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Mercury in Cancer – a man of mood

The patron planet of intelligence and business acumen, the ability to communicate with different people – Mercury , being in Cancer, enters into a close alliance with its ruler, the Moon , and therefore the mind will follow emotions. The best gift of the messenger of the gods, a good memory, will manifest itself only if the native is sincerely interested in the topic of study or work, otherwise he will prefer to hover in the clouds, write poetry or novels about mystical adventures.

For the same reason, the owner of Mercury in Cancer remembers insults for a long time and his sophisticated mind is able to write a revenge script that will be envied in Hollywood. He often takes good and sincere participation for granted, so his good attitude should already be considered a reward, because most often the native is dissatisfied with even the closest people who are trying to please him. Getting along with him is not easy, because you need to understand the origin of increased moodiness.

Features of behavior

In communicating with the carrier of Mercury in Cancer, it is necessary to take into account the position of the Sun: in Gemini, Leo, it makes a person less vulnerable and dependent on the emotional state, but more quarrelsome and demanding. Solar Cancer or Pisces has a hard time coping with mood swings. Intellectual success and friendships are completely dependent on his psychological state.

If there are no special negative factors, the following features are inherent in the native:

  • exuberant imagination, imaginative thinking, non-standard approach to business issues;
  • the need for solitude in the bosom of nature, by the sea or the ocean, to reboot and get insights before making important decisions;
  • apolitical, but a tendency to criticize the social system and traditions of the native country and religion;
  • strong intuition, extrasensory abilities, an innate understanding of the occult sciences and good contact with the subconscious (the native just knows how to act without having direct evidence);
  • easily irritated, and then angry for a long time, and most of all at his intemperance;
  • selectivity in contacts, a long test for loyalty and compliance with the ideal;
  • thirst for new sensations and impressions, a hysterical reaction when it is impossible to fulfill the desire instantly;
  • shyness, it is difficult to take the initiative and start a conversation, but if the interlocutor turns up first, the flow of the native's words cannot be stopped.

In stress or emotional arousal, the carrier of Mercury in Cancer forgets even the elementary foundations of knowledge, does not understand where he is going and what he is doing. Therefore, he needs to pay special attention to auto-training and meditation in order to maintain self-confidence.

Mercury in Cancer

Male and female

Despite the outward confession of high moral principles, a man with Mercury in Cancer is a typical person of mood, and if it is spoiled, he does not resist the temptation to pour out a tub of anger and unfair accusations on a weaker family member or subordinate. A rich imagination instantly draws a possible scenario of probabilities, according to which the main culprit of the problem is not him, but those around him.

Manipulation of feelings of guilt is a key karmic flaw that poisons communication with the native. He is happy to ridicule other people's sins, because he sees through the interlocutor, having a good understanding of psychology, and he himself does not accept criticism. You can position him with respectful and respectful attitude if there is a high threshold of patience in front of sarcasm.

A woman with Mercury in Cancer rarely changes the habitual and comfortable beliefs that she has absorbed on an emotional level from parents, teachers, and learned from her favorite books and films. Even when faced with the real state of affairs, she returns to the familiar world of illusions, where she is the unconditional queen and legislator.

It is difficult to get along with her and find a common language, because everything that does not fit into the created system of values ​​is subjected to derisive criticism. In every person, she seeks parental support and approval, making friends with anyone who sincerely gives them. In a calm, confidential atmosphere, he reveals a tender and vulnerable soul hidden under the shell of feigned bravado.

Retrograde and aspects with other planets

A native with Mercury in Cancer often becomes a writer, actor, satirist, professional critic or sommelier. The retrograde position of the planet makes it difficult to move up the career ladder and does not allow making friends, if you do not work out deep suspiciousness. A person suspects everyone who shows interest in him of wanting to deceive, profit from him or set up.

Due to false prejudices, he armed himself with the sword of sarcasm and sarcasm, shaving off potential friends. It is necessary to learn to control emotions and control oneself, in which the favorable aspects with Saturn and the Moon will strongly support, helping to stop in time at the limit of the transition of criticism to mockery. Sextile with Neptune and the Moon gives creative abilities in the field of acting and literary skills, with Chiron – the talent of a satirist-humorist, with Venus – an artist.

Additional description

In people born with Mercury in Cancer , thoughts are associated with memories, feelings, emotions and the past. You tend to cling to memories of things that make you feel secure. You are too interested in personal, internal problems, your thinking is more based on feelings, intuition, personal experiences and prejudices, and not on logic and reason. Intellectual abilities and achievements mean little to such people, for lack of feelings. You are a good listener and are very interested in a person's feelings and inner world. Besides psychology, you are probably passionate about education, art, poetry, music, or mythology.

People with Mercury in Cancer are shy and reserved when it comes to performing in public, but they can open up great in small, family circles, with people they know and trust well. Perhaps you enjoy keeping a personal journal or writing down your thoughts and feelings about daily events in your life. Your mind quickly grasps all knowledge. You have developed good intuition, you are an excellent psychologist, responsive, but your depression can bring you many problems. You may not understand the essence of the problem, because you perceive everything from an emotional point of view. It can be difficult for such Cancers to make any decisions or change their point of view. You need to work on mental control and attention.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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