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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in the sign of Libra

The destination point, the middle of the sky , being on the cusp of the 10th house of Libra, gives an inescapable thirst for love and admiration for oneself as a person. People with such position seek to satisfy it through the ideal performance of work duties, and see it calling in the creation of beauty in the highest manifestation, materializing it in jewelry, design and hairdressing, plastic surgery or personally being an example of beauty as an actress, fashion designer, TV presenter, model.

The brightest star of American cinema of the 70s, Elizabeth Taylor, fully possessed the charisma of Meridian in Libra – the gift to enchant and captivate the attention of others, excite the imagination with a regal appearance and luxurious additions in the form of diamonds and fur coats, embodying the golden age of Hollywood. The main life task of such owners of the MS in Libra see obtaining a high social status, but at a low level of development are bound by social clichés, extolling elitism and prestige and ignoring spirituality.

Features of a psychological portrait

From a young age, realizing the power of charm and seduction, the MC carriers in Libra easily slip where others have to work hard. Accustomed to easy victories due to a beautiful smile and charm, they run the risk of becoming lazy and unexpectedly overboard in their old age. However, poverty does not threaten them, because from adolescence, the awakened Meridian in Libra encourages them to make virtuous friends from the highest social circles, and later to acquire influential patrons and partners.

Characteristic features of individuals with MC in Libra:

  • artistic, easy-going, able to please and enter into trust;
  • sincerity and cordiality are rarely disinterested;
  • prefer to spread their charm to potentially useful individuals;
  •  born diplomats who reconcile and unite people;
  • afraid of personal responsibility, envious, internal attitude towards material values;
  • increased efficiency in a team or as  collaborators;
  • like to bargain in the style: “you are for me, I am for you,” if they accepted help, they try to make a return gift.

Karmically, such people bear increased responsibility for the decisions made and violations of the principles of justice, symbolized by Libra, therefore the position of the Meridian requires a constant balance between aesthetic demands and spiritual development. The need to be tactful and courteous in society is often accompanied by aggression and quarrels with household members, since the opposite point of the Midheaven in Libra is in Aries.

Professional preferences

People with MC in Libra are always  celebrities: in narrow circles or forcedly gains wide popularity associated with the need to be in the center of attention at work. At the level of the performer, they are soft, timid, afraid to make mistakes, but after becoming  bosses, they turn from a lamb into a lion – they take the reins with an iron hand. In relation to subordinates, they are fatherly strict, strive to observe justice, quickly resolve conflicts, do not tolerate familiarity.

Professions in which individuals can succeed:

  • art – poets, painters, actors, writers, sculptors, architects, photographers, cameramen, make-up artists, musicians, dancers;
  • fashion – designers, models, stylists, interior decorators, makeup artists, perfumers, image makers;
  • politics – deputy ministers, representatives of diplomatic missions, press secretaries, assistant deputies, church officials;
  • legislation – legal consultants, lawyers, judges, notaries;
  • pedagogy – teachers of ethics, aesthetics, sociology, psychology;
  • medicine – plastic surgery, massage, energy healing;
  • sports – rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, figure skating;
  • commerce – owners and managers of art galleries, antiques and art shops, and auctions.

On the road to success, they need to avoid haste, avoid making hasty decisions under the influence of negative emotions, and eradicate narcissism.

Influence of the Ascendant and planets at MC

With the harmonious and strong position of Venus and Chiron, artistic, flexible and cheerful people become favorite of the public without any effort. They are chosen from among thousands, especially if the Ascendant is in Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio.

With a good aspect, Venus inclines to constant improvement in appearance and gives a lot of admirers, and brings men the protection of women, prosperity in the work associated with them, and deep romance, a willingness to sacrifice much in the name of love.

The Ascendant in the Capricorn natal chart shows the ability to clothe beauty in an exquisite form, as well as the arrival of professional success after 30 years with the beginning of a new cycle of Saturn. The sun on the MC makes these individuals  idols of generations, Chiron and Mercury endow with a penchant for manipulation, intrigue and the use of protection for selfish purposes, Pluto gives incredible magnetism and public support in any idea.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven in Libra:


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