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Opposition Moon – Neptune

Astrological images of the Moon and Neptune show many similarities. The influence of these planets is gentle and relaxing. Even the opposition, being a negative aspect, setting the planets against each other, does not bring bright noisy battles and struggles into a person's life. Rather, the owner of the aspect will move away from contradictions and problems, since at a subconscious level he will understand that any conflicts and proceedings will take away a lot of psychic energy from him.

A native with an opposition aspect of the Moon and Neptune is too sensitive, passive and malleable. It is easier for him to go into his own world than to solve complex problems that reality poses before him. Any contact with gross reality brings stress and depression.

Moon and Neptune, united by a tense aspect, give a person heightened intuition and a rich imagination. His dreams often come true, and signs and signs of fate help to sort out confusing situations.

Opposition Moon - Neptune

The influence of opposition on the nature and characteristics of a person's personality

The owner of this aspect may seem to be the surrounding island of tranquility in a world full of chaos and bustle. This is true, because such people value peace of mind very much and try to keep it inside themselves in any way.

And yet, loved ones know how vulnerable and susceptible a person with this aspect is. Any imperfection of the surrounding world, be it rudeness, rudeness, injustice, conflict, lead to a stupor and drive into depression. As a result, the subject comes to apathy and a desire to drown out internal pain (for example, with the help of alcohol, going into the virtual space, daydreaming, etc.).

The owner of the aspect must avoid any addictions (nicotine, alcohol, etc.). Laziness and apathy can be overcome by engaging in spiritual development, creativity, and charity.

Opposition of the Moon and Neptune in natal men

This aspect will negatively affect a man's personal life and marriage. He will be attracted to women mysterious, mysterious and spiritualized, but upon closer acquaintance, flaws in character, lies and bad habits will be revealed.

In relationships, you should avoid illusions and ambiguous situations. It will be good if the chosen one has a high moral character or has a creative nature.

Opposition of the Moon and Neptune in natal women

A woman with this aspect does not let strangers into her inner world, which is filled with creativity, beauty and romance. She may be interested in psychology, alternative medicine, and spiritual and religious matters.

The owner of the aspect is attracted by everything mysterious, mysterious and mystical, so sooner or later she may come to the study of esotericism. But the owner of the horoscope does not always have enough strength to maintain order and cleanliness in everyday life.

Opposition of the Moon and Neptune in a child's birth chart

Others can consider the child, there is this aspect in the birth chart, whiny, capricious, withdrawn and slow. In fact, this is how he tries to communicate the unfavorable conditions of the surrounding world and attract the attention of adults.

Such children need the care and emotional involvement of their parents doubly. Warm clothes will protect the child from hypothermia, hardening procedures will raise the vitality, and music and singing will tune in to positive.

Features of the opposition in various signs of the zodiac

In this case, the Moon is damaged by the evil luminary Neptune, which brings illusions, a distorted perception of reality and self-deception. And yet the harmfulness of the aspect will not be so pronounced if the Moon in the horoscope is strong.

For example, if the Moon is located in the natal chart in Taurus, and Neptune is in Scorpio, then the subject can always take care of himself and his health. Recreation in nature, creativity and simple physical labor will help restore inner balance and fill with energy.

Lilia Garipova

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