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Moon in the 8th house of the relocation chart

When moving to another city and country, most people want to find peace and comfort, no matter what external goals they set. How much this will work out will be shown by the Moon, the planet of emotionality and true spiritual needs. It must be remembered that the relocation chart of the move shows which houses the planets are moving to, but their zodiac position and degrees remain unchanged. Thus, all the psychological characteristics and needs of a person are now manifested in new realities, which do not cancel the tasks of the natal chart, but encourage them to perform them in the themes of a different house.

It is better for the owners of the affected Moon not to go where it will be in the 8th house. Even a harmonious planet creates unmotivated anxiety and the need for stress as a motivation for action. Interest in mysticism, esotericism, sex, various energy practices comes to the fore. However, what is medicine for one is poison for another: people can become victims of black magic, jealousy, harassment.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 8th house of the relocation chart

House cusps move clockwise and also in the opposite direction, according to the movement of the native to the west or east. To create a relocation chart, people need to enter their date of birth and new geographic coordinates, and coordinate the time with Greenwich Mean Time. They can then see where the planets have moved to and how well the new location fits in with the natal challenge.

If the owners of the relocation chart move not so far from their former place of residence, then most likely the Moon will move into the 8th house of the relocation chart from the 7th or 9th, and here it is very important to look at the individual characteristics of such individuals, their goals and lifestyle.

If these are fairly wealthy people who manage good capital or are in a managerial position, then moving from the 7th house to the 8th, on the contrary, will bring them an increase in income, clients, but certainly it will not do without stress.

However, tense aspects to the Moon, on the contrary, will make these topics a trigger for the strongest crises, betrayal of partners and even bankruptcy.

The movement of the planet from the 9th or 10th house is disturbing due to the pursuit of excellence in studies and career. People worry that someone can be better and take their places. It seems to them that in other countries a gold mine will definitely open up, from where they will draw resources, and often in search of the meaning of life they find foreign gurus for themselves, or come to religious communities organized by foreign pastors.

The main danger of the influence of the Moon in the 8th house of relocation is that now the emotional need of such individuals is satisfied in conditions of stress or crisis, through overcoming which they enter the comfort zone prescribed in their natal charts.

Moon in the 8th house of the relocation chart and relationships with the world

People with this position of the planet gradually cease to love life and enjoy simple things. They are more familiar with the feeling of an impending disaster. When the Moon is afflicted, it torments them so much that they themselves provoke quarrels with their superiors, spend all their savings on something expensive and desirable, quite consciously accepting the need to earn a living from scratch, and also torment their partners with jealousy.

The place where they move becomes the cradle of the revolution of their lives. It is here that bold desires are born that will radically change the course of things. Often such a relocation chart is found among those who leave for Bali or Altai in search of their purpose and the meaning of the life. This is not a place for permanent residence, but a retreat for rethinking.

Moon in the 8th house of  the relocation chart and finances

However, very often the transition of the Moon to the 8th house is a symbol of the need for big money, for the sake of which a person moves. Wealth is becoming a new comfort zone, and peace is not expected here at all, because finances must be managed, keep abreast of investments, analyze and take risks.

This position of the planet also happens to very wealthy housewives who have access to their husband’s money. As a rule, such women build the whole house on a string, control every step of the spouse, even if he does not suspect it, they are afraid of losing his attention and material wealth, so there is also a double-edged sword here: anxiety about finances and relationships, plus problems with children: quarrels, conflicts, difficulty finding a balance between free will and parental requirements. A child may require large financial investments, both in terms of treatment, and simply in order to satisfy the ambitions of parents: to study at a prestigious school or creative studio.

Moon in the 8th house of the relocation chart and health

Very often, this position of the planet creates a threat to life, especially if the Moon in the  natal chart is in the 12th house, rules it or the 6th, or is struck by aspects coming from these sectors. Connections with Mars, Pluto and Saturn exacerbate the situation.

Of course, this does not promise instant death at the hands of a man or on the water, which is often what non-professional forecasters frighten, but the problem is that such aspects encourage a person to act out of increased anxiety and aggressiveness, which starts a chain of events, and it already leads to life-threatening events.

If it is impossible to avoid moving, people need to find a good psychologist to work out the negative aspects, as well as constantly transform their lives through a change of work, appearance, regular medical examinations and procedures, the study of esotericism, energy and sexual practices.

It is especially difficult for women to live with the Moon in the 8th house of relocation, in addition, this is a potential threat to their health, especially if they are not related to esotericism and they do not have a permanent partner. In this case, it is better to look for another place of residence.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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