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Mercury in Virgo – the double-edged sword of the mind

The planet that governs the mind and sociability of man, Mercury , in Virgo occupies the strongest of the positions, being in its abode. A clear mind, encyclopedic knowledge, mastery of words and the ability to clothe thoughts into deeds – the gifts of the messenger of the gods are endless, because his ward seeks to know the wisdom of being, constantly honing the sharpness of the intellect, plunging into any topic with the passion of a scientist.

The owner of Mercury in Virgo knows how to discard unnecessary husks of details, extracting the very essence, subjecting any study to cold, analytical analysis. The brain works on a par with the computer. Negative aspects turn the outgoing sage into a bored critic if he is tempted to demonstrate intellectual superiority and belittle other people's achievements by looking for flaws. It is not easy to get along with the native, for this you need to know the specifics of his brilliant mind.

Features of behavior

For successful activity, the bearer of Mercury in Virgo needs a place of solitude – a personal office or a familiar home atmosphere. A native is a great freelancer. A sense of duty and the highest responsibility, as well as the concepts of honor and reputation, help him to brilliantly organize the work and deliver it on time, without letting the customer down.

He does not like wasting time talking with uninteresting people in a team, delving into intrigues and confronting rivals instead of productive activity in essence. Mercury in Virgo endows the ward with characteristics, the degree of expression of which depends in part on the home and aspect:

  • perseverance, patience, observation, getting pleasure from hard work;
  • ability for linguistics, mathematics, logic, medicine, literature;
  • the ability to separate emotions from logical analysis, due to which even a strong love does not interfere with seeing the real pros and cons of the subject of sympathy;
  • excessive criticism of oneself and others, suspiciousness and suspicion;
  • aversion to idle pastime, empty talk, laziness and lateness;
  • dedication to friendship and loyalty to love, as well as to ideals shaped by literature and religion;
  • many different interests, flexibility of thinking – if he does not succeed in the chosen field, he retrains to another profession;
  • an amazing memory that stores the smallest details of events and even the intonation of the words spoken;
  • commercial streak, planned budget, some tightness in spending.

You can argue an intellectual with Mercury in Virgo with the invisible support of Jupiter, appealing to authoritative sources. With an “evil” planet, the native turns into a perfectionist grumbling, fixated on cleanliness, but remains a reliable and obligatory partner.

Mercury in Virgo

Male and female

We can confidently assume that the famous Sherlock Holmes was the owner of a strong Mercury in Virgo, since he recreated the overall picture of the crime or the portrait of a visitor from the smallest details. It will not be possible to deceive such a person. He does not have clairvoyance from above, but the mind instantly separates the important from the false husk and analyzes hundreds of lines of probabilities.

Thanks to his sharp mind and logic of thinking, the Mercurian easily masters the exact sciences and foreign languages ​​and achieves success in commerce, science and business. In his personal life, he is very picky, demanding, although he himself seeks to meet the high criteria of a husband and lover. Possibly a fear of germs and a painful obsession with the cleanliness of the house and body. With age, he becomes a couch potato who does not crawl out of the Internet or the library.

A woman with Mercury in Virgo has similar mental characteristics, but great patience and observation. She is very critical of others and is skeptical about falling in love and friendly sympathies in her address, because she considers personal flaws to be obvious to everyone and does not believe that she can be loved without conditions.

In her youth, she is prudent and careful, thinks over every word and upcoming deed, and with age, the thirst for knowledge overpowers the instinct of self-preservation, and the owner of Mercury in Virgo embarks on adventures. If she finds a loving husband, she remains a faithful and economic wife who only dreams of extreme events.

Retrograde and aspects with important planets

The retrograde position of the planet does not greatly affect its ward. Sometimes he prefers the written expression of thoughts and feelings to oral statements, since the necessary words do not come immediately, but with a slight delay.

The native tries to analyze what is happening to him logically, to measure harmony with algebra, to sort out feelings on the shelves, not being able to simply relax and enjoy. The desire to control the ongoing events increases, the slightest changes in plans cause a malfunction in the nervous system. It is necessary to do yoga, go to massage sessions, practice in a theater studio.

The favorable aspect with Venus gives the talent of a writer and poet, a sense of beauty and good taste. Dryness of communication disappears, coquetry and graceful verbal duels come to replace. Sextile with Mars gives eloquence, decisiveness of an orator, the ability to argue and a bright sense of humor, with Jupiter – generosity, a clear mind and successful partnership with high patrons.

Nervousness, irascibility and pessimism are amplified by negative aspects with Saturn, Venus and Mars.

Additional description

People born with Mercury in Virgo are very demanding, with a clear, logical and analytical mindset with a penchant for work that requires attention to detail and skillful organization. You are an expert in many fields, practical and judicious, tirelessly developing special skills and technical experience in any practical field.

Ideas and theories don't really interest you, unless they are useful in practical applications. You love to analyze, measure and evaluate, often overlooking small nuances. Your strengths are precise thinking, skill level, and technical skill. You are always very good at what you are doing and very often criticize someone else's work if it does not meet your high standards.

People with Mercury in Virgo are systematic, adapt well to changing conditions, are stable and know their job well. Of the negative traits, they tend to be depressed, sarcastic, intolerant, and often criticize others. As you plunge into work, try not to lose the big picture.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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