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Mercury in the 7th house

The qualities of Mercury in the 7th house are especially pronounced. This planet is responsible for negotiations, communication and exchange of information, and therefore Mercury looks organic in the partnership house.

Abilities, behavioral features and life circumstances of a person

A person with Mercury in the 7th house is distinguished by sociability, contact and diplomacy. It is focused on partner interaction with others. Such a person loves to get acquainted, shows great interest and attention to his counterpart, finds common topics for conversation with him and points of contact.

It is also important for the owner of the natal chart that the partner not only listens, but also hears him. If a person is deaf to his desires, does not know how to maintain a conversation and does not have a sufficiently broad erudition, then the paths with him, as a rule, sooner or later diverge.

People with Mercury in the 7th house prefer communication with young interlocutors. Thanks to this interaction, they themselves feel younger, more active, more dynamic and smarter. Nativs are attracted by fresh views on everyday things, discussion of promising ideas and joint search for non-standard solutions.

But do not think that the native communicates with others just for the sake of communication. He is quite practical, prudent, has a business acumen and good organizational skills. The native knows how to leverage his extensive connections and benefit from established collaboration. Communicating with any person, the subject raises his awareness, broadens his horizons and gets an idea of ​​new prospects in the activity. A horoscope holder can make a good negotiator, agent, lawyer, consultant, salesperson, etc.

As for the marriage partnership, it is important to evaluate the strength of Mercury and its aspects. If the planet is damaged by other luminaries, then superficiality, deceit and excessive criticality of the native will interfere with building relationships. Mercury has a dual nature, and therefore, with the defeat of the planet, inconstancy in relationships, fleeting and parallel love relationships, as well as remarriages are possible.

Mercury in the 7th house

Mercury and some signs of the zodiac

Best of all, Mercury manifests itself in the air sign of Gemini and in the earth sign of Virgo . Such people, as a rule, find an erudite, hardworking, gifted and versatile soul mate. There are many interesting events in the relationship, joint studies and trips. Common deeds make the partnership even stronger and more stable. If the aspects of Mercury are harmonious at the same time, then the marriage can be called happy.

If in the 7th house of the horoscope there is Mercury, weak in status, then this does not cancel the marriage relationship. True, the road to a stable partnership can be long and winding. The native comes across cunning, unreliable and resourceful representatives of the opposite sex who promise a lot, but do not fulfill their obligations.

The owner of the horoscope does not need to idealize people and look for the perfect partner somewhere in overseas countries. One should give preference to highly spiritual, creative, talented and well-educated people. Happiness in such a marriage is possible if Mercury has harmonious aspects and does not have serious damage.

If Mercury is located in the signs of Water, then it is important for the native not only to exchange information, but also emotions. This is a good guide to work as a psychologist and psychotherapist.

Mercury in the signs of the earth element will make the partnership more durable. Often a marriage is concluded for material reasons. The planet in fire signs will tell about the great temperament of partners, about their passion and mutual desire to achieve a high position in society.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mercury in 7th House:


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