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Opposition Moon – Lilith: it’s all about mom

You can’t envy a person with constant tension between the Moon and Lilith , because the opposition , unlike quadrature, acts constantly, which means that there can be no peace in the soul. The moon is not only our emotions, but also basic comfort, a way to relax and be in harmony with the world. Lilith (Black Moon) is a painful point of the subconscious, where the secrets of the past are stored. It distorts, provokes, vampirizes negative emotions emanating from the dark side of the planet.

In the case of the Moon, these are, of course, fears. In the soul of the native, there is a real funnel of unbearable emotions associated with the image of the mother. Relations with her are quite painful for the owner of the aspect. The distorted image, causing anxiety and pain of loss, is transferred by men to their spouse, and women project it onto their own role as mother and wife.

Dangers of Opposition Moon – Lilith

A native can have a really bad relationship with her mother if she is a person with all sorts of addictions and oddities, which is not uncommon in opposition to the Black Moon.

Moreover, a female native can adopt hereditary generic programs of a distorted perception of reality from her mother, when an imaginary image of the enemy is chosen: “all men cheat” or “women in our family were widowed early”, and this attitude is difficult to uproot from the subconscious, although reality depends only from the person himself.

Thus, it is clear that Lilith itself is only a reflection of the generic program, and not a fate, although if women from the native’s family really committed crimes, and problems in realizing the role of mother and wife come from this point, we can talk about karmic retribution, but this happens rarely.

A person with this aspect often acts illogically and hurts others, because of which he himself suffers, either tormented by remorse, or losing friends and loved ones due to misunderstanding. In the worst case, he becomes an outcast and leaves the family.

The positive influence of the opposition Moon – Lilith

At a high level of mental and spiritual development, a person has the ability of a medium and easily reads the feelings and thoughts of other people, especially negative ones. He knows how to stop in time and not lead to sin.

Women with the opposition Moon – Lilith are generously gifted creatively, very sensual, able to play any role and understand another person perfectly.

Men also have sensitivity, vivid imagination and understand women well, so they make both good psychologists and wonderful husbands, able to understand even some bad deeds and help find a solution.

There is also a desire to be good parents, different from their own, to give the child a real family.

Opposition Moon – Lilith and relationships

Personal life is extremely important for the owner of the horoscope, but this is where his main problem lies.

If the owner of the opposition Moon – Lilith lost his mother early (to determine this event, at least 3 more indications of other aspects are needed), then all his life he will be haunted by the fear of loss. A man is afraid of becoming lonely without his beloved, and a woman is afraid of her death, especially when she becomes a mother, so as not to leave her children orphans. Sometimes this fear is so strong that it basically blocks the ability to give birth, although physically a woman can be completely healthy.

If the mother suffered in a relationship, then the daughter is unconsciously afraid of close relationships with men. The danger of this influence is that the girl herself does not see this pattern, and even more, on the eventual plane, she passionately wants children and marriage, but does not add up.

A similar situation can be with a man. He subconsciously searches for the ideal image of the mother in his beloved, but it seems that everyone is a stranger around, and if he has already found it, the woman will turn it around as she pleases, because he is terrified of being left without a mother again. Such men often have to choose between a wife and a mistress, especially if Venus is in conjunction with Lilith. If the Sun merges with her, then a woman with such an opposition will always compete and fight with her husband like her mother, or striving to become her in a relationship.

The main danger here is the tendency to fall in love with codependent partners, alcoholics, drug addicts, abusers.

How to work out the opposition Moon-Lilith

The aspect creates fear of leaving the comfort zone and aggression towards circumstances and people who are trying to disturb the imaginary or hard-to-create calmness.

If you study psychology, work out, on the advice of well-known experts, your relationship with your mother and your feminine principle (men also have this energy), then you can reach the level of a psychic who not only understood, forgave and thereby healed his mother and relationships with her, but and helping others to do the same.

The key to liberation from fears and even phobias lies in the deep childhood of a person, and certainly in his mother. Working with this theme, it is easy to become more confident and calm. The less toxic the relationship with the parents, the easier the karma. It is very important to accept your inner child, and through it to get rid of irritation with other children. Various meditations will help with this, as well as visiting holidays, participating in theatrical children’s matinees.

Problems with pregnancy in women also need to be worked out, starting from childhood and emotional trauma associated with the mother, to remove resentment against her. It has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system being near the water, swimming.

The best talisman for harmonizing the aspect will be moonstone , the main thing is that it be natural.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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