in the 3rd house of relocation turns on quite quickly, especially if it is in an air sign. People want to communicate more, get to know each other, and if the position of the night luminary is strong, then they are rapidly acquiring new connections. But a weak position makes them slaves to empty talk, gossip, they burn lives among people who are completely unsuitable for them and degrade.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 3rd house of the relocation chart

When making a chart of the relocation, people can notice that sometimes the cusps of houses move clockwise, and sometimes against it. The second option is suitable for young and impatient people who want drastic changes, as well as those who want to find a second wind and youth. If they want to gradually get used to a new way of life, it is better to choose a clockwise direction.

Most often, the Moon moves into the 3rd house from the neighboring 2nd and 4th, but a shift can also occur from more distant sectors, depending on the cardinality of the move.

In the case of a jump from 1st to 3rd, the native will be much more comfortable than if the planet left the 12th house of the natal chart, which is associated with secrets, solitude, the fantasy world. The third house suggests active communication and interest in the native from other people.

On the other hand, if the 12th house in the natal chart was in the sign of fire, then the 3rd house, on the contrary, will add a resource.

In the case of a transition from the 2nd house, people will be able to improve their financial condition due to the opened desire to communicate and get to know each other. Perhaps new connections will help them get a promotion or get a good job.

The Moon moving from the 4th house of the natal chart to the 3rd house of relocation turns on the desire to travel. Even an avid homebody suddenly starts flipping through tourist sites, and also thinks about whether to move to a better place, or finally buy a summer house to get out on barbecues.

It is important to understand that the relocation chart does not cancel the natal one. The tasks of the planet do not change, but they will have to be carried out in completely different circumstances.

The Moon is a comfort zone and it is easier to adapt to the 3rd house if it is airy or fiery. Water and terrestrial introverts will have a difficult time here.

Moon in the 3rd house of the relocation chart and social circle

If there are many negative aspects to the cusp of the 3rd house, then it may turn out that a person will not be able to live comfortably in a new place at all. Therefore, first of all, when analyzing the situation, it is necessary to determine from which house of the natal chart the Moon passes into the 3rd and how much it is possible to superimpose their themes on each other, whether the native will feel comfortable experiencing the spectrum of emotions associated with them and the need to communicate with a much larger number of people, than he or she is used to.

In this case, the position of the Ascendant must also be taken into account (the social mask manifested in any communications) and the Sun. If they have positive aspects, and the native is set up for an active lifestyle and career, then everything is fine.

However, it happens that privacy is important for a person both at home and at work, and the lifestyle itself does not involve guests, meetings and business trips. In this case, there are 2 options:

  • such people begin to live in a new way, get out of their shell, enjoy new friends and colleagues (if the Moon is well aspected);
  • endure, suffer, adapt to noisy neighbors, sudden visit from relatives, empty conversations of unnecessary and unimportant visitors for them, an unpleasant team (bad aspect).

Such situations are more common for a woman who moves with her husband and has to adapt to different living conditions, or for a child who finds herself in a new school. Everything can turn out quite comfortably: neighbors will become friends, relatives will support, the team will accept, but the native must correspond to the higher energies of the Moon in the sign or compensate for the negative aspects.

Moon in the 3rd house of the relocation chart and study

Learning something new will be a great compensator for the planet. There is one condition – people should really like studying, so it is important for them to find the direction that absorbs them with their heads and encourages them to learn new things. Therefore, it is so important to choose a school with friendly teachers and students for the child, and constantly improve the level of qualification at work. If the profession is not to their liking, it is better to retrain, because otherwise they will not last long in a new place. If this is not possible, frequent business trips will save them.

The negative influence of the Moon in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

It is possible in two cases: with a negative aspect of the night luminary and with a low intellectual development of the native. Such individuals either become a target for gossips behind their backs, are very worried, constantly argue with offenders, trying to prove their cases, or they actively discuss and devalue others, chat for hours on the phone, sit in social networks, wasting time in vain.

Instead of studying, such people constantly swear with virtual interlocutors on the forums. It is difficult for them to adapt, they are annoyed by neighbors and other people’s customs if they have moved abroad, while there is no desire to change and adapt, and without it the problem cannot be removed.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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