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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Scorpio

The destination point on the 10th house cusp in Scorpio shows an extreme fighter riding the waves of life’s difficulties and obstacles, turning the fight against them into a fun adventure. Fate is constantly testing the strength of individuals. They are not afraid of confrontation with evil and cruelty, but imperceptibly for themselves lose their cordiality and benevolence, applying tough measures against the dark side of the world.

Holders of the Midheaven in Scorpio are looking for an opportunity in any career to investigate intrigues, bring liars to the surface, and reveal secrets. It is difficult to dissemble in their presence, and the falsity in the behavior and voice of the intriguers is clearly visible. The  destiny of such individuals is to skillfully manage power for the benefit of the world, but in order to learn how to use it, they have to go through a series of tests and temper the spirit.

Features of a psychological portrait

The traumas and shocks of individuals almost always become public knowledge, which over time will teach how to interact and confront the masses of people. These are the lessons of the dominant planets – Mars and Pluto. Therefore, the MC carriers in Scorpio value ​​personal space, allowing only a narrow circle of confidants to come close.

These individuals are shrouded in mystery since adolescence, which forms a gloomy charisma, frightening and attractive at the same time. They create most enemies unconsciously, confusing people with the manifestation of incredible power, which they mistake for aggression.

Astrologers advise these owners of the Meridian in Scorpio to ignore ill-wishers: the less energy reserve is spent on thoughts and worries about injustice, the weaker the enemy arrows. Love for such people also resembles an obsession, it acts like a magnet, attracting others.

The characteristic features that the MC (Midheaven) in Scorpio gives:

  • cunning, resourcefulness, cruelty (explicit or hidden);
  • diligence at work, striving for high earnings;
  • exactingness to others, a painful desire to see self-respect;
  • prefers to work in organizations with a spiritual concept, for example, where they fight against world evil;
  • precise mindset, fantastic intuition, creative impulses are spontaneous and fickle;
  • provokes life-threatening risky situations.

Fateful decisions have to be made under extreme circumstances without outside help, taking responsibility for themselves, for example, in an armed attack, natural disasters, or hostilities.

Professional preferences

With a weak position of Mars and Pluto, the MC carriers in Scorpio easily fall into the grip of a cruel boss, whom they are madly afraid of, or into karmic dependence on solar Scorpio. The strong position of the planets, especially in the fire sign of the 1st house, makes it easier to enter the life purpose – to change life and gain power over it. People with such MC in Scorpio performing this task have a huge chance to become a financial tycoon and decide the fate of the country.

Professional areas suitable for better goal achievement:

  • army – foreign intelligence, state security agencies, secret paramilitary and headquarters units, special service, navy (captains, pilots, navigators, submariners), tax police, Ministry of Emergencies;
  • court case – investigators, private detectives, judges, criminologists, prosecutors;
  • politics – party leaders, union leaders, senior civil servants, priests;
  • financial industry – owners and managers of banks, stock exchanges, realtors, brokers, economists;
  • medicine – pathologists, pharmaceutical laboratory researchers, surgeons, oncologists, venereologists, gynecologists, physiotherapists, obstetricians, energy healers, herbalists, psychiatrists, dental technicians;
  • scientific sphere – chemists, engineers of computer technology and electronics, nuclear physicists, speleologists and volcanologists, surveyors, oceanologists, geneticists, psychologists, mathematicians, occultists, astrologers, theologians;
  • industrial production: weapons, mechanical engineering, steel industry, oil, coal, nuclear energy;
  • sports – extreme directions, swimming, diving.

A blinding lust for power, pessimism, revenge and denial of spiritual development can hinder the success of the owners of the Midheaven in Scorpio. At the lowest level, they  manifest as  pimps, butchers, hitmen, funeral home and mortuary workers.

Influence of planets at MC and Ascendant

Since the opposite point of the MC in Scorpio is in Taurus, people need a reliable rear at home: an agreeable and loving spouse or wife, a family ready to calm raging emotions. Venus softens the fate of the MC and the Ascendant in earth and air signs, for example, with the ascending Capricorn or Virgo, they are ready to work hard and restrain emotions for the sake of a higher goal.

ASC in Pisces and Libra allows people to relieve negative tension in creativity, and in Aquarius – to direct the ardor into scientific research or the service of the Motherland. The sun for the MC with a strong position of Mars is provided by geopolitics with grandiose military strategies, but the presence of Saturn always predicts a fall from the throne, as it was with Napoleon Bonaparte. Neptune at Meridian speaks of a strong mystical beginning and religiosity, gives success in professions related to water.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Scorpio:


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