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Mars in the 10th house of the relocation chart

A person almost always leaves, either in search of a better life, or due to insurmountable circumstances. However, if you do not see in advance exactly where fate leads and do not prepare, it may turn out that the hopes for a fabulous future turned out to be empty, and the city from which nothing was expected, on the contrary, is a gold mine for self-realization and personal happiness.

The relocation map just allows you to look at the prospects for the future as if through a magnifying glass and see what promises the movement of planets to other houses.

Mars in the 10th house of the moving horoscope is one of the best positions. Even the negative aspects here create passion and sports anger, on which the native takes off to the top of any activity through personal activity and faith in one’s own strength. He is waiting for a high social status, victories, growth of authority, but it is necessary to go towards this very actively and even aggressively.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 10th house of the relocation chart

Arrows denoting the cusps of houses shift in one direction or another, after the introduction of new geographical data, and most importantly, the time adjusted according to Greenwich Mean Time.

However, do not forget about the position of Mars in the natal chart , because now you have to work in two sectors. The tasks with which we are born, in any case, remain with us, only the scene changes, where we have to realize our innate temperament.

Thanks to the relocation horoscope, we are free to choose those events in which the Martian energy will manifest itself, but we also bring in the symbolism of natal Mars.

Most often, the red planet moves into the 10th house of fame and career from the nearest 8, 9 and 11, 12 houses, although there are many options.

The movement from the 8th sector of the natal horoscope to the local 10th promises a reward after all trials and crises. Most likely, the movement to the desired peak will not be without stress either, or the native will concentrate on the goal so powerfully that he will simply break through the wall or break through the financial ceiling. In any case, this will be a powerful breakthrough in any professional field, but this position is especially good for the military, politicians, financiers and doctors.

The transition of Mars from the 9th house to the 10th is quite logical and symbolizes the obvious reward after learning or promotion. A person’s status changes due to new knowledge and skills, or as a result of moving abroad, where he can finally apply his skills. This position is good for athletes and anyone associated with work in foreign firms, education and diplomacy.

The transition of Mars from the 11th to the 10th is similar to reaching the end of a chess field by a pawn, when a simple soldier becomes a queen, that is, he stands out from the team and enters the leadership position. It is necessary to prepare psychologically for this, to study the tactics of work as a leader.

The jump of Mars from the 12th house to the 10th is the most difficult, since the owner of the natal planet in the 12th house is used to suppressing aggression, avoiding conflicts, as if doubting his right to primacy. Now, in a new place, there is a chance to change your behavior and claim the right to success. This is an advantageous position for creative people: what they created in secret can finally be made public and gain recognition.

If there are negative aspects, then envy will come along with success, secret enemies will become obvious. If the native is involved in the civil service, one should wait for a promotion, the authorities will certainly note the merits of the past.

Mars in the 10th house of relocation charts and professional success

Mars literally charges with its energy of courage and strength the sphere of the house into which it enters. Accordingly, ambitions wake up in a person, and those who are already careerists by nature literally burn at work, which brings them phenomenal results, because such a person cannot be overlooked.

Of course, this does not happen immediately, but just a couple of months after the move, the native will notice an increased level of courage. This will be especially contrasting for the owners of weak Mars in Cancer, Taurus, Pisces or Libra. Even if they did not have a particularly happy childhood without the love and support of their father, which used to create tension in relations with their superiors, now the Martian energy creates some kind of internal support, thanks to which fear disappears, an unprecedented courage appears to demand what is rightfully theirs: an increase in salary, positions , the best workplace.

Most often, representatives of male professions are quickly lucky, regardless of gender, but even if the native is a nanny or a ballerina, they will still move forward, just the hierarchy of desires is different for everyone.

Another thing is the negative aspects. Here they bring discord, obstacles and problems to a seemingly guaranteed success. The native needs to be careful and think through tactics to the smallest detail, but the path to the top will still be thorny.

The negative influence of Mars in the 10th house of the relocation chart

Even with harmonious aspects, the appearance of a red planet in the 10th house suggests that a person will become a boss, subject to decisive and even aggressive leadership. It is possible and even necessary to dominate, however, without becoming personal, which is very difficult for people with a predominance of fire in the map.

Also, at a low level of spirituality, the native is too excited about the prospects of enrichment after the upcoming promotion and is able to eliminate competitors dishonestly, and subsequently take bribes. If, at the same time, Mars is struck by negative aspects, then instead of flying to the stars, it is really possible to get a collapse of a career and reputation.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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