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Mercury in the 9th house of the relocation chart

Moving is a large-scale business, and of course people really want to look into the future and prepare for the upcoming changes. This will definitely work with the help of a relocation chart, in which all the data of the native remain the same, except for geographic coordinates. Time is also adjusted to GMT. At the same time, the tops of the houses are shifting, and the planets are in new circumstances, as if the actors have suddenly changed the script and now they have to play their usual role not on the stage, but in the forest.

However, Mercury, which is in the 9th house, will be happy with any change of scenery, because this sector is responsible for travel, change and research, and the most incredible adventures are suitable for this. People in this position dream of fame and status, but do not take them too seriously. It is likely that the place of deployment for them is only an intermediate stage in the movement towards more, and here special attention should be paid to the negative aspects that destroy all hopes.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 9th house of the relocation chart

Since the cusps of houses move both clockwise and counterclockwise, it is important for the owners of the relocation chart to understand from which sector (as well as the sign) of the natal chart the planet moves into the 9th house, since the tasks prescribed by higher powers at the birth  will not disappear anywhere. They will have to be fulfilled, but in new circumstances. And it is precisely the natal position that will tell people whether it will be for good or for harm.

For example, Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces, located in natal in the 8th house, will simply blossom in the 9th house of the relocation chart. The planet will cast aside fears or rush to meet them like Don Quixote to windmills, seeing before him only the great goals of conquering the world.

All sorts of mental anguish and worries inherent in the 8th house will simply disappear in the 9th under a wave of sudden optimism and at the sight of the expanded horizons of the Universe.

People with such a position of the horoscope really find answers to their questions, they are no longer just looking for how to make money, but go and act, because they have a sports passion.

The same is true in matters of esotericism – suddenly there is the courage to declare oneself, open one’s own school or at least an account in social networks, in order not only to study astrology, but to gain a high status, earning on it. The problem is only in the negative aspects. The 9th house expands any topic, and accordingly, problems too.

The transition of Mercury from the 10th house here can ruin a career and reputation, in the presence of a square and opposition, and elevate the native to the top of Olympus, if there are positive aspects: trine, sextile.

However, the 9th house is very favorable to the desires and will, thanks to which it is possible to change the most difficult situation for the better, the main thing is not to sit back.

A jump from the 7th natal house often means marriage to a foreigner or cooperation with foreign companies.

If Mercury moves with the Sun, this a priori means that a person is moving abroad or that a new place of residence is an intermediate stage before a more global move to another country.

Mercury in the 9th house of the relocation chart, status and prospects

After moving, people are quickly captured by large-scale projects in which they are invited, or they themselves are looking for such. First of all, thoughts are focused on finding ways to enter certain social circles, where they can express themselves in the most striking way. Simply put, the chartholders seek to get into the social elevator by all means.

Naturally, much depends on the initial data. If these are  international journalists, university teachers, translators, they are looking for entry into a status community associated with economics, politics, finance and diplomacy, if  primary school teachers – schools with a good reputation or  private international ones.

But even if a plumber has a similar position of Mercury, he also will not strain for the minimum wage, but will do everything possible to get a job in a good company.

Mercury in the 9th house of the relocation chart and abroad

Sometimes this position of the planet already hints at moving to far abroad countries. If the owners of Mercury with such a position plan to spend some time in a certain city of thier country, most likely they will be an intermediate point, especially if Jupiter is in conjunction with Mercury as a symbolic ruler of the 9th house, or if the sign of Sagittarius is in this sector.

At the time of the move, they may not even be aware of this, but they will want to expand their horizons of influence, or they will be made an offer that cannot be refused: an internship, study abroad, work under a contract.

In any case, after settling in a new place of residence, it’s a good idea to start learning a foreign language or get a job in a foreign company.

In a child’s horoscope, in the presence of beneficial aspects, Mercury portends success in an international school or, at least, in large-scale creative competitions.

The negative influence of Mercury in the 9th house of the relocation chart

If the planet has tense aspects, then all of the above becomes an obsession, which is extremely difficult to implement, despite the obvious talents of a person.

Of course, the 9th house partly softens the line of circumstances with its positive energy, but the problem lies in the native itself, and only an intellectually and spiritually developed person can realize this.

Initially, such people begin to behave arrogantly, it seems to them that they are better than many by definition, simply because they were born in a certain family, are  representatives of a particular race, religion and social circle. This greatly worsens karma and starts a series of destructive events if they do not work on themselves.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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