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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Sagittarius

The point of calling in life, the Middle of Heaven, crowning the Meridian at the top of the 10th house in Sagittarius, encourages people to accumulate knowledge in numerous areas, so that later they can teach and guide others. The world is a huge lecture hall in which people with such MC in Sagittarius are magician professors who instantly extract an information file from the computer base of their own intellects. They are not teachers, but  teachers of higher truths, striving to convey the essence of phenomena. They are lovers of truth, breaking the format of false beliefs in order to go beyond the well-known and generally accepted canons in creativity, sports and science.

Usually people with MC in Sagittarius are cramped within a small town or one country. They intuitively choose a profession that allows them to travel a lot, communicate, preferably in foreign languages. Having chosen an inspiring field of activity, they discover that circumstances develop as if by themselves: the right people meet, profitable offers come, even without special connections and acquaintances. Fate always calls these owners of the Midheaven in Sagittarius upwards.

Features of a psychological portrait

Individuals with MC in Sagittarius want to be role models –  brave defenders of the disadvantaged, modern Robin Hoods, who send fiery arrows at liars and scoundrels, restoring the balance of justice. Already in high school, when the MC in Sagittarius enters the zenith, an interest in social policy and a desire to be cheerful, contact friends of the whole team are shown, which is why individuals have to suppress personal grievances and let other people’s taunts go deaf ear for the sake of an ideal reputation.

The bright representative of the Midheaven in Sagittarius is the superstar Pink, known for her cocky and outspoken behavior and completely extraordinary creativity, different from others. She was the first to combine vocals with circus performances. Flying head-down on a trapeze and singing is what makes the native noticeable and gives a feeling of universal admiration: it is such projects that make people work tirelessly.

Characteristic features of the MC carriers in Sagittarius:

  • external softness and compliance are deceptive – they will never give up the desired goal;
  • the ability to submit any request in a suitable form or do it publicly in order to exclude a refusal;
  • openness, benevolence, curiosity, tolerance for someone else’s worldview;
  • difficulties in choosing priorities – rushing between many goals, without achieving a single one;
  • aversion to whiners, bores, pessimists;
  • difficulties in maintaining personal authority – subordinates perceive the policy of equality and respect for others as weakness;
  • a strong need for spiritual development and religious practices.

With the affected Sagittarius and the weakened dominant planets – Jupiter and Neptune, the people’s enthusiasm irritates the bosses or colleagues. They are faced with intrigues to survive from the collective and may be fired on an alleged excuse, such as layoffs.

Professional preferences

With a strong position of dominants and the presence of favorable aspects, people reach the top of the social ladder not on foot, but on a high-speed elevator, and the habit of hacking the truth in the face does not hinder them at all.

Success comes in areas related to education and foreign contacts:

  • international relations – employees of diplomatic missions, ambassadors, consuls, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad, travel agents, international journalists;
  • civil service – the leadership of ministries and departments, politicians, deputies;
  • jurisprudence – lawyers, investigators, notaries, ombudsmen, international lawyers, court translators;
  • social and spiritual sphere – public workers, propagandists, priests, bishops, popes, hieromonks;
  • literature – writers, poets, translators, publishers, editors, publicists;
  • science – political scientists, archaeologists, linguists, anthropologists, participants in scientific expeditions;
  • medicine – administrators, heads of departments, veterinarians, surgeons;
  • sports – shooting, biathlon, horse racing (jockeys, coaches), racing;
  • trade – import and export of goods, wholesale purchases, sale of horses and cattle, department store managers;
  • production – all types of work with wood, horse breeding.

The opposite point of the Meridian in Sagittarius is located in Gemini in the 4th house: people who grow up in a family of intellectuals, easy-going, receive powerful esoteric support.

Influence of the Ascendant and the planets near Meridian

In the presence of a strong Jupiter within 10 degrees of the MC in Sagittarius, people grab the stars from heaven, becoming  leaders in vocal and dance creativity, flying and preaching. The sextile of Jupiter with Saturn in the natal chart provides support for influential patrons.

With the Ascendant in Aries and the struck Mars, conflicts with the law are likely due to clandestine deals with criminals or a fabricated arrest. The Ascendant in Aquarius and Pisces gives an open, benevolent dreamer-optimist who cares for the creation of an ideal world, and in Gemini it inclines people to choose a career related to writing and travel, especially with a strong position of Mercury in the same sign or in Virgo.

The Sun at Meridian in Sagittarius raises a person to the pedestal of a spiritual leader and leader of the masses, and the Moon contributes to a magnetic effect on the public when choosing a creative profession.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Sagittarius:


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