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Opposition Chiron – Mercury. The mind is like a rushing stream of a waterfall

When the planets that form the aspect are in opposite signs, at war, the owner of the horoscope has a hard time. On the one hand, an irresistible desire arises to manifest oneself precisely in the affairs of houses where opposing energies stand, on the other hand, strong resistance arises. The paradox is that the opposition is an obstacle, but also a resource at the same time, but only those who are deeply immersed in astrology can fully realize this advantage.

Ordinary people do not understand why they are thrown from one extreme to another, and where the problems with speech came from, as often happens with the opposition of Mercury and Chiron. The restless searching mind of the native resembles a turbulent stream of a waterfall turning into a mountain river. He collects any information, including gossip, garbage, outright lies, and from this he molds an idea of life. Argumentator, intriguer, provocateur, but at the same time, touchy and vulnerable.

The influence of the opposition Chiron-Mercury on fate

With a frank need for communication and friends, a person deep down is afraid to go out into a wide range of meetings and conversations. The main problem of the aspect is stuttering. This speech impediment can be pronounced and may be the result of severe fright or trauma in childhood, sometimes manifesting itself in moments of excitement and mental confusion. The native craves attention and dreams of being the star of public speaking, whether on the theater stage or in the speaker’s podium, but each time he worries about the impression he makes.

If at least once something unpleasant happened: I forgot the words, began to stutter, stumbled while climbing the stage, then the Chiron-Mercury opposition will play this event as a constant and rather painful fear of repetition, which of course will provoke new troubles.

Much depends on the position of Chiron. If he is in the 3rd or 9th house, then in any case, speech, communication, friendship will be the area where the native will feel vulnerable and insecure. Considering that in the spheres of any house one cannot do without negotiations and discussions, the interlocutors will always remind the native of the internal pain of the Mercury-Chiron opposition. It manifests itself in different ways, but there are common features:

  • originality of thinking, a sharp mind, a thirst for knowledge, a bright oratorical gift, which, however, requires polishing and development;
  • lack of logical connection in the arguments in the dispute, the desire to suppress the other in the discussion at any cost, even with fictitious facts;
  • duality of thinking – the ability to understand both sides and, if necessary, be the devil’s advocate, which turns out to be very useful in politics;
  • the tendency to make decisions under the influence of emotions, rather than a logical chain of facts;
  • reflection of personal pain in situations of other people: the native sees his fears and problems in his inner circle of communication and learns to cope with them, helping to harmonize these problems;
  • the gift of a psychologist, investigator, politician, scientist, archaeologist, actor, healer of alternative medicine (acupuncture, su-jok, reiki), writer.

The native in life has to work with information that sometimes comes in a confused or encrypted form, but this is his strength: he loves secrets and quests. If there is a harmonious aspect with Neptune, then the owner of the horoscope allows the arrival of knowledge from the subtle worlds, knows how to listen to intuition, thanks to which he makes amazing discoveries and achieves success in the field of art.

Mercury-Chiron opposition and personal life

The restless mind of the native always endows the person he likes with his inner fears. If he is afraid of betrayal, he will suspect of hobbies on the side, he has complexes about external attractiveness, he will consider any remark in his direction as offensive.

Very often, in the mental representation of the owner of the Mercury-Chiron opposition, there is a strong conviction: love is difficult or even impossible. The owners of Chiron in the 7th house are especially acutely experiencing problems in their personal lives. It is difficult for them to choose one person, because there are many interesting interlocutors in the world and they cheat, lead a double life, change partners, because deep down they are not sure of themselves. They unconsciously play different roles in a relationship in order to understand themselves and heal their inner vulnerability, but instead they become even more confused.

If Mercury is in the 7th house, then the native attracts a young and energetic partner with whom you can argue, sort things out, talk about everything in the world, but if he has a weak Venus and the Moon, the wounds of the owner of the horoscope will only get deeper from such picks. Sometimes a person deliberately chooses a young and stupid companion in order to increase his own importance.

Study of the opposition Mercury-Chiron

All blessings and problems come through speech. It is necessary to carefully work out all the flaws: stuttering, burr, lisp, and then go towards your fears and speak in public, whether it is a game in the theater or a reading competition. Good for vocals.

It is necessary to find your circle of support: like-minded people, next to whom a feeling of calmness and confidence appears, and of course to develop professionalism in the house where Chiron stands. Potential sources of problems are younger siblings, neighbors, young work colleagues, so it is important to build good relationships with them.

Jewelry with natural Mercury stones will help develop its best qualities, giving the missing energy. These are green jasper and tourmaline, emerald , citrine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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